Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 7

The Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 7
Introductions and Initiations

I’m going to turn it over to my wife, Artie, and she’s going to make some comments and introductions.

Artie: I just wanted to do a little bit more getting to know each other because a lot of us didn’t get a chance to speak with everybody. I also call it putting you on the spot. First of all since some of you did get to share what you did, I’d like you to stand up. Everybody gets to do this. Tell us what your day job is. Some of this is inspired by RoseMarie being a surgeon. I’d like to know what you’d like to do on a spiritual level if anything, if you have some goal and want to share it. Also where are you from? I’m not clear on who is from where. We’ll start with RoseMarie.

RoseMarie: I’m a surgeon. I live in Canton Michigan but I’m actually looking for another position in the country…

(Introductions were then made from the rest of the group.)

Artie: I’m JJ:’s wife. We own a sign and print shop in Boise, Idaho. We’ve been doing that for about twelve years. We enjoy it. It’s the bread and butter but it’s not really what we’d like to do. It pays the bills and I do enjoy working with the people who come in the shop. It’s a labor of love.

Backgroundwise, JJ mentioned that maybe Maryellen was an old soul. I must be a new soul because I didn’t come to any metaphysical ideals until about eighteen years ago. Do you remember when the Shirley McLane movie came out? That was my defining moment. I was lying on the couch. I was married to agnostic redneck. I was raised Southern Baptist and didn’t like church and didn’t find any answers there. I just went because mom and dad took me. I didn’t continue going to church after college. I was lying on that couch and when she talked about reincarnation it was just like that. I knew it was true. You know how you have that knowing. He looked at me like, “What is your problem?” I said, “This is true. I know it’s true.”

The next thing that happened was there was an article in our local paper written by a fellow who likes to write interesting columns about people. He mentioned there was a man in Boise who was going to be at the Holiday Inn giving a seminar on reincarnation and past life regression. I thought, “Cool, I’m going to go to that.” He mentioned that this guy had also done some handwriting analysis of members of the staff on the Idaho Statesmen. He thought this guy did a really good job which was interesting.

JJ mentioned that he had called him and woke him up. He stays up late and sleeps pretty heavy until around nine in the morning. The guy called JJ around seven in the morning asking the result of the handwriting analysis. JJ didn’t think he did a very good job since he was groggy and wasn’t too sure what he was saying. The guy thought he hit people right on and was very impressed. So he mentioned this guy, JJ Dewey, did this handwriting analysis and mentioned some of the highlights in the article. He also mentioned he’d be at the Holiday Inn giving this seminar so I thought I’d go. So I did.

There were quite a few people there. It was just the right time. There are windows of opportunity in our lives and this was a window. So I went to that and thought it really made sense. I went up to him and asked if he had any classes. So I started going to classes. He had several. Astrology, handwriting analysis and spiritual experiences and things like that. One of the things mentioned in the book was that I got into a handwriting analysis class with him. I was one of the last people he addressed. He almost forgot me. He said, “Did I forget anybody?” I said, “Yeah, you didn’t get to mine.”

So he looked at it and told me I was intelligent and stuff but unbeknownst to me at the time, he was thinking that this gal was exactly the kind of gal I had been looking for. He was married to someone, else as was I. He wasn’t looking at the time. (Laughter) But if he was looking, it was for a similar handwriting. Now he criticizes my handwriting all the time. He says, “I can’t read your handwriting.” At the time he thought it was fine. (more laughter)

I went to his home for around a year. He had a group there. I think it was called a Synthesis Group. So I was going to his home about twice a week. My husband at the time was supportive and let me go, but he certainly wasn’t interested in participating. We were getting to a point where that marriage wasn’t working out. I could see a wall. I was growing exponentially but he did not want to follow. He thought I was nuts, and I could understand why he thought so because one of the things JJ: mentioned was this.

Take a crystal. If you want to embellish the power of your thoughts or your dreams, tape it to your forehead when you go to sleep at night. I guess he just made that up. He thought it might be cool, but he didn’t think anybody would do it. (Laughter) So I bought some crystals. I had one that was cute. It was kind of big and every night I taped it to my forehead. Some females go to bed with curlers in their hair but I had a crystal taped to my forehead. It got too weird for my husband so he got into a separation mode.

JJ didn’t know that because we didn’t talk on a personal level at all. He and his wife were having some problems and I didn’t know that either. She didn’t come to meetings much and I didn’t get to know her well. One evening, after we concluded a session, we sat down on the couch. Here again it was a defining moment. I was sitting on one side of him and another lady from the class was sitting on the other side of him and he put his arms on the back of the couch like he was putting his arms around both of us. He wasn’t doing it a touchy feely thing. It was just like this. When he touched my shoulder something happened. There was a spark. Just like in the movies. It happened. All of sudden the heavens opened and the music was playing and I looked at him. We fell in love instantly and this was after I’d known him for a year and we were just friends. There had been no personal level or no romantic energy going on at all. We fell in love at that very moment, together, at the same time.

It turns out he had done my astrology reading when I had gone to his classes. He had mentioned that there was a time in our charts, he’d looked at my chart, my husband’s chart and was comparing something in our charts to his own. Our progressed suns were transiting or converging at this one particular time and he thought that was kind of interesting. He said, “It looks like we’re going to be working together in some capacity.” He thought maybe we’d be doing a project together or something. It turns out, in looking back, that he exact moment our progressed suns merged was when we fell in love.

Things went quickly after that. My husband and I split up and he and his wife split up. The ink was hardly dry on our divorce papers. The gal in the marriage license office was looking at my divorce papers and his and they were minutes apart and we were going to get married the next minute after that. (Laughter) She couldn’t believe it.

JJ: We registered for our marriage license the same day our divorce went through.

