The Human Quantum

April 9, 1999

The Human Quantum

Rick raised some interesting questions.

First the Biblical teaching that one day with God is as a thousand years with man has nothing to do with the time reference of the Spirit of the Earth. The Spirit of the Earth is not God, but is an entity that is a unity of every life on the earth, and on its own plane is not as high in evolution as is a human being. It is not yet self aware as an individual entity, just as animals are not.

The Planetary Logos is a different entity from the Spirit of the Earth, who is also known as the Ancient of Days and is the most highly evolved being on the planet—far above human consciousness. Then outside the ring-pass-not of the earth there are higher lives still and many of these live in altered states of time. The one day equals a thousand years quote could have been figurative or it could have referred to some reckoning of time by an advanced entity that is not clearly revealed.

Rick also mentions that there are many typists and musicians who seem to be able to do much more than one item per heartbeat with their consciousness. Typing, reading or playing a guitar is not done with your consciousness. Instead your consciousness uses your trained internal computer programs to do more than one action per heartbeat. Just like you do not think about each letter you type or write a musician does not think about each note he plays because many things like this we do becomes an automatic process once committed to memory.

As you eyes now read these words I have written you do not consciously think about the meaning of each letter in each word. You do not even think about every word. As you look at the screen or print out you are using an internal pre-learned program to translate these letter and word symbols into meaning that your consciousness can use.

As we said earlier, our conscious perception is probably around one sixtieth of a second. Therefore, it would be theoretically possible to glimpse a page of writing in this time period and if your internal software is under your mastery it would be possible to recall this material in your computer brain, but you could not consciously understand the page in that short time.

Some may think we have many thoughts within each second or heartbeat, but let me present you with this. I think I am above average intelligence and I do not have ten thoughts in each available ten seconds. I am lucky if I have one each five seconds – sometimes its only one a minute. In between quantum thoughts my internal software is just processing, taking care of things with no conscious thought of my own doing anything.

Now let us give you a little exercise that does involve your quantum thoughts so you can get a little better idea of the teaching I am trying to convey. Visualize five fruits – an apple, a pear, a prune, a grape and an orange all arranged together. In one visualization you can see all them together. This does not involve five units of human consciousness, but one. They are one picture seen as a unit.

Now here’s what I want you to do. You are going to look at each of these fruits one at a time and see a unique abnormality on each of them. It may be a blemish, the shape or color, but something will be odd on each of the five fruits and each oddity will be different. I will count to three and then you will look at each fruit individually one at a time until you have seen the oddity on each of the five fruits. One, two three… Start…

Were you able to do this in five heartbeats?

Now think of five different memories from your past that produced five different feelings. How long does this take your consciousness to assimilate?

The interesting part of these two exercises is that they are not calling forth something that is preprogrammed within your physical brain such as playing a piano. Something that is preprogrammed can be called forth in an instant with no quantum thought, but if it involves the programmer himself then it takes at least a heartbeat to register anything in full consciousness.

The first lesson in The Immortal is that we are not our bodies, but we use them as a vehicle as we would use a car or a computer. Because your computer makes thousands of calculations a second and you use these calculations, does not mean that your consciousness is aware of each of these calculations.

There are billions of calculations going on each second within our bodies and we use the benefits from those calculations, but we are not consciously aware of them any more than we are aware of the millions of calculations done through a software program.

Question: Most people believe that the more knowledge we accumulate and have running around in our head, the more intelligent we will become, but is this true?

Many people who are considered geniuses are noted for being “absent” minded. Einstein emptied his mind of all knowledge to the extent that when he went on walks he would often forget where he was and have difficulty in finding his way home.

Often the greatest knowledge will come when the mind seems to be a complete blank.

Therefore is it possible that the guy who memorizes a whole encyclopedia may actually have a disadvantage over another who has just made a general study of it?

If I were to tell you that God does not know anything, would that mean anything to you or just sound like nonsense?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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