Nauvoo Gathering 2003, Part 6

Nauvoo Gathering 2003, Part 6
Recognizing the Light and the Dark Side

Hitler was probably the most famous representative of the dark brotherhood. DK talks about him and says this wasn’t the first time Hitler appeared on the scene. He was a black magician in the days of Atlantis. When they had the big war in Atlantis, the dark brothers actually won on a temporary basis. That’s one of the reasons Hitler was so confident this time. He won last time so he thought he’d win again but this time he got defeated. Last time he wound up winning the war and Atlantis ended up totally destroyed giving the final victory to the light, but at great expense.. That’s what happens when the dark brothers dominate. Destruction always follows. It’s one way Mother Earth defends itself from their domination. So according to DK, Hitler actually won the war. It was called the War of the Lords of Dark face against the Lords of Light. In the days of Atlantis the Lords of Dark face actually conquered and that led to the destruction of civilization. It could’ve happened again had World War II ended differently. We came very close, closer than most people realize.

So the basic difference is that the dark brothers have a different intention than the white magicians. What’s the intention of a white magician?

Audience: To bring the Earth to a higher vibration?

JJ: Okay, anyone else?

Audience: To help people have better soul contact.

JJ: Good

Audience: To bring heaven to earth?

JJ: Good

Audience: To do group work? Not just for themselves but for others

JJ: Yes, to bring those who are less evolved upon the path up to where the teachers are. That’s part of it. The white magician seeks for the good of the whole and seeks to serve and bring others up to where he is. The dark magician seeks for selfish intent, seeks only for his own improvement and benefit. The Lords of Light are willing to sacrifice themselves. Even Sanat Kumara, when he came here from Venus, DK said he had to turn his back upon the Sun and refuse his own progress and his own learning and sacrifice himself to come here. He said he is willing to work with us until “the last weary pilgrim makes his way home.” So he underwent a tremendous sacrifice to come here. He turned his back upon the Sun. That’s interesting phraseology isn’t it?

Now, suppose you were to meet the Christ Himself and He was to appear before you. He says, “I have so much to teach you but you must turn your back upon me and become a light to others for millions of years. Then you can come back to me and I will teach you.” That’s what Sanat Kumara had to do when he came to the earth. He’s a disciple of the Solar Logos who is much higher than he is. He had to turn his back on all the progress that was his goal then come to us and become a sun to us before he could become a new son to the Solar Logos.

One of the great differences between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Dark faces, as they are called, is that the Lords of Light are willing to sacrifice to bring others up to where they are, whereas the Lords of Darkness want everyone below them to sacrifice for their benefit. You can see this when comparing Hitler to the truly great leaders of the earth. People like Saddam Hussein, Nero and all these bad guys want everyone to sacrifice for them. “If you sacrifice for me you’ll get promoted or whatever.”

The good guys who represent the Lords of Light are willing to make tremendous sacrifices in order to help humanity. Basically they’ll do whatever needs to be done. If they have to hammer nails or get their hands dirty, if they have to lose their good name or whatever they have to do, it’s just whatever they have to do. For the Lords of Darkness it’s “whatever you have to do to serve me.” It’s completely opposite. That’s one of the main differences between the two brotherhoods. It’s a tremendous difference.

What’s interesting is the gray area between these two groups. In this gray area between these two groups you have a lot of things that are the same. Among the distinctive men who fought World War II, Winston Churchill was, I believe, the greatest light. Of course, Hitler was the most advanced person on the dark side that we know. Yet they both did many things the same. They both got up in the morning, brushed their hair, took a bath, both of them had hats, both of them probably treated their pets well. Both of them had a circle of friends and probably treated their friends pretty well. They both put on their pants in the morning the same way. There were a lot of things they did the same. So you can’t say that because Hitler brushed his teeth so brushing your teeth is evil. There are a lot of things the Lords of Light and the Lords of Dark do the same. They use the same principles. This is what creates the confusion. This is why when a representative of the dark brothers appears and begins to influence humanity a lot of people think he’s a good guy.

When Hitler first appeared, many thought he was a great guy. When he got in power it did not take long before we found out what his true colors were. Within months of getting in power he set up a system where people were reporting on each other. If you didn’t conform you were tortured and it was not just the Jews. Even before the Jews, many standard citizens were tortured to make sure they got the message that you either conform or suffer immensely. One of the things the Nazis did was that if they heard anyone was saying anything bad about Nazism or Hitler they would call them out of their home, put a nail into a tree, handcuff them behind their backs and hang them up by the handcuffs to this tree. It put their shoulders completely out of joint and ruined them for life. They’d leave them up there for an hour until their shoulders would go completely out of their sockets. Everyone they did that to was ruined for life. They sent a message to everyone in the neighborhood to conform.

