The Law of Adaptation

The Law of Adaptation

I asked the group to explain the Law of Adaption. Here was a great answer:

“The Law of Adaptation is that as we adapt to changes in our path, our rotary movement is directed/focussed more efficiently towards gaining our next step or `turn of the spiral’. Thus, the circle becomes a spiral via the adjustments that we make in our motion, seeking and attracting ever-higher vibrations. These in turn affect us to adapt yet again in an efficient repetition (Law of Economy) which takes us further up the spiral. Adaptation enables us to move more efficiently along the path, which is to follow the Law of Economy. Perhaps `to adapt’ under this Law is to respond to the changes by making those decisions which will move us ahead in our spiritual progression in the quickest and most efficient manner i.e. to cast off what is no longer required and take up what is required to proceed.

“When we refuse to respond/adapt to changes and resist our evolution (or make `wrong’ decisions) we are working against the force of the Law of Economy (line of least resistance) ˆ our motion is slowed as we struggle to shift against the `tide’. As the Law of Economy is closely tied with time, then our motion detours off the path, which could mean serious delays in our spiritual progression. Therefore, I believe that Steve is right in suggesting that this Law increases the speed of our evolution if we work with it and not against.”

JJ: The more I contemplate this law the more importance I see to it. It is interesting that DK only mentions this law several times, as if it is a minor law. On the other hand, sometimes I think he purposefully says the least about some of the deepest of subjects. Sometimes I will find something he mentions on maybe one or two lines in all his books that seems very profound to me.

A reader asked how the two paths relate to this law.

Let me put it this way. If you are polarized in matter then the line of least resistance is to follow the pull of the material world. But if you are polarized in the Spirit the path of least resistance is to follow Spirit.

So what is this path of most resistance that we talk about?

This is the path that one must take who is polarized in matter but wishes to rise up in consciousness to spirit.

Let us give an example that many can relate to.

Suppose you have been a big meat eater all your life. Now suppose someone places a juicy t-bone steak in front of you on one hand and a great looking all vegetarian salad on the other and told you that you must pick one to eat. If you are very hungry which do you pick?

By far the line of least resistance is to pick the steak as it is much more satisfying.

Now let us say that you come to the conclusion that a vegetarian diet would improve your health and you decide to go on it. Shortly thereafter you are faced with the same choice again. The choice to go with the line of least resistance last time was a no brainer, but this time you have made a choice to move up to a more refined diet. Even so the pull of the smell of the great steak is strong and to choose the salad you must travel the path of most resistance.

If you are a determined soul and continue on your new diet for several years what happens? You lose your attraction to meat and you arrive at the time that a good salad seems to be better than a steak. Now it is the line of least resistance to choose the salad rather than the steak.

On the other hand, you could backslide and start eating meat again. If you do this it will not be long before your line of least resistance will be back where it was before and you will again have a strong pull toward the meat-eating diet.

Now compare the two diets to spirit and matter. Matter indeed has a strong pull on us but eventually each of us learns all we can from this lower world and we desire to move in consciousness toward Spirit. When we first decide to take a stab at it we find that staying centered there is indeed the path of most resistance. But if we stay focused the time will eventually come that spirit will be more attractive to us than is matter. But if we lose our focus we can always backslide and again be captured by the pull of matter.

We thus see that the line of least resistance sets in when the course we are on has more energies moving in the desired direction than against it. But the spiral always moves upward and it takes more effort to take the step upward than downward. To move on the upward way takes more will than to relax and fall backward. But when the will of God is joined to our wills the force of downward gravity is negated and nothing can stop the pilgrim from progressing along the upwards path, which is for him now the line of least resistance in his inner world, even though it may be the line of most resistance to the outer.

To convert the line of most resistance to the line of least resistance we must adapt. If we do not adapt to the new circumstances that face us at each turn of the spiral we become crystallized and sluggish and upward movement becomes exceedingly difficult until the Law of Adaptation is followed.

Now consider this. We progress by the Law of Adaptation as though moving along the line of an upward spiral with no end in sight. Each time we have moved within the eternal round of an apparent circle we find that it was not a perfect circle but that the end is slightly different than the beginning.

Now visualize that a certain number of souls progress through several turns of the spiral, but wind up stopping the spiral motion and get caught in a circular motion that does not spiral upward. Instead, the entity goes round and round with no end in sight with each of his ends in the same location as the last beginning.

This symbolism is worthy of contemplation. Who are those among us who resist the spiral and get caught in the circle?

From The Future

Reader Question: Are Jesus and other visionaries able to predict the future because they came from there?

It is interesting you should ask this.

This is what I was told by a being that claimed to be from the future. It may be true or false.

There are certain individuals on the earth such as Christ, prophets, visionaries etc who are actually from the future. Their essence incarnates from the future to assist those in the past. As they work they are usually unaware of their true origin.

HPB indicates that some teach that certain people from a future round (millions of years in the hence) are here now. She says:

“Those who knew that a Round was preceded and followed by a long Pralaya, a pause of rest which created an impassable gulf between two Rounds until the time came for a renewed cycle of life, could not understand the ‘fallacy’ of talking about ‘fifth and sixth Rounders’ in our Fourth Round. Gautama Buddha, it was held, was a Sixth-Rounder, Plato and some other great philosophers and minds, ‘Fifth-Rounders.’ How could it be? One Master taught and affirmed that there were such ‘Fifth-Rounders’ even now on Earth; and though understood to say that mankind was yet ‘in the Fourth Round,’ in another place he seemed to say that we were in the Fifth. To this an ‘apocalyptic answer’ was returned by another Teacher: — ‘A few drops of rain do not make a Monsoon, though they presage it.’ . . . ‘No, we are not in the Fifth Round, but Fifth Round men have been coming in for the last few thousand years.’” Secret Doctrine, Vol 1, Page 161

I believe we are linked to our future selves when we are raised up in consciousness and when this occurs we sense certain things that are set to manifest in the future. I do not think visionaries are literally from the future, but have a consciousness that belongs there and interplays between the past, present and future.

I put contact lenses in my dog’s eyes. They had little pictures of cats on them. Then I took one out and he ran around in circles. Steven Wright

Nov 23, 2003

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