Boise Gathering 2008, Part 12

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Audience: When we build a city on the sea (now called seasteading) there will be all this commotion about who owns what, on and under the ocean and where the boundaries are and so on.

JJ: I think the dark brothers foresee the gathering on the ocean because they are already trying to get the UN to make all kinds of laws that apply to the oceans so that who ever does this will have to pay the UN a tax of some kind. And if we have to pay the UN a tax we may as well stay here and pay taxes.

Audience: It came to me that Mr. Bush is working on an initiation and would agree with that?

JJ: Yes I think he is a second-degree initiate and so he would be working on his third.

Audience: So this is what we can expect out of a third initiation?

JJ: Well I don’t think he is at the third yet, but that is just my opinion and not very many politicians are above the first. Most of them are just completely into their own selfishness.

Larry: But for Bush staying on task, that is moving him forward.

JJ: Yes and that type of determination is admirable for any initiate but you see he still has quite a bit of illusion about a number of things so I do not think he is past his third yet.

Larry: When he was first elected and in one of the debates with John Kerry, I think it was the second debate and I was watching him and I can’t remember the answer that he gave a question that gave but I was thinking about and suddenly the spirit came into my mind and said, “This is my man.” I was told that Bush was of God.

JJ: Bush is a lot more sincere then people give him credit for. For instance he will read in the paper that somebody is in trouble and he will write a personal check and mail it to him or her anonymously. He gives 15% of his money away to charity. When he ran against Al Gore, Al Gore gave away $250 to charity that year.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: Some people love to spend other people’s money but not their own. But when you see someone spend his or her own money and give it away that speaks to something in my own mind. When people visit Bush in the oval office, he will take them in the back room and kneel in prayer with them and stuff like that, that I have read about him is encouraging about the guy.

Annie: When Bush was doing all of this do you think Tony Blair was helping? I think he was helping trying to do his part and got hated by many after that.

JJ: Tony Blair was hated something awful and he was a liberal. Nobody expected that from Tony Blair for he was really good friends with Clinton and everybody called him the Clinton of Britain and he turned out to really be supportive of Bush, which really blew everybody away. But Tony Blair was intelligent enough to see the threat and what people do not think of is what kind of situation we might be in if Saddam Hussein was still in power.

Larry: Can they establish peace in the Middle East?

JJ: They made tremendous progress in Iraq, all kinds of businesses are starting up and it is becoming safe enough that China, Russia and all kinds of foreign governments are starting to go in there and investing. And, of course, typical of people that you help, Iraq is not really faithful to us and they are willing to give contracts to foreign governments and bypass us. So the idea on going there to make a killing on oil is not happening at all. And as a matter of fact now Bush is criticized because we are not getting their oil.

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: But in the beginning he was criticized for going in there, for the oil. Bush has done everything possible to avoid the appearance of going in there for the oil. Now we are not getting enough oil from the guys, so there is an interesting situation.

Larry: So there is a man of tremendous courage, he has faced up to all this criticism and it continues to get worse and worse.

JJ: And the only thing that gave him power was the answer he got from God and if he had not got an answer then he would have buckled under pressure because if you look at him in other situations where he has not got an answer and you find that he will bend and compromise. He has compromised on quite a bit of stuff but he is not compromising on this and that is because he got an answer on it.

JJ: But remember the words of Christ that “He who takes upon himself My Name will be hated by all the world for My Namesake.” He says they hated me and they will hate you also. On the other hand many think, “If I am a good Christian then everybody will love me.” Well if you are a good standard orthodox Christian that everybody thinks is just mister nice guy like Joel Osteen or someone like that just a good harmless guy that preaches a nice harmless message well then the whole world is going to love that guy. They may have trouble with his wife though who recently got into a little trouble with an airline stewardess. Chuckling.

Larry: Where did the analogy come from that in Batman The Dark Knight became an analogy for George W. Bush?

JJ: Somebody wrote an article about it and I think it was The Wall Street Journal or something like that.

Let’s say you are a smoker and you quit then that is the highest you know but you are around a bunch of people that are your friends who also smoke. They are really going to give a rough time and say something like, what is the matter do you think that you are better than us since you are quitting? And even on small things where you try to make a step forward you are going to get flack so when ever you take a step forward you are going to get flack and a lot of friction but it does not matter. It is only when you play it safe that everybody is going to love you.

When you play it safe and say what people want to hear then people will love you but if you take a definite step toward the light than you are going to have a lot of problems. It is like the story I told you about Artie when she was probably going to marry me after a short two or three day romance, (Laughing, audience laughing as well) All hell broke loose. Her daughter was concerned and called up Artie’s mother and her ex-husband and told them about this weird guy who was like Jim Jones and would probably take his flock out in the middle of nowhere and have them drink Kool-aid and boy her mother was on airplane the next day flying up to save her daughter and her ex-husband was checking to see if he could get custody of her daughter.

Audience: I verified that story with Wendi (Artie’s daughter) at your birthday party I asked her daughter how she felt about JJ when he when first came into her life and she said that he probably would not tell this story but I really did not like him very much when I first met him and she said I called my grandma and so on.

I said that is exactly the story that JJ tells and she said, “he did?”

Laughter has erupted throughout the room!

Audience: So this grandma is your mother, the one that is with you now.

Female from audience: Yes

JJ: They did not like me in the beginning, so Artie calls me up and says, oh this is going way too fast and we have got to just hold off and just quit seeing each other for a while until things just calm down.

And my Soul told me that if I let that happen then I would lose her and that I needed to close the deal now. So I said to her remember how we felt a couple days ago when we fell in love through the spirit and it felt really good? And she said, yes. Then I said think of how you feel right now, do you feel good right now? And she said no. I said do you want to feel the way you felt back then or do you want to feel the way you do now? Do you want to go with the peace or do you want to go with the turbulence – which do you want?

(JJ is choking up a bit) I have hard time saying this but she says I want the peace. I said well lets go for it then and she said okay. And from that point on she never went back and she had to face a tremendous amount of turbulence from both her mother and her daughter, and everyone who knew her thought she was absolutely stark raving mad. Yet it was a step that was really important for both of us to take.

Whenever you take an important step you will have a tremendous amount of turbulence and friction and everybody will come out of the woodwork to try and take you back to where you were before. It will always happen if it is an important step. I have had people coming up to me and say I have had A, B or C happen and all these people express negativity towards it and it must be a sign that I am not supposed to do this.

I say no it is a sign that you are supposed to it. They would say yea but this was bad because it produced friction and anger, and I said, that is good and that is an indication that you are supposed to do it. And some people cannot just get that through their head.

It is like what Jesus says; he that goes by a sign is a member of a wicked and adulteress generation that is if you go by signs and that is because the signs are almost always wrong. Signs almost always lead you the wrong direction. When I keep track of those who tell me of some sign they follow I find that the end result is almost always wrong and the result negative.

Larry: And here you are giving people signs all the time! (JJ is in the sign business)

JJ: On the other hand it says signs follow them that believe. So those that believe will have signs and the true signs follow belief. You will have synchronicity happen and other interesting things that verify different things but it will come when you have already chosen the right path.

But you do not choose the right path because of a sign only for when you do that it will almost always lead you in the worse of the other two directions you could have taken.

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