The Principles of Unification

The Principles of Unification

I promised a new insight to the group at this year’s gathering. After I presented it, we had an interesting time discussing it.

Some time ago I was contemplating the evolution of religion and a prophecy by Djwhal Khul that a one world religion would one day evolve on the earth.

When mention is made of a one world religion or a one world government many who are into conspiracy ideas immediate envision terrible organizations which will dictate to us what we must believe, think and do.

We would be like an ostrich burying its head in the sand if we pretend that such a possibility does not exist. On the other hand, we are also denying reality when we reject the idea of social evolution – that humanity is indeed growing toward unification.

The question before us is not whether we shall have a one world religion or a one world government, for nothing can prevent the natural emergence of such organizations.

The real question we must ask is what kind of government and what kind of universal religion can exist and yet not interfere with the personal freedoms of mankind?

The danger is that if we allow all the evolutionary thinking on this subject to be done by those who consciously or unconsciously wish to enslave mankind then the worst possible outcome will materialize.

“Evil prevails when good people do nothing” is a thought we must ever keep in mind.

Therefore, the good and decent people of the earth must use their latent power and actively participate in the next evolutionary step for mankind and not allow their fate to be decreed by the many unjust authorities seeking for authority over their souls.

As I was contemplating the coming changes in religion I received a message confirmed by my soul which went something like this:

“Write the good and true principles that all religions have in common. This shall lay the foundation for the universal church.

I thus created a rough draft and presented it to the group at the gathering. We received some good suggestions and made some minor corrections.

Below are grouped the Sixteen Principles of Unification. If you have any comments, suggestions or corrections please let me know. We seek to have as perfect of a product as possible when we promote it to the masses.


(1) I accept the idea of peaceful co-existence as an ideal for which to strive and realize that the majority of people wish to live in peace despite their differing beliefs.

(2) I acknowledge that there exists a higher intelligence which most of us call GOD by various names.

(3) Even though this Being or Intelligence is called by differing names and descriptions I acknowledge that this same God is over all mankind and that we are children of God and brothers and sisters. Essentially, humanity is one family.

(4) I believe that the will of God would include the best possible outcome for all of humanity. The goal of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Humankind” is a goal I embrace.

(5) I embrace the principle of Love and seek to love my neighbor as I do myself. I seek to do unto others, as I would have others do unto me. I seek to serve both God and humanity.

(6) I embrace the Principle of Light in that I seek greater understanding. I realize I have knowledge of some things but do not know all things about either God or man, but seek to know more. I believe that I can progress in knowledge and understanding of spiritual principles. I seek to ever expand my learning. I am open to a fresh outlook when greater light and truth are revealed to me.

(7) I accept the principle of cause and effect and embrace the simple idea as taught in all spiritual movements that good and loving deeds, actions and thoughts will bring good results and harmful actions will bring destructive results. I seek therefore to do good to all mankind that goodwill return to me.

(8) I accept the Principle of Freedom. I allow all people to worship, speak and believe how, where or what they may so long as they comply with the just laws of the land (laws which protect the whole of the people). I do not support imposing my beliefs on others by force.

(9) I accept the principle of communion. Through prayer, thought or contemplation I can gain a greater awareness of God’s Purpose, God’s Will and God’s Love.

(10) I believe that my existence will continue even after the death of the physical body and seek to live mortal life in such a way so the afterlife of myself and others will be a happy experience.

(11) I believe in the Principle of Sharing to assist those less fortunate than myself. I support the elimination of poverty, disease and ignorance from the human condition that all may live abundantly. I realize that this must be accomplished through working with the free will of humanity and not through force and that sharing includes more than the material.

(12) I believe that true spiritual principles and facts are in harmony with proven science and all truth no matter where it is discovered. In all situations I seek to know the truth rather than settle for that which is false.

(13) I accept the principle of harmlessness and in this spirit I do not support any first aggression toward any nation, group or individual. If there is no first aggression there will not be a second.

(14) I support the principle of harmonious and good relationships and seek to be an ambassador of goodwill with my family, friends, groups and nations that all may benefit from contact with me. I embrace kindness in all my contacts.

(15) I support the principle of honesty and seek to tell the truth consistently.

(16) I believe there is goodwill and a desire for peace in the great majority of people, groups and religions and seek to see the best in those who believe differently than myself.

The plan in a nutshell is to present these principles to the common people of the various religions with the hope that millions will one day endorse them. When this day comes then the idea of union will begin to permeate the leadership in the various religions and governments. When this is realized the hatred of one religion toward another will diminish and eventually all will cease their thoughts of war and live within a peaceful co-existence.

August 13, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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