The Carrot Principle

March 4, 2016

The Carrot Principle

I’ve decided to stick with “fellow travelers” for The Song of Eternal Life. Most of the group likes this best and I think very few will relate it with the communist party. Most people will take it for exactly what it intended. We are all fellow travelers on the path of return. Some of us are taking our time, others are in a hurry and still others take a few detours, but we are all on a journey as travelers in this realm.

This is where the Carrot Principle comes into play. Hitler ate carrots, but does this mean that we should avoid them or see them as a bad food?

Good guys and bad guys have used the term, “fellow travelers” but each time one sees it used he must interpret it by the context with which it was used.

African Americans have attempted to get a monopoly on the word, “brother.” When they use the word they are generally referring to another of the same race. Well, we won’t quite let them get away with it because it is too good of a word to limit to one set of people. Even though a “brother” often refers to a black, many others still use it in reference to people of all races who are like-minded.

So, what if someone feels uncomfortable using “fellow travelers”? Others who are gender conscious feel uncomfortable saying “Father” in the Song of the 144,000. What about them?

When saying an invocation as an individual changing a few words is fine as long as the meaning is not changed. Instead of “fellow travelers” one could say “brothers and sisters” or “fellow seekers.” Instead of Father, one could say Father—Mother” or just God.

However, when saying an invocation as a group all should use the exact same words to amplify the spirit of union.

Also of note is that some invocations stimulate the highest possible vibration exactly as written so if you alter a word or two test the result with your soul to make sure the power is not diminished.


Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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