The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon

The other day a reader gave a great link about T.H. Moray from Utah who built a mysterious black box that generated free electricity.

My late brother-in-law was a scientist who spoke of him several times as his favorite scientist. He tried to duplicate the box but never succeeded. I have been curious about the guy and it was nice to finally see some printed information on him.

Here is a LINK on him

I was asked to analyze the handwriting of the recent anthrax terrorists. LINK

I’ve caught a couple glimpses of the handwriting on TV. I haven’t been able to take a close look, but I’ll tell you what I can.

From the look I have caught it appears that all the envelopes have the same handwriting but seem to be written with different pens.

The writing is not the person’s regular handwriting. He wrote the addresses very slowly and deliberately obviously in the hope his handwriting could not be traced back to him. The deliberate printing makes it difficult to analyze much.

The most obvious trait is that the handwriting goes downhill quite significantly. This usually shows a pessimistic attitude and can indicate depression where the downhill slant is so strong.

His pressure appears strong indicating intense feelings.

There is significant space between the lines indicating that he does not like others imposing upon him.

Some of the letters have a simplicity that indicates he learned to write English later in life giving evidence he is a foreigner.

He is not particularly intelligent.

You can’t tell the sex for sure from handwriting, but it shows male characteristics.

Overall we have a passionate man who probably feels like a victim infringed upon by the United States and is seeking to turn the tables on those more powerful than himself. This person was probably a dupe and not in on the planning of the scheme.

If I get a chance to get a better look I’ll tell you more if I see anything significant.

Yesterday we mentioned the Unholy Trinity. The first of these is: Deceit or “the dragon.”

Deceit as it related to the attempted destruction of the plans of the Brotherhood of Light originates with the Dark Brotherhood which is sometimes symbolized by the red dragon in the Bible.

Christ told his disciples to be “as wise as serpents” and Moses lifted up a serpent which saved the lives of those who looked upon it, so the word “serpent” is not always used in a negative light. In esoteric writings the serpent is often used in connection with wisdom.

No symbol can be interpreted in strict black and white terms, but must be examined in the context with which it is used.

In the Book of Revelation John calls the serpent he has in mind, the adversary, one who “deceives the whole world” and persecutes the saints. The serpent John sees here definitely represents the negative aspect of this beast.

The first and most powerful line of attack used by the Dark Brothers is the dragon of deceit. In many cases people do not need any coaxing to use some deceit, but in the case of an important work of light that must be stopped, those on the left hand path will seek out disciples with deceit in their hearts and implant thoughts in their mind that will use this tendency to thwart a work of light.

Could it be true that anti nuclear activists (who appear to just want to make the world a better place) are using outright deceit – that they teach things that are definitely not true and know that they are doing so?

The majority of anti nuclear activists have just not checked out all the facts and are sincere in what they believe, but I do believe that some distortions are so obvious to anyone with an elementary knowledge of nuclear physics and reactors that the deceit is consciously embraced by some of the leaders.

A month or so ago when I first wrote about nuclear energy I planned on stressing illusion on both sides of the equation. It has been about 40 years since I studied the subject so I did some updated studies and checked the internet and some books to see what both sides were saying. The more I read the more difficult it was to find flaws, deceit and illusion in the pro nuclear writers who are mostly real scientists. But I soon became disgusted with the anti nuclear group (mostly non scientists) with their distortion and deceit. It became obvious to me that they approach their cause with a religious mindset. Instead of looking at the facts and coming to a conclusion, they appear to have reached conclusions and only use data that can be used in some way to prove this conclusion.

They often speak with nebulous accusations leaving out details that would reveal the truth. For instance, when they see something nuclear they do not like they will often call it “seriously flawed” but not tell us any details that prove the flaw.

On the other hand, the pro nuclear writers usually tend to give enough details so a reader can use them to make up his own mind. If a seeker can obtain necessary facts in a controversial situation he can use them along with his reasoning mind to arrive at the truth.

One of the reasons for this difference of approach is that many anti nuclear writers and speakers have little scientific background and just do not know what they are talking about.

On the other hand, many pro nuclear writers are scientists who have done actual research and give out reliable facts to back themselves up.

One thing we can say for the activists though – they have done a much better job than the dry nuclear scientists of convincing the public that their point of view is the correct one.

Copyright by J J Dewey

Oct 23, 2001

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