Artie: Yeah and I found out you had to wait three weeks after you got divorced before you could get married. Neither of us had any problems in our divorce so that worked out and we’ve been married ever since. So anyway, my goal, to make a short story long, is really to nurture him. I asked early on what I was supposed to do and I was told to nurture him. My guess it that’s my role. I’m a facilitator and nurturer. That’s what I do and I don’t try to get into the foreground or anything like that. I know my role and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. (Laughter)

JJ: Thanks Artie. The next session is on initiations. A lot of DK’s work and writing is around the initiations and the seven rays. We’re going to cover some those. One thing I find interesting is that when some people read my teachings they say, “Well, where did you get all this?” Then sometimes people will read DK and say, “You got it all from DK.” If you read my writings and DK’s you’ll see they’re complementary but there’s also a lot of things that Alice A Bailey or Djwhal Khul, the Master who gave the info to AAB, that I don’t talk about and a lot of things in my teachings that he doesn’t talk a lot about.

If something I teach comes from something I have read I usually quote it and say where it came from unless it’s something very obvious. You can’t put quotation marks around everything you’ve ever read. If it’s something important and something profound I will usually say DK said this.

All of us are entitled to any teachings that are available universally. We’re able to go beyond that by the principle of revelation. Revelations come from a number of different ways. You can get revelations from your own soul. A master might send you a revelation through the science of impression. You can get certain revelations from a higher part of your mind that’s like a computer and processes and feeds you material, data and information. You can get a revelation from people who have passed on to the other side; maybe people who were close to you because you are in tune with them. They may see that you’re going to make a mistake and try to contact you and send you an impression. You can also get impressions from the Holy Spirit which is a great entity and principle that communicates knowledge to our soul.

The soul and the Holy Spirit are a little different. There’s the Solar Angel and the soul energy. The soul energy or soul principle is the mediator between spirit and matter or between God and man. It is the point that is talked about where land, water and air meet which is neither wet nor dry. Consider a point which is neither wet nor dry. It’s a symbol of the soul, where spirit and matter meet together there is an interplay and this produces the soul energy. The Solar Angel works through this point of soul energy. All the spiritual principles filter down through the point of soul energy, the interplay of spirit and matter. That point, the zero point, is where we must focus our attention in order to bring down revelation from higher sources.

I found Anni’s statement interesting. She said she had been reading a lot of books and they were all saying the same thing. When I was younger I would often find some new and interesting books but I find the older I get the more difficult it is to find anything new. Everybody seems to be repeating what everyone else says. I hope the teachings we are giving out here strike some chords, open some doors and produce some new thoughts, thoughts you haven’t been presented with before.

So we’re going to talk about initiation and I’ll cover some things DK has written but I’m also going to present some of the basic principles behind initiation in a little different light than what he’s done. The main thing that I say which is different that anyone has presented before is in this very simple statement. “An initiate is one who initiates.” When you think of it, it makes sense. The word ‘initiate’ means to initiate, right? Yet, in a lot of schools of thought they look at an initiate as someone who goes through some program or goes through some initiation rites or learns some certain mantras or something. He goes through some initiation rites then he’s an initiate. But a person who goes through something like that really didn’t initiate anything, did he? So does that make him a true initiate?

To be a true initiate you have to be able to initiate something or assist in initiating something. Either come up with something to initiate or find something that’s a great idea and assist in the group effort. The higher the initiate you are, the more you’re involved in the group effort. The individual effort applies more to the lower initiations and the group effort applies more to the higher initiations.

DK has outlined nine initiations that we go through. Seven of them transpire on this planet and the last two are of such a high order that they can’t be taken here. The graduate has to go to Sirius. The star system Sirius is where the higher lodge of the brotherhood is. They have to finish out the rest of their initiations there. The Christ Himself is working on His seventh initiation. When He has completed it around 1000 years from now, he will then move on to Sirius to complete the rest of His initiations.

In the far future, near the end of our evolution, DK says He will come back as the Cosmic Christ. He doesn’t really explain except He will come back and give us some kind of final teaching near the end of our evolution. It says the first shall be last and the last shall be first. So, if that principle applies, when He graduates and goes to the star system of Sirius, it’s quite possible he’ll be an amateur there. So the first will be last and the last will be first. This often happens. We graduate from one sphere and go to another and we’re just like a babe in the woods. Then we eventually work our way through and become a master on that sphere. We become the first. Then when we graduate we become the last again.

We must never be of the mindset that we have it all because we’ll eventually be among others who are much higher than us. That’s one thing I find very humbling in my spiritual contact. I’ve learned there are lives that are much more advanced than myself and make me look like a babe in the woods. It’s very humbling to experience a presence of someone you know to be a much higher life. When a person lives in the ego he does not encounter anyone who he thinks is greater than him. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t think anyone was greater than himself?

Audience: Why do you think they’re greater than you when they are of the mindset that they are not greater?

JJ: They don’t really have that mindset. One of DK’s most profound statements was, “True humility is recognizing your place upon the path and acting accordingly.” DK tells us his place upon the path is that he is a fifth degree initiate. He’s rubbed shoulders with others who are higher than him which makes him humble. So he knows there are those further along the path than we are.

Audience: So it’s a degree of knowledge? Is that what you’re saying?

JJ: Not so much a degree of knowledge but a degree of spiritual advancement and the degree of mastery. It’s a degree of mastery more than knowledge, what you have mastered. An initiate is a person who has mastered certain things. So we have seven initiations that are taken upon this planet. We’re going to talk about these seven but just barely touch on the other two. They’re so far above us that even DK doesn’t completely understand them.

The soul is the force of evolution itself and this was in the mind of St. Paul when he spoke of the “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” DK, A Treatise on White Magic, Page 35

Dec 8, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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