The Electricity of Life

The Electricity of Life

The Question: “What makes electricity the greatest spiritual science and area of divine knowledge in the world? Does this have something to do with the type of energy it generates?”

To this question I submitted a number of quotes from DK. There was enough good material there for a book, but a short commentary today must suffice. I’ll limit myself to a couple interesting points on electricity.

First what is electricity? Science tells us that it is the flow of electrons, but it is more than that. It is the originating power which causes the electrons to flow. This, science has not explained. It can only comment on the effects of true electricity.

A reader quoted from my book, The Molecular Relationship, about the originating energy of purpose. Interestingly DK comments on pure electricity in a similar manner. He says:

…it is conscious purpose and essential will in objective manifestation, and he who has solved what lies back of electrical phenomena has solved not only the secret of his own Being, but knows his place within his greater sphere… Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 436

“The wise student will also ponder well the words “the mystery of electricity,” which is the mystery surrounding that process which is responsible for the production of light and therefore of vibration itself.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 1236

“Everything in Nature is electrical in nature; life itself is electricity…” Esoteric Healing, Page 377

“Life is electricity” is a profound statement indeed and is a seed thought which can unlock the great mystery of which DK speaks.

He further states:

“…electricity, which is an expression of the active internal fires of the system and of the planet just as inner combustion is an expression of the latent internal fires.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 51

He points out that all life on the physical plane has an internal fire, from a solar system to a man to an atom. The electricity of Life is linked to these internal fires and is essential to their burning.

He then talks of the higher fires of the soul. We have also heard the term the “fire of the Spirit.” These higher fires are electrical and the source of the lower. Fire and electricity are very closely allied. When DK talks of the fire of mind he is also talking about mental electricity.

It is interesting that by flipping a switch one can connect a circuit which can move a large piece of machinery. Even so, can we flip a switch in our electrical minds and move mountains. The only problem is that we need to learn how to flip the switch.

He says: “…the revelation of the close connection between mind and fohat or energy, or between thought power and electrical phenomena the effect of fohatic impulse on matter is fraught with peril, and the missing link (if so it might be termed) in the chain of reasoning from phenomena to its initiatory impulse, can only be safely imparted when the bridge between higher and lower mind, is adequately constructed.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 259

Here we learn that there is indeed a link between mind and electrical energy. This gives a hint to the mystic phrase DK gave us as one of the names of the electrical aspect:

“The Key to the Divine Storehouse.”

When we learn to harness mental electricity and properly direct it then the divine storehouse opens and all things are available to the Master disciple.

The secret of electricity is one of the mysteries the Masters have partially solved. Another seed thought pointing in the direction of the solution is the phrase, “Energy follows thought.”

Our thoughts are a higher form of electrical current and are a source of energy just as are the electrical currents that power your home.

Finally DK gives us a practical application of electricity:

“One more point I would like to give, and that is, that in the manipulation of electricity lies hid much that concerns the vivification of the bodies, especially just now of the etheric. The principal use the sun has is the vitalizing of the etheric.” Letters on Occult Meditation, Page 336

When we realize that our thoughts are a source of energy then we can use that thought to insure our good health by vitalizing our etheric body with prana.

He also gives us a hint of the vitalizing power of the sun.

Speaking of the sun, I found a posted article on sungazing quite fascinating. The basic idea is to gaze at the rising or setting sun when it is not harmful to the eyes and absorb its healing energy. The article even states that people can go without food using this technique.

Another thing one can do when the sun is in its strength is to just glance at it for about a second. Do not do this for longer periods. You can, however, glance for a second, look away, and glance up a second or third time. Do not do this more than three times. Just a short exposure will stimulate the eyes and pranic energies.

Let us now move to a new thought:

DK writes: “The time will come when destruction will have wrought its beneficent work; then men, through suffering, will seek that which they have discarded. In vain pursuit, they sought that which was near at hand and easy of attainment. Possessed, they found that it proved an agency of death. Yet all the time, they sought for life, not death.” Reappearance of the Christ, Page 124

Here is another quote from Page 127:

“One of the lessons to be learnt by humanity at the present time (a time which is the ante-chamber to the new age) is how few material things are really necessary to life and happiness. The lesson is not yet learnt. It is, however, essentially one of the values to be extracted out of this period of appalling deprivations through which men are every day passing. The real tragedy is that the Western Hemisphere, particularly the United States, will not share in this definite spiritual and vitalising process; they are at present too selfish to permit it to happen.”

Question: He says: “through suffering, will seek that which they have discarded.”

What is this thing which we have discarded? What are the “values” he speaks of that we see when we are down to bare bones in material goods? Is it necessary to relieve ourselves of all material goods to find the kingdom of God?

Has DK spent too much time away from civilization in his retreat?

“Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.” Henry Miller (1891 – 1980), The Wisdom of the Heart

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