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May I submit to you that all arguing is not bad. What is bad is to be on the extreme of any principle. To never take issue with what you consider illusion or wrong thinking is as wrong as losing your temper and resorting to name calling. The true course of action is always somewhere in the middle. A person should not be a wallflower nor should he be in your face, but to present your opposing view in a kind manner yet at the same time presenting your case clearly can be a good thing and help to bring the truth to light.

Another point to consider is that we are fortunate to live in countries where we can speak our minds. Those who live in totalitarian countries do not have the freedom to ask questions or argue about any political (and in some cases religious views). If they disagree with something the only response is silence or they could face imprisonment for speaking out. So in this regard I consider myself very fortunate to be able to disagree with anyone I want.

It is very important that we all learn to let others disagree with us, even to the point of being ridiculous or obnoxious, yet maintain the power to respond with pleasantly with reason.

Moving on here I will make one more statement on the much discussed topic of karma. It seems that some believe that if we can just realize that from the aspect of the Eternal Now that cause and effect is happening at the same time that will give us some type of mystical power of transcendence over this law. That is like saying that when you take a trip that you begin and end the trip at he same time from a higher viewpoint. OK. Does this knowledge change anything for us in this world? Would this knowledge give me the power to make a 14 hour drive to California in an instant because the beginning and end is one in some mystical reality? If we could attain this power by just realizing this oneness in the Eternal Now then I wouldn’t even have to spend time with cause and effect in writing this post, for the beginning and end (cause and effect) of my writing would be at the same instant and this writing which takes some time would be over in less than a snap of a finger.

But what is the truth here? Even true believers have to travel through time minute by minute just like the rest of us as they use the duality of cause and effect to write and post to this group or make a trip.

The basic law of Karma or Cause and Effect is never transcended, but mastered and “wielded” by the Masters as DK puts it. Once the law is mastered then the only effects we have to deal with are those we decide to accept within our own sphere of power. Keep in mind that there is always a ring-pass-not outside of which we do not yet have power to initiate cause.

Question: Now everyone says that the number of creations are infinite, but because everyone believes this does not make it true.

Does the Law of Correspondences suggest that there is a certain number to all things including the worlds within the universe of universes?

First we might say that in all creations that we have been able to examine that there is always a specific number of units within its body. There is a specific number of electrons and protons in each atom. There is a specific number of atoms in each molecule. There is a specific number of molecules in each human body. There are a specific number of humans on the planet and there are a specific number of planets and stars within a galaxy. Using the Law of Correspondences we can then assume that there would be a specific number of galaxies in the universe. A reader gave a great scripture in this direction where God said: “The worlds are without number unto man but they are numbered unto me.” If this scripture is true then there is a specific number of worlds known only to God.

The question that no one answered seriously is: Are we just a small particle in a greater universe so we may just be a part of a pimple on someone’s giant nose? Many theoretical scientists have considered this possibility, but they have overlooked one important item in the Law of Correspondences and that is this. As we proceed from the small to the big the maturity of organization decreases. In other words, a solar system is less organized than the human kingdom and humanity is less organized than a cell. As we go up the scale the largest organized bodies mapped by man are galaxies and groups of galaxies. Galaxies are quite simple in organization with the majority of stars gathering in a center and all circling in orbit.

Groups of galaxies are simpler still with a very loose organization where the center is difficult to determine. Following this correspondent out to the universe itself we would have (as we said earlier) a very young universe with a very elementary shape,.

Now what does this tell us? This leads us to a very interesting conclusion and that is this. Our universe would be the largest organized body in physical existence and if there are other universes there is little or no organization that exists between them. There may be at some far future time, but at present the organization of God ends at the universe level. This would mean that we could not be an atom on a pimple of someone’s giant nose.

Now there is another correspondence that indicates that we are on the right track here and that is this. We are created in the image of God. In other words, we are the reflections of God. Using this correspondence between man and God we can find out about ourselves by finding out about God. On the other hand, we can find out about God by looking at ourselves.

To discover how God can efficiently create we must look at ourselves. Are we most efficient when we are trying to do many things at one time or when we focus on one thing at a time? If the latter is true then what is the one main point of creation that God is focusing on at this time?

Feb 27, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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