Schemes, Rounds and More

Schemes, Rounds and More

A reader expressed difficulty in understanding the meaning of schemes, rounds, globes etc used by Alice A. Bailey and Blavatsky.

Students should have a general grasp of the various cycles of time so they can more easily follow along in their studies.

In theosophical writings the earth that we are on is called a “globe.” We are on what is called “globe D,” the densest of seven globes of which it is a part.

The scriptures tell us that this earth was created spiritually before it was created physically. Esoteric writings also tell us this, but instead of one previous spiritual earth there have been three which were Globe A, Globe B and Globe C. Globe C was a more refined matter than the present earth and Globes B and A still more refined respectively. When this earth passes away it will give birth to Globe E which is comparable to Globe C in vibration. The difference will be that humanity will be on the path of return rather than the path of descent, or falling into matter. When we reach Globe G we will have passed through seven globes. These seven globes constitute a “chain.”

To remember this just visualize a chain of seven globes, or earths, linked together like a chain.

Evolution goes much further, however. Instead of there being only one chain of earths there are seven. When one chain passes away another chain of seven begins to materialize. Think reincarnation here. Not only is the earth reincarnated in seven different globes, but each of the chains of globes are also reincarnated into new chains when the previous passes away.

There are a total of seven chains and these 49 globes of seven chains constitute one scheme. A scheme is equal to the life of a solar system.

Ironically just as we are the fourth globe in a chain we are also the fourth chain in a scheme meaning that we are living on the 25th earth-like planet that has materialized on some plane in this solar system.

The coming of Christ marked the midway point in our globe, in our chain and in our scheme. This was indeed a point of tension and magic for planetary lives.

Before this earth scheme and this solar system there was a previous solar system where we (or our solar angels) passed through 49 other globes. This was our first estate.

We shall progress through one more solar system to prefect human (and other) evolution.

Of course these three solar systems are merely a link in a chain in connection with greater evolution still.

It is mind boggling to contemplate the vastness of it all.

The positive globe, chain or scheme in relation to another is the one that gives more than it receives.

DK explains a mystery as to why the earth is positive to Venus even though the Kumaras came from Venus to stimulate our evolution on this globe. He tells us that when the entire chains of Earth and Venus are looked upon as a whole that the earth sends more than it receives from our sister planet.

A reader found this tabulation which raised a question:

– 7 branches = 1 subrace – 7 subraces = 1 root-races – 7 root-races = 1 world period – 7 world period = 1 round – 7 rounds = 1 chain – 7 chains = 1 planetary scheme – 10 planetary schemes = 1 solar system

“I cannot find the place of ‘globe’ in this information. Could somebody provide any information about where does ‘globe’ fit in?”

JJ: I think even some Theosophists and old time Alice A. Bailey students get confused with these terms.

A round is equal to the life of a globe. Technically it is called a globe-round. An entire chain is usually just called a round, but sometimes a globe-round is also referred to as a round, hence the confusion.

Let me expand on a statement I made earlier. I said: “There are a total of seven chains and these 49 globes of seven chains constitute one scheme. A scheme is equal to the life of a solar system.”

One may wonder at the fact that there are 10 schemes in the life of a solar system which seems to indicate that the life of a solar system is ten times longer than the one earth scheme.

That’s not quite the way it works.

At present the are seven schemes in our solar system of which the earth scheme is one. Each one of these seven schemes represents a center in the life of the solar logos. The earth scheme represents the first center – the one at the base of the spine with four petals. Here again the number four surfaces. This gives the cross particular significance as far as the earth is concerned. DK calls the four petals the “Cross of the Holy Spirit” which also makes it the point where spirit and matter meet within our solar system.

Just as all the centers in our body are linked and interdependent, yet all exist simultaneously in the body even so do the seven schemes or centers in our solar system all exist together.

Also just as life begins at the center at the base of the spine for a human and dies when it is extinguished, even so, will the end of the earth scheme signal the end of the solar system.

When the earth scheme ends the six other schemes will also come to an end and the physical sun will disappear also. When this happens three more schemes will appear made of the highest mental matter which will be a synthesis of the previous seven schemes. When these final three schemes have played themselves out then the sun will disappear on higher levels and go into rest or pralaya.

The seven schemes we have now plus the three of higher vibration in the future equal the ten schemes.

This is one reason ten is called the number of perfection. Ten great cycles wraps up the work of the Solar Logos.

If esoteric teachings are accurate this means that the sun is quite a bit older, in relation to the earth, than current science believes.

I went to a restaurant that serves “breakfast at any time”. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance. Steven Wright

Oct 15, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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