The Presence


The Presence

A member writes:

“Weird weird night last night I have this friend that I think we are capable of forming a molecular relationship and have been discussing it with him. As I meditated on it last night so many strange things happened Lights, fire, energy. But it wasn’t him it was as if the bonding was going with my higher self I would start to be logical or think it was him but then all I could think of was my higher self then this unbelievable longing would takeover and I would feel this overwhelming presence so powerful I could barely tolerate it. I always thought this experience would be a wonderful La La land experience but in some ways it was so over powering that it almost became frightening. There is definitely something going on and I’m not sure what. I am not doing anything particularly spiritual or inspiring and am plodding along with the book cover ideas are flowing but nothing exciting or super wonderful, just everyday stuff. So I see no reason for it but asking the list about this stuff does help it was so overpowering.


This sounds like a third type of spiritual contact that I have not covered yet because it is rare, at least up to now.

Let me ask you this about the Presence you felt.

When you sense the presence of the Holy Spirit you will feel a range from the Still Small Voice to a Holy Breath that fills you with joy and makes you feel like weeping.

When you feel the presence a Master who is one with Christ you will feel a very strong feeling of love and power and bliss, but you will not necessarily feel like weeping.

Neither of these experiences is frightening.

But there is a third Presence, The Father or Shamballa energy. Let me describe this and tell me if this is what you felt.

The Presence is so powerful that you felt that if it got much closer to you that you would evaporate, as if it can command your very soul and Spirit, as if it were the Source itself. You feel more a sense of power than that of joy or bliss, even though you know that this Presence includes them all.

Even though it is frightening you know beyond any doubt that it is from God because it is linked with your very essence. It is only frightening because it is difficult to adjust your vibration to It.

If you did feel this third Presence then you most likely have some type of assignment in alignment with Purpose. You need to ask and find out what it is. I doubt if it would be just a book cover, unless there is a particularly important item that must be included. It could be a message of some kind.

Let me know if you identify with this third Presence.

Presence Confirmed

She responds:

“Yes it is as if I will no longer be and my “EGO” becomes frightened because it feels as if it is dying but everything in me knows that this is right There is so much more I could say but I lose myself in it and only want this even though I know I will not be me any longer. It sounds confusing but I am drawn so much towards it.”


This definitely sounds like the Father Presence and is quite alarming the first time you feel it. Pray or meditate and seek His will and let me know the results positive or negative. Do not delay.

By the way, what nation are you in?

(Note: We never heard from this lady again. This Shamballa presence is so powerful that it has scared off all those I have been associated with who have contacted it. It means they can be useful to fulfilling higher will if they accept its direction)

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