March 5, 2016


Larry mentions the gathering target date as 2025. I believe I have set the range as being between 2025-2030. If it gets started in earnest by 2025 all the better.

I am in a strange mode at the moment for I do not feel impressed to make a great effort to do much in the way of gathering or initiating something new. For the past couple years I have been in more of a receiving cycle than usual and have been concentrating as much as possible in learning in preparation for a new cycle of sending and initiating.

All of us need to recharge our batteries and after having given out so many new teachings I sense the need to gather some new building blocks from my soul as well as outside sources.

While undergoing this process I try and not neglect my good friends at the Keys and still send to the group, but overall I am more focused on receiving than usual. I am not sure how long this cycle will last. I feel a day of opportunity will come and when this happens I will switch back into a strong sending mode that will take advantage of my current receiving mode.

It is definitely desirable that a gathering be commenced by spiritually minded people who understand molecular principles by 2025-2030, but unfortunately disciples do not always fulfill their soul purpose and much that was planned does not get accomplished. When disciples fail there is always a plan B.

The Plan B is to place in the minds of resourceful individuals, who may not be that spiritual, a desire to gather for the purpose of promoting freedom, alternative government and living situations. This is now happening with the seasteading movement as well as with other groups seeking to buy land and gather upon it. By 2030 there should be communities on the sea and land where gathering is possible even if the spiritual disciples are not successful.

My hope is that we can have the first molecule built and a spiritual gathering begun by 2030, but if not all is not lost. Others will join in and do preparatory work making it easier for disciples to work with spiritual gatherings when they come back in a future life.

A disciple must always plan long term, not for just one life.

On a different note, I received the biography on Mussolini and it looks like a pretty good one. I want to read it before I do a comparison of him with Trump so my analysis can be accurate. I’ll be posting more on this subject shortly.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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