Overtones and More

Overtones and More

A reader criticized me for focusing on the Law of Correspondences saying we need to focus on spirit rather than this world of illusion.

What is thought to be perceived by the spiritual eye is often even more deluding. Just visit a dozen or so New Age or religious sites and read their spiritual communications. Some tell us that spaceships will be landing in the next year or so. Others say that the earth is passing into the 16th dimension. Still others say that DK is speaking to them even though he said he would not give more teachings until 2025. Then we have Benjamin Crème claiming that the Christ is now on the earth somewhere in Europe, but only speaks through him. Most of these deluded presentations tell us to pay no attention to what our own eyes and reason tells us.

The fact is that those who do take that which they can reasonably perceive to be true and then apply the Law of Correspondences to what is known are establishing a much more accurate path of discovery of truth than those who disregard the physical reality and rely only on their version of spirit or non physical reality. We hear the phrase “trust me” a lot from these potential Jim Joneses.

Those who are beginning the search for truth cannot just jump into pure spiritual knowing but must proceed in increments “line upon line, precept upon precept” as Isaiah so adequately stated.

The greatest deluders are the forces of maya, glamour and illusion. As these are mastered the use of reason in connection with the Law of Correspondences applied to physical can reveal much. Then discovery in connection with Spirit and intuition naturally follows. The reason for this is that the physical is a reflection of the spiritual, so even though we may not be aware of all things spiritual much light can be thrown on the higher vibration by corresponding it to the lower.

He says we need to look to the macrocosm for our source. Scientifically speaking the word macrocosm is usually used to refer to worlds higher than that occupied by man such an entire solar system, galaxy or universe. The higher physical macrocosm certainly is not a blueprint for the creation of mankind. The human being, for instance, does not look much like a galaxy.

If by macrocosm you refer to the higher spiritual worlds you may have a point. All creations that appear in physical reality are created first in the spiritual worlds and follows the involutionary path to physical reality.

Then he tells us that without man there would be no human cells but single celled life lived on the earth long before humans showed up and about 90% of their DNA corresponds to that which is in human cells today. From the time that the first one-celled lives appeared to the most advanced which is human there has only been a fine tuning process going on. The one-celled lives evolved on the physical plane until they became multi-celled creatures and so on up the line until we get to human. Soul energy worked upon the earth through cell organization long before the self-aware human manifested in physical form.

I think that everyone in the group understands that spirit and soul must always be considered in relation to humanity and all lives and forms in this reality. I will add this however, that the rational mind is often overlooked as one of the doorways to the world of intuition and Spirit. One cannot develop the full powers of the intuition in this reality unless he first masters the powers of the mind and its power to reason and see logic correspondences.

The introduction in each one of the Alice A. Bailey books tells us that the mind is the plane “whereon the masters may be found.” One of the titles the inhabitants of the Kingdom of God go by is “Masters of Wisdom.” Wisdom is gained by reflection and making the full use of the mind as a two-way mirror between the worlds by the use of the Law of Correspondences.

There is one point that all successful lives have in common. They use their highest reasoning based on what they do know and understand, and not by what they do not understand. If a person believes in a higher world and higher knowledge but does not have the foundation or capacity to verify the higher things to himself, then he must make decisions by the highest that he does know in reasonable surety. If he does not he is likely to find himself following some guru to meet the Master Zor who will shuttle him off to the Mother Ship.

A clarification that seems to have a need of presentation is a better definition of the Law of Correspondences. It appears that some believe that to have a correspondence means that the higher must contain all the elements and attributes of the lower, but not the other way around.

This idea is not taught by any of the masters or inspired works I am aware of.

Let me give a definition here that seems to harmonize (correspond) with the ancient wisdom.

The Law of Correspondences:

As one proceeds from the lower to the higher, or the higher to the lower, there will be similarities between the various levels. Of particular note are levels that correspond to a higher or lower octave. By projecting possible correspondences in connection with reason and intuition one can discern probable realities in the unseen areas either in the higher or lower levels.. Because of the Snowflake Principle (discussed earlier) no two levels are exactly the same, but similarities will always give clues to higher knowledge.

The atom corresponds to the lower octave of the human. The animal is only one note below man on the scale and thus the correspondences between man and the animal are not so pronounced as those between man and the atom. If man is middle C then the higher animals are the note B just below C. B dies not correspond to Middle C nearly as much as lower C.

