The Attention of God


The Attention of God

The Question: To discover how God can efficiently create we must look at ourselves. Are we most efficient when we are trying to do many things at one time or when we focus on one thing at a time? If the latter is true then what is the one main point of creation that God is focusing on at this time?

The correct answer given was that the main point of God’s attention in this universe (we are talking about the physical universe) is humankind.

We talked about points of consciousness earlier and concluded that an increment of conscious awareness for a human being is approximately one second. In other words, it is not a coincidence that the smallest unit of time measurement is a second. In addition to this we concluded that the smallest unit of time required to take in information into the brain is about 1/64th of a second. In other words, we can take in information faster than we can consciously register it.

Thus it is that we can only concentrate on one thing at a time with a unit of our consciousness which is one second. Some people who shift back and forth between thoughts within a period of a minute will often claim that they are thinking of several things at a time, but such is not the case. If they had five conscious thoughts within a minute you will find that each of those thoughts were had one at a time within the period of that minute.

Now the success of any individual in accomplishing a goal is to focus enough of those one second units of attention on that goal to propel it into reality. If you have five easy goals you can propel them to consummation with divided attention, but if you have a difficult goal you will have to focus all the units of attention that you have available to make it successful.

I have found this to be the case in starting a business for instance. Because I have been a dreamer I have always had the disadvantage of having many things before me competing for my attention or units of consciousness. When I have started a business and did not devote all my available attention to it then it did not succeed as hoped. But the times I have succeeded I focused all my attention on the project. Initiation, even of a business, takes about all the attention that can be called forth.

When I started my current business I realized through past experience that I would have to put aside many of my metaphysical interests to get it going and indeed it did take our full attention for some period. Fortunately, when I started writing the book and later teaching in the keys group the business was launched and I was able to glide along on automatic pilot business wise. For the past three years we have had almost the same annual gross. The reason, of course, that business hasn’t grown is that it is on automatic pilot because now my attention is diverted because of the book and my teaching on the group. Often during the day, even when I am talking to clients I am thinking about the work and what I may write about when evening comes.

Now if I had been wise enough to create a larger business with employees and a good manager I could have duplicated myself and, after it was self sufficient, appointed the manager to run things for me. In this case I could have withdrawn all my attention from the business and concentrate on initiating something else. This will work as long as I have picked a good manager who is able to take my place.

On a higher level the One God has the same problems that we do. If He/She/It were to divide Its attention too much then creation would not be successful. In eons past the attention and consciousness of God perfected the quarks, the atoms, the molecules, and the living cells which comprise our bodies. As some of you mentioned this was comparable to us perfecting a computer program. It takes a great deal of attention to perfect a program but when you finally get it performing the way you want you can take your attention off it and concentrate on duplicating your creation and also using it as a foundation for higher programs.

Many want us to believe that God still has his attention in the atoms, cells etc and this is what keeps them going, but think of it. If we could force God to keep his attention on such mechanical perfection it would be condemning our Creator to the greatest hell within our imagination.

After you have created a computer program would you want to keep your attention on, it going over how it works from beginning to end over and over? Or worse still would you like to be overseeing its performance and continually checking to make sure all goes well? Of course, not. We are happy to let the creation go forth and then we receive happiness in shifting our attention to a new challenge. This is what eternal Becoming is all about. We copy the Creator and perfect something on one level, send it off on automatic pilot to forever bless the whole and then shift our attention on a greater good.

Thus we see that the worlds below man are pretty much on automatic pilot and may only need a minor check for bugs every million years or so.

This frees up the attention of God to apply his Intelligence upon the soul of the universe which are lives related to human intelligence which are the conscious reflections of the present intelligence of God.

Someone said that the Law of Correspondences applies from the higher to the lower, but not from the lower to the higher.

I submit that this idea is founded on illusion and an illustration in proven reality cannot be produced. For example a small circle corresponds to a larger circle. They both correspond to each other, the only difference being that one is larger than the other. But the key point is that in this, and all other examples that can be cited, the lower corresponds to the higher in the same measure that the higher corresponds to the lower. If an atom has similarities to a solar system then a solar system has similarities to an atom. If Middle C has a similar resonance to a higher C then the higher C has the same similar resonance to Middle C.

In noting this one must keep in mind that in creation the higher will correspond to the lower, but with differences discerned by the intuition.