A lot of people thought they’d never listen to a guy like Hitler. But Hitler became a force for fear within a month or two of assuming office. Once he got the power he seized it and sent the message right away. No politician we’ve had has done anything like Hitler did. Everybody calls people they don’t like these days a Hitler. I tell you when a dark brother or a representative gets into power he will seize that opportunity and he will move fast. He won’t let grass grow under his feet. He won’t wait until his term is up then hope to get another term. When Hitler got into power he seized the opportunity to make change by force.

Before he had power he appeared to be a really good guy to many people. He didn’t show a negative side. It wasn’t until he got his day of power that his real character revealed itself. When he got it, he seized it. So this is why we should be careful about calling every politician we don’t like a Hitler. If he was a Hitler we would definitely know it. There wouldn’t be a lot of argument over it. We would know what type of character we were dealing with, but just be afraid to say it. It wouldn’t take years and years to find out. We’d have people undergoing intense suffering within a very short time if a person like Hitler ever got control again.

Saddam Hussein for instance, isn’t really smart enough to be a good representative of the dark side. He was used by the dark brothers, but he was not a conscious cooperator. He’s really not that bright. Hitler was smart enough to be a conscious cooperator. That’s what made him really dangerous. He knew what was he was doing.

Audience: He also did something that was quite interesting. He took control of the youth.

JJ: Oh yeah.

Audience: They were turning, over the course of time, to be organized and glory seeking.

JJ: Oftentimes in his teachings he (DK) says, “I have to be careful what I give out because this knowledge can be used for good or evil.” Many of the things he gives out, he writes around the idea because he says, “If I were to explain this clearly it would be dangerous.” A little knowledge is dangerous. So to protect giving out some of this information to the representatives of the dark brothers he often veils a lot of it. Basically both sides teach how to manifest and how to create. To create is not light or dark; but it’s how the creation is used. Both sides have their limitations. The advantage of the dark brothers is that they can grab our attention faster and produce results faster and impress emotional people more than the brothers of light. In other words, they can make us think they have solutions. It’s cut and dry and simple and we should follow this guy.

The brothers of light will present solutions that are more long term or permanent. You may not see results for a couple of years or decades. Once the results are achieved, they will be very long lasting. They’ll be pretty much permanent unless the whole human race goes backwards. Abraham Lincoln was a worker of light and he initiated, to a large degree, the freedom of the slaves. Do we have people going back to slavery? No. We’re not going back there. We’re never going back there again because what he and those who were with him achieved to make us see something that is correct and right.

When the dark brother achieves something it’s totally different. When he achieves, it looks something like what Hitler achieved. Do we want to go there again? People whom Hitler was leading thought he had great ideas. But in hindsight, when we look back at what a dark brother achieves, we know we do not want to go there.

When the dark and light both present their ideas and they haven’t been achieved yet, the dark side looks easiest. It’s always the easier and quicker. It’s a nice quick fix to get power. That looks easiest and that’s what we want. The majority of the people will be tempted by it. It’s only by a lot of ingenuity and positive conspiracy that the brothers of light get their ideas implemented. Once they are implemented we don’t want to go back.

Do we want to go back to having kings tell us what to do now that the brothers of light have given us a taste of democracy and freedom of choice? Do we want to go back to the way it was? Do we want to go back to a King George or a Nero or a Roman Empire? We don’t. The brothers of light have painfully led us to greater freedom. Once we get it we don’t want to go back. One of the main differences is that it’s much harder to go forward in evolution through the process, the inspirations and workings of the brotherhood of light. When the ideas are originally presented we always want to go with the old ways.

When the idea of freeing the slaves was presented to the South they didn’t want it at all. It would ruin their way of life among other things. They even said it would take away their freedom. Can you imagine such a thing? So, almost everyone in the south supported keeping slaves. Even a lot of people in the north did. Even so, when we achieved the liberation of the human soul in this area, we did not want to go back.

