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Posted Oct 5, 2010
I see there has been a revived interest in UFOs and aliens here and Alex has posted a link to an unusual book on the subject.

One problem we have on this subject is that very few principles are involved when discussing it and we’re left to speculate as to whether or not data is true.

Outside of receiving a revelation from God how is one to know whether or not data is true, especially if the data is in the realm of that which is possible?

Let us say that someone says that there are 100 planets within 20 light years on which there is life. How can anyone know for sure if this is true unless some very superior life form reveals it? And then if someone claims to have such a revelation from a superior life form how do we know if he is telling the truth or delusional?

We do not. But one thing we do know is this. Two contradictory statements cannot both be true. Either there is life on Mars or there is not. Either there are planets around Sirius or there is not. Either I am sitting in my chair typing this or I am not.

There are numerous writings out there on aliens and UFOs and many of them are in contraction of each other. This tells us that most of them are not correct along with the possibility that all of them are fabricated or illusionary.
So when we examine any writing or philosophy we look for harmony. We look for teachings that do not contradict that which we know to be true.

We also look for teachings that are in harmony with that which we internally sense to be true that seem to comply with true principles.

Logically, then what are some common concepts about aliens that comply with true principles and logic? There are several.

The universe is a very big place so statistically there has to be life on other planets. What percentage of solar systems have human like life is difficult to guess. Most scientists think it will be less than one out of a thousand. Some think it could be one out of 100,000. A handful think we could be alone in the universe.
Since it is most logical to assume that there is life on other planets it is also logical to assume that some of that life has been around for a very long time and evolved to a point that they would seem to be gods to us.

It is logical to assume that some of them have developed spacecraft. But according to the accepted laws of physics nothing physical can go faster than light. Therefore any transporting from one star to another would have to be in a non physical craft that can go faster than light.

In fact, one may logically assume that advanced beings would not even need a craft to transport themselves for they could move from star to star in a spiritual body and change places with other advanced souls on other worlds. If you were an advanced soul you may be contacted by someone from Acturus who wants to switch bodies with you so he can check out the earth. You agree and after the switch you find yourself on the planet Zercon circling around the sun Arcturus while the other guy is trying things out in your body on earth.

I took a look at the posted book “Intelligent Design.” It has some interesting things. Unfortunately, it has a lot of data that no one can prove one way or another. Even if the guy made the whole thing up some parts will be true and others false. But, the guy claimed to get his information from the Elohiym. So the truth is this. Either he did receive revelation from the Elohiym, or he did not.

Then there is another possibility and that is he received information from someone claiming to be of the Elohiym, but is an imposter.

I took a look at the book looking for clues and a number of red flags went up. Here are some.

(1) Almost all the Biblical history is explained in terms of alien interaction when virtually none of known provable history has such a connection. This doesn’t seem logical.

A lot of the things in the book have been written in other sources. For instance I first read the theory that the tower of Babel was an attempted spaceship in the writings of the Christian minister Herbert W. Armstrong. I read it in the Sixties and I think he wrote it in the Fifties.

This is of course, a possibility, but who knows unless one gets a revelation on it.

(2) Powerful claim of authority. He claims to be the Jesus of this era and was conceived by the same father in the same manner that Jesus was. This says to “follow me because of who I am” rather than what I teach.

(3) He says that Mankind is “a disease of the universe.”

This opposes my teaching that humans are the soul of the universe and will ultimately be a healing and great creative force. Which teaching feels best to your internal self?

He does correctly point out that we are in danger of nuclear war but thinks the chances are great that we will destroy ourselves completely. I think some of humanity will survive no matter what happens and they will eventually learn their lessons.

(4) He says there is no God, but only advanced humans. He doesn’t realize there is One Great Life permeating the universe.

(5) There are a number of things that defy logic. For instance he says that the Elohiym live on a giant solar system one light year from earth and the planet they live on is 44 billion miles from their sun.

The problem is there are no suns within four light years of the earth. Someone asked about this and he gives a convoluted answer that makes no sense.

Here’s another thing. If their planet is 44 billion miles from their sun this puts it farther away from their sun than is Pluto from ours. Pluto is so far away that the temperature is 390 degrees below zero. Their sun would have to be gigantic indeed to warm a planet that far away up to seventy degrees or higher. If such a sun was a light year away it would be brighter than the moon is in the sky. Since we do not see a star in the sky that is brighter than the moon then obviously there is no such giant star one light year away, or even ten light years away.

Here is my thinking on Aliens and UFOs. Internally I sense that I am to not concern myself with them as they will not be interfering with the affairs of humanity or influence anything that I will be attempting to do. If humanity ever gets to the point where they may completely annihilate themselves extra terrestrial forces may step in. Otherwise, we are on our own – with assistance of higher lives native to the earth.

Rob says:
You teach repeatedly about, and are such a staunch supporter of respecting free-will. Have you no stance on the topic of aliens violating human free-will on a regular basis by abducting and performing experiments on them? How can you say the aliens “will not be interfering with the affairs of humanity” when they already do? How can these aliens be so evolved yet treat humans like lab rats?

Your thoughts?

If what I’ve read about alien abductions is true then they do appear to be in violation of free will and of my teachings. If all the accounts of alien abductions are true then a lot of them seem to lack compassion and do not appear to be on the same side as the Brotherhood of Light.

The problem here is that I do not believe most of them are true physical contacts. I think the vast majority of them come from two causes.

(1) The contacting of thought forms. It’s interesting that a huge percentage of these contacts happen as the person is awakened from sleep. It’s probable that many of these were not fully awake and saw thought forms in a quasi dream state.

(2) Contacts from beings from a non physical etheric plane. Some of these who may not be linked to the Brotherhood of Light. They may have the technology to raise the vibration of an abductee to their level so they can deal with him as though it was a physical relationship on the earth.

There are several principles to consider here. First, remember that the Principle of Freedom does not mean there will be freedom in all circumstances, but it supports maximum freedom for the whole. Therefore the burglar does not have freedom to invade your home because if he is free to do this the whole is diminished.

Another principle is that there is a time, purpose and exception for everything.

Now let us suppose that the aliens see that our direction will wipe out the human race and they may be able to save us if they perform a few experiments on abductees. In this case, temporarily taking away the freedom of several abductees will greatly enhance the freedom of the whole.

I’m not saying this is the case but if the stories are true then these beings may have a justifiable reason for what they are doing that will bring more freedom than it takes away. After all, they have superior technology, but haven’t invaded us.

It is also possible that some of these are at an ordinary state of evolution and just experimenting with us as we experiment on animals. There are many possibilities here.

It is interesting to note that a hypnotic regression is far from being proof that a contact was made. Most hypnotic subjects want to please the hypnotist and if the slightest hint is given that an alien needs to be produced then many subjects will comply. It takes a savvy hypnotist to tell the difference between real recall and falsified memories.

On a different note I happen to know the daughter of Kenneth Arnold, the first person to get major publicity from a UFO sighting. She says that he had several encounters and his full story has never been told but the various family members cannot agree on how to proceed. He got very close to one of the craft and was able to see the portals to the inside.

I never said there were not sightings before Kenneth Arnold but his was the first that brought the attention of the phenomenon to the world. After 1947 the number of sightings greatly increased.
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