Thus according to this law we can discover more about the next steps in the evolution of humanity by exploring the atoms and their relationship with each other than we ever can by the study of animals.

Another reason that the Law of Correspondences is of little use in relating the animals to humans is that neither of us are close to the end of our evolution whereas in the atomic world relative perfection has been reached. A proton for example has a projected life span of a trillion years, or perhaps forever according to some scientists.. An extremely high degree of perfection has to be reached to remain in an unchangeable state for that period of time. The life of an atom is not so long, but many of them are expected to live billions of years without change and when they do change they do not die, but fuse and change form. That’s pretty close to relative perfection also.

Now an animal may live ten years and the human 75 indicating that our perfection is not yet even close to the atomic world, especially when we correspond time for one second here would be like millions of years there.

On the other hand, the higher octave of man would be an entire solar system, but with a large time difference. A heartbeat of the planet earth is like about 25,000 years, but the heartbeat of a solar system may be millions of human years. Thus from its time reference the life of a solar system would correspond to the life of a human.

In a previous post I put out a challenge as follows:

“Someone said that the Law of Correspondences applies from the higher to the lower, but not from the lower to the higher. I submit that this idea is founded on illusion and an illustration in proven reality cannot be produced.”

To this John replies:

“Let’s use a familiar instrument like a piano. Let’s say that we walk up to that piano and strike the key which produces the note, middle C. What may not be readily known to many is that the note “middle C”, when it is sounded, does not only produce the pure tone, “middle C”, but also an entire series of tones above it which are called “overtones”. This is a measurable and quantifiable fact in proven reality. And within this series of overtones, what will also be produced will be the “higher C” that JJ mentions. Yet, if we were to walk up to that same piano and strike the key which produces that “higher C”, it too would produce a series of “overtones” above it, but it would NOT produce the lower note, “middle C”. So that although the one note, “middle C”, can be said to contain the resonance of the “higher C”, that same “higher C” would NOT contain the resonance of the lower “middle C”. Similarly, when we consider that God is the basis, or “bass note”, of all creation, when we “know God”, or “hear the bass note”, we can in fact with some training, “hear the resonance of God in the ‘overtones’ of ALL creation”. But to say that we can “know God”, or “hear the bass note”, by groupening to one or more of those “overtones” within the creation, even if it is a pure octave, or a perfect reflection of that same bass note in another octave (humans for instance), THIS in fact would be an illusion, or at best, an inaccurate use of the law of correspondence.”

JJ: What you have just written beautifully illustrates the Law of Correspondences in both directions. One of the overtones in Middle C is the Higher Octave of C which vibrates at twice the rate of middle C. Interestingly, the main vibration of Higher C corresponds to the overtone of the Middle C.

Thus by using the Law of Correspondences we can examine Middle C and discover the C overtone of the lower C as well as the actual vibration of the lower C which will be at half the rate of Middle C. With the knowledge you have just stated we can go up or down and discover in advance what we are to find in vibration by the use of this law.

Now Rick just added some more interesting corresponding knowledge that maybe neither of us knew. That is it has been discovered that there are something like lower overtones in the higher notes. This would make the correspondences in music and sound even more precise than expected. In fact the foundation of the Law of Correspondences lies in the science of sound.

A reader said that during a meditation she saw images and afterwards read about the New Jerusalem meditation which contained them but wondered why her vision was not clearer.

The New Jerusalem has the seeds of its existence in the formless worlds where it is an idea in the mind of God and from thence is reflected into the mental plane and then down to the astral realm. I would guess that the reason it appeared fuzzy is that your attention was hovering between two planes.

Remember when Jesus told the disciples that he would prepare a place for them in the mansions of his father? Not only can a Master prepare a place in the New Jerusalem, but we can also assist in preparing our own place. Because the New Jerusalem meditation is formulated to help us be conscious creators of our “place” we will not all see exactly the same forms at first, but as the spiritual bricks are put into place our “place” will become more consistent. Even so, each of us will always have power to extend our creations as well as the creations of God. We will continue with this meditation when the time is right. In the meantime some of you will know what you as an individual are supposed to do when you get there.

Feb 29, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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