Formless Worlds

April 13, 1999

Formless Worlds

Jill asks about the name of Sananda that has been applied by some to Jesus. I do believe this is not a name that is used personally by Him but do know that this is a name used by certain people to identify him.

I thought Shari’s explanation was very well thought out. Let me repeat it:

“What’s in a name? Well, names change from language to language. Just take Jacob for instance, variations are: Cob, Glacamo, Hamish, Iacopo, Iakobos, Jack, Jacques, Seamus, Shamus, Yakov….. to name just a few. “Jesus” is Anglicized version of Joshua, or Jeshua, or Yeshua—Hebrew. “Ananda” is one of the Hindi “names” added to a Yogi’s name who achieves Christ Consciousness. And since there is very good reason to believe that “Jesus” traveled for 15+ years throughout India & the Orient, personally, I have no problems with adding Sananda to HIS collection of aliases. It’s considered a “God-Name”.

“It doesn’t really matter What you call HIM, just as long as you are comfortable with the term. Names are a Human-Thing, anyway, and don’t matter so much to Spirit. What does matter is the Energy Signature, that you Recognize & Know as belonging to the One who communicates You.

“Energy Signature…” Very good term Shari. I’ve never heard that phrase before but it is certainly true that each entity does have a different “signature” represented in the way we sense their energy, just as each of us has unique voice patterns.”

There is a power and science of names and we will cover that when the time comes.

I’ll make a few more comments on the formless worlds and psychic activity.

Most automatic writing, channeling and many predictions come from the astral world and the akasha. In many cases the material retrieved can be helpful, but other times it may be distorted and subject to much illusion. Anything retrieved, especially without conscious participation, needs to be consciously interpreted through the eyes of the soul.

Whereas the astral world as well as the mental realms are worlds of form, just as this physical world is (but a higher octave), the formless worlds have no form as we know it, but are the source of all form.

One may ask, how could a formless world even exist? If there is no form there is nothing, right?

Not quite. The lowest of the formless worlds is a world of essential ideas. Consider the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles. Even before the formation of the Beatles, the essence of the song existed beyond time and space as an idea in the mind of God. As an essential idea it had no form. Then Lennon and McCartney tuned into this formless idea and brought it down into time and space and clothed it with vibration, vinyl and sheet music.

If every piece of form representing this song in this world were destroyed the essential idea would still exist in the formless worlds and take form again somewhere, sometime.

Look at your computer, a coffee cup, your watch… These are all ideas clothed in form. The idea behind each form (including your body) is eternal and exists in the higher worlds and is experienced by pure life energy which resides there.

To tap into the formless worlds we must go beyond consciousness in time and space and identify with essential life energy which is one with all other lives in a world of ideas. Actually living there beyond time and space is beyond regular human consciousness. The best we can do is tap into these higher worlds and bring some inspired ideas from on high down to human consciousness.

You’ll never have great ideas brought down into manifestation from the formless worlds through psychic activity. The light bulb, the automobile, the telephone, the computer were all created by great minds expanding their consciousness to a higher realm and bringing the idea down to earth in cooperation with intelligent conscious thought.

Facts deal with the worlds of form, but principles come from the formless worlds. You can obtain many facts from the astral world, but not principles. They originate in the universe of ideas and are revealed in full consciousness.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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