The Coming of Christ – Stage Two

April 13, 1999

The Coming of Christ – Stage Two

I’ll add just a couple items here. One of the goals of the Brotherhood is to just get the term popularized so when a person in any group throws out the term “Christ Consciousness” that each person in the group will recognize the phrase and at least have a vague idea of what the person is talking about.

This goal has been fairly well reached over the past thirty years. It wasn’t too far back that you never heard this phrase thrown around in any standard conversation, but today it is not surprising to hear it show up most anywhere where the people in the group are at least sober.

The good part is that when the average person hears this term today he generally has at least a vague idea of what is meant. He registers a meaning to he effect that this refers to some type of higher consciousness, or some type of tuning in to a more spiritual way of thinking as Jesus did.

Above and beyond this, the more spiritual people in the planet register thoughts and feelings about the term similar my readers. They have demonstrated an understanding of the Christ Consciousness that the Masters have anticipated for the teachers of the race.

Some believe that the second coming of the Christ is the coming of the Christ Consciousness. They are partly correct for this is indeed the first stage of the Coming and, as we approach the new millennium, this first stage is nearing fulfillment. This first stage will continue to grow in power as the second stage begins and progresses toward the desired goal over the next thirty years.

We had two pretty good guesses about the second stage. Rick said:

“I think stage two will involve Christ working directly among men, at first through a core group and ultimately through government, with the whole world.”

Then Glenys adds:

“Certainly, there has to be a groundswell of forerunners for it to happen – an organized world-wide group of servers who will act as his representatives to prepare the world for his coming.”

These ideas are headed the right direction. In this second stage the entity who is the Christ will be directly involved with certain groups and individuals. This will be much more powerful in influence than a general higher consciousness, for the actual entity who was here 2000 years ago will work directly with humanity to an increasing degree.

To understand how this will happen we must understand the real nature of the first coming of Christ. The entire religious world believes that the first coming of Christ happened at the birth of Jesus, but in this they err. Instead, the first coming happened at the baptism of Jesus. The first coming of Christ involved not one person, but two. Who were these two and what did the baptism of Jesus have to do with it?

Hint: Read John 1:30-34.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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