Now, what we want to ask, if we’re going to be white magicians, is what do we want to do? In what do we want to participate to make the world better? If you do get an impression from the Hierarchy or your soul on what to do to make the world better a lot of people around you will think you are crazy, will think it’s idealistic, will think it will destroy the way things are now and you will even doubt yourself. You might wind up thinking you got the idea from the devil himself. Maybe it isn’t such a good idea. When you first get impressions from your soul or from the Hierarchy as to service to render you will always end up wondering if it was entirely wrong, if it was entirely your imagination. The basic difference between the two is intention. If you have the intention to serve, if you have the intention to make the world better, if you have received that impression, then you must follow it.

DK points out that this is the main failure of disciples. They will get the impression and start to follow it. They will encounter resistance or friction, they will encounter a loss of friends or will encounter alienation, then they will drop it. It was a bad idea in their thoughts. He says then the Masters must withdraw from this person. It’s one of the only times I’ve ever heard him mention the Masters being sad. Usually he talks about them as if they’re beyond being sad about things because they’re at a consciousness that’s capable of always sustaining joy. But he uses the word ‘sad’ when they have to withdraw from a disciple.

I’ve seen this myself in my short life. Many people have given up on things that are wonderful. Anywhere from relationships to marriages to projects and worst of all is when you receive an inspiration for some small part you can do to help mankind then you struggle and give up thinking it’s a bad idea thinking it wasn’t inspired after all and you go back to the ways things were. This is the one thing you can do to effect the emotions of the Masters. Once you get the impression you have to follow through no matter what. No matter if you lose your spouse, your mother, your father, your friends, your job, your reputation. Once you receive an impression, you may have to risk everything.

Audience: I understand that. When you get the impression do you go within to get your more information?

JJ: When you get your impression, then meditate on it. You’ll have all the guidance you’ll need. Understanding comes with the impression. As you work to fulfill that impression you will get more however if you don’t follow it, you will get cut off. You’ll be cut off more from your soul; you’ll be cut off from communication from the Masters and your own soul. Once you get an impression that is inspired, you’re going to have to follow it. If you don’t follow it, you don’t get more. You don’t receive more until you fulfill the last thing you were given. You have to at least be working on it.

Many people just get one piece of true inspiration in their entire life. They don’t follow it so that’s all they ever received. If they have a big ego then they may get other things from their ego and their ego may tell them, “You know you’re really a master. You’re incarnated here and whatever you say is true. Just go tell everyone whatever you think.” Your ego or even the dark brothers can make use of your ego and tell you things like that.

There are many good talented people who just get one thing. If they reject it, it’s the only thing they get in their entire life. They have to wait for a future incarnation before they get another chance. There are others who might get a couple of things, but the last thing got to them and they gave up. As soon as we give up, we’re of no further use for the service to the light. That’s why the scriptures say, “He that endures to the end will be saved.” That’s the true meaning of that scripture.

Audience: Even if that means taking fifty years to do it

JJ: Yes. Enduring is a long time. Abraham was told he’d have a son and be the father of many nations. He didn’t have his child until he was 100 years old. He had to wait a long time until that offspring came. You need to endure however long it is. Look at the difference between Joseph Smith and Moses. Joseph Smith was given his mission when he was sixteen years old. Moses didn’t really begin his mission until he was eighty. After he left the Pharaoh he spent forty years in the wilderness pondering before he received the revelation. Then he spent another forty years leading people through the wilderness. He had to have tremendous endurance to endure what he did.

Joseph Smith showed the pluses and minuses of doing everything when you’re young. Moses showed the pluses and minuses of doing everything after you’re seasoned. Moses had the more enduring results. Look at everything he’s written that has changed the world. He laid the foundation for the laws of civilization. He made a tremendous impact because he was very seasoned by the time he began his work. Joseph Smith was young and impulsive. He was able to get people around him and all pumped up, but he had the disadvantages of youth. You have advantages both directions.

Rules of white magic are basically rules of creation. Remember rules of creation can be used for good or evil. The advantage of white magic is that it works through the soul. The first rule of white magic is this: “The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force but in meditation deep he communicates with his reflection.” Does anyone know what that means?

Your soul is the higher part of yourself. The reflection is you, the personality. We’ve talked about shadows. We’re actually a shadow of the soul in that way. We’re a child of our soul. The Solar Angel is the higher part of us. We’re a reflection of him and our goal is to become like our souls and communicate through the soul. It’s a little like this. DK tells us the soul is a master on its own plane. The Solar Angel is an entity that achieved perfection in a past universe.

“Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit and these three are a Trinity, synthesised by Life, which pervades them all.” DK, Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 266

Dec 6, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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