A reader says: “It is fairly obvious today that we live, not in a universe, but an omniverse, most all of which remains undetected to human senses. How many dimensions is probably a better question than how many galaxies or universes.”

JJ: Some call the six other planes of existence dimensions. Some refer to other dimensions as something even beyond these. Now one can take any light obtained by the Law of Correspondences and diffuse it by declaring there are unlimited mysteries that we do not understand, and therefore we cannot depend on what reasoning and discovery will reveal to us.

This is what the authoritative religions have done to us over the millennia. They have told us things like: “Do not even try to understand God because He is unknowable.” This makes it blasphemy to even try.

Yet the scriptures tell us that we are reflections of God and as reflections we can understand God by understanding ourselves. “This is eternal life to know God…” We have to begin somewhere in our discovery of knowledge. We must take the things that fit and work and build upon them. As we do so we will discover our errors and drop them while keeping that which works.

So yes, it is true that there are many things in the universe and omniverse that we do not yet understand, but there are also many things that we can understand. We must take those concepts we can understand and build upon them then eventually we will comprehend all things.

The reader thinks “that EVERYTHING is perfectly intertwined at all dimensional levels, including the infinite, of which we may not yet comprehend.”

I would say that logic tells us just the opposite. Now many traditions from authoritative religions have stressed the perfection of God so they can better control their peoples by stressing that the prophet, priest or king is God’s perfect mouthpiece for the perfect God and therefore must be “perfectly” followed.

We are created in the “image” of God and yet each of us are far from perfect. This itself is a witness that all lives up the ladder including any that we would name God are still progressing toward Its own relative perfection.

So if we take all things into consideration, the seen and the unseen, as the creations of God play out on the physical plane, it is a fact beyond dispute that there is much greater perfection in the microcosm than the macrocosm.

Atoms, molecules, and cells are much closer to perfect in their organization and complexity than is humanity. Humanity does not currently have a correspondence to a molecule in organization let alone a cell which is millions of times as complex.

Now let us look higher up at the stars. The stars do not yet have an organization as complex as a human city. They do have relationship, but they are simple relationships and even these relationships are created more though the interplay of advanced lives who have passed through the human kingdom rather than that of the actual solar life force itself.

Then as I said earlier the next step is in groups of galaxies and these have been mapped by astronomers and these groups have an even lesser organization than do the stars within a galaxy.

These are observable facts. We are not dealing with unknown forces here, but what can be observed by the human eye and that which has been observed bears witness to this principle of evolution proceeding from the lower to the higher as far as size is concerned.

Now here is an interesting addition to this evolutionary principle. When the higher order of lives have perfected themselves their complexity and powers will be greater than the perfected lower lives of which they are composed. A cell, for instance is of a higher order than an atom. Humanity, being the next major step up in composite life has higher potential than a cell, but is far from catching up with the organization and intelligence built into it. Humans will basically catch up to the cellular evolution when they combine molecularly in units of 144,000 and higher. After a high level of progress humans will eventually far surpass the kingdoms below in their own Becoming.

Man examining a cell is a little like scientists stumbling across an alien spaceship containing advanced technology far beyond anything on earth. They take the ship apart and put it together again and finally figure out some of its basic principles. Their first couple ships they make don’t work very well, but finally they solve the problems and are able to duplicate the technology. But these adventurers do not stop there. They continue to perfect their work and eventually make ships even better than the alien one. Even so, humans will eventually surpass the technology in the human cell because we are reflections of God and are His eyes and ears here in the physical reality.

This evolutionary progression will continue until the universe itself is fully organized and when it is completed the complexity, power and glory thereof will be beyond anything we have dreamed of and the perfection of the number seven will be realized paving the way for the greater universe to be built on eight creative rays.

Mankind has had to start with the physical in his quest for knowledge because in the beginning of the search that is all we have. But the physical is a reflection of the Spiritual so by using the Law of Correspondences with the physical we can learn of things spiritual. Then when we eventually prove certain spiritual realities to ourselves we can use these principles to gain even further insight through the Law of Correspondences

A key piece of knowledge about God that brings us much insight through the Law of Correspondences is the simple statement from Genesis that we are made in the “image” of God. Once we realize we are indeed reflections of God many vistas of discovery open up to us.

Feb 28, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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