The Mystery of Time

Time on Our Side

Probably the biggest metaphysical question about time is this.

We are told that there is an “eternal now” where all things happen simultaneously. Is there such a thing, and if it is true how could it be true?

The answer is that there is an “eternal now” of which so many has written, but it does not exist in the three worlds of form. To reach it one must ascend beyond the physical/etheric, beyond the astral, beyond the mental to the formless worlds – where form originates.

It may help to understand what time is. Time is motion. Motion is seen as an advance from one point to another point by a thing which has form. This is the aspect of “distance.” The form and distance cannot exist without space. Thus space, form and distance is the Trinity that gives life to time.

All the aspects of this triangle must exist for time to exist.

If motion ceases then time ceases.

If space were to cease to be then time would cease.

If distance could not be found then time would again cease.

Motion, space and distance progress along the trajectory of a spiral. If it were not so time would collapse upon itself and all the visible universe would cease to be.

In our world only one event happens at a time. The past, present and future is not happening at once. Time is as it seems to be. We cannot go into the future and we cannot alter the past.

To get to the eternal now we must leave the land of distances and arrive at a place where “all souls are one” and there is no distance. There is no distance here between souls, places or things.

Motion, space and distance, of which time is composed, springs from the higher worlds and, as form is created, it is done so simultaneously with the end and the beginning being seen outside the boundaries of time. This “idea” of creation then descends into the three worlds of form and manifests as the beginning of the idea which already has both a beginning and end.

Upon descending to the physical world an idea takes a beginning, but is projected toward an end which must be. That which happens between the beginning and the end is in many cases unpredictable and subject to free will.

As children of God we evolve toward the manifestation of the idea of that which we are already seen to be. Some of us may take detours that may cost us thousands of extra lifetimes, but we all eventually arrive at the end as seen in the eternal now. While we are trapped in time we have free choice to go forwards or backwards, but all of us eventually “see the idea” and move forward of our own free will to manifest it.

What then of prophesy? Can we accurately predict the future?

A prophet is one who sees the cycles which are steps toward manifesting divine ideas. He who sees the next cycle is a prophet, because the next cycle is the next step which must be taken and will be taken. The next step will be, but our own part in assisting with this next step is dependent upon our free will and thus all events in between creative steps is not possible to predict with 100% accuracy.

What is humanity’s next step in the manifestation of the divine idea?

It is to learn tom live together in brotherhood, cooperation and love. Can we delay the manifestation of this coming cycle?


Can we delay it indefinitely?


This cycle is coming as a tidal wave building in strength and there is no holding it back. Eventually all must yield to it.

Since some were discussing Islam I might mention that DK tells us that Mohammed was overshadowed by the master Jesus and when this is further realized it will help create greater acceptance and synthesis between the two religions.

Another interesting tidbit which I personally believe is that Mohammed was later reincarnated as George Washington making it interesting that many in the Middle East see the U.S. as the great Satan when we both owe our foundations to the same man.

If you study the lives of the two men and how they fought and triumphed over their enemies you will see many similarities.

Question: “I was just wondering what was meant by the permanent atoms becoming radioactive in due course of evolution?”

The answer is partially revealed through the Law of Correspondences. What happens when a physical atom becomes radioactive?

The first element to become radioactive is radium and as you know this element glows in the dark. The radioactivity in an atoms causes it to break down into simpler elements while giving off a portion of pure energy or Spirit.

DK talks more about this as follows:

“The microcosmic correspondence can be seen in the following process. The physical permanent atom absorbs the entire life force of the physical body, and its inherent heat and light is thereby increased until at the fourth initiation the seven spirillae are fully vitalised, and vibrant. The internal heat of the atom, plus the external heat of the egoic body wherein it has its place, produces then that which destroys the permanent atom. Temporarily, and just prior to destruction, it becomes a tiny sevenfold sun owing to the radiation and activity of the spirillae. So with the physical sun of the system; it will in a similar manner become seven suns, when it has absorbed the life essence of the fully evolved planes, and of the planetary schemes thereon. The ensuing conflagration is the final work of the Destroyer aspect. It marks the moment of the highest development of deva substance in the system, the consummation of the work of Agni and his fire angels, and the initiation of Brahma. Atomic substance will then individualise (which, as we know, is the goal for the atom) and after the great pralaya the next solar system will start with the threefold Spirit manifesting through substance which is essentially distinguished by active intelligent love. This is necessarily incomprehensible to our fourth round minds.” From Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pg 741

He talks of the destruction of the permanent atom. It is destroyed in the fact that it has been changed, but it does not disappear into oblivion any more than a radioactive atom.

Just before the change at the fourth initiation the disciple undergoes the third initiation of transfiguration. Jesus glowed as he experienced this. (See Matt 17)

Question: “Are the planets really Gods?”

It may sound that way when you read some theosophical writings plus DK, but they are not Gods in the way that many see being taught in primitive belief systems.

Just as your body is not the real you and neither is it a God to be worshipped, neither is the planet Jupiter, the Sun or any other orb a God. Instead, all tabernacles are temples of God, housing the life of God.

Just as the life of a nation as a whole is a much greater entity than the life of an individual, even so is the life of a planet is greater than a nation or an individual.

Just has we have a higher and lower self so has the earth from its beginning. The lower planetary spirit is a baby in evolution and has not yet reached self consciousness. Because of this, the higher self of the Planet, The Most High Planetary Spirit, does not generally have direct contact (that I know of) with the self conscious human kingdom, but when contact is made it is through a lower order of spirit than itself.

The Ancient of Days, sometimes called our Planetary Logos, is in deep communion with the higher and lower selves of the planet and is a mediator between them and the lower kingdoms as the Christ is a mediator between Shamballa and mankind.

The Ancient of Days is one with the Planetary Spirits and is aware of all life on the earth making him the representative of the Planetary Logos, but the Planetary logos is more than he. It is a synthesis of all intelligence of the earth.

These great lives are so above us that we may justly call them gods, but from a higher angle they are servants of God just as human disciples are.

Thus the seven planetary Spirits are high entities who are one with God and called Gods by some, yet are servants of the One Great Life, just as you and I are supposed to be.

“Lead us from darkness to light… from untruth to truth…” Words from background chorus at the end of Matrix Revolutions

Nov 25, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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