Star Wars and the Two Paths

May 17, 1999

Star Wars

Every time I turn on the television the past few days, I find talk of Star Wars permeating everything. Now finally we are approaching the big opening. Here in Boise it opens at midnight tomorrow. I’m going to wait until the crowds die down a little before I see it, but I think it would be interesting to hear a couple of movie reviews (short ones) from some of the first on the list to see it.

Earlier we mentioned that George Lucas was indeed an initiate. However, making a movie alone does not mean a person is a disciple. Lucas is an initiate because he has created positive change that has affected most of the world. Think of three things that he has initiated through Star Wars that brings us closer to the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

We live in an interesting age, an age where the disciples of the brotherhood often work unnoticed and unrecognized. Many of them such as Lucas are not fully aware of their mission. They just follow the inner voice, and, if done successfully, a great work is initiated.

Someone said they heard that Lucas was on the dark side. I would like to know the reasoning behind that. I do know that some fundamentalists see the devil under every rock, and I am sure some of them could find evil in Star Wars. Fortunately, the teachings in Star Wars have been so well blended with the thinking of the masses that it would take a fanatic to see negativity in it.

As I see it, here are the three most powerful and direct teachings from Star Wars that are altering the consciousness of humanity and preparing them for the new age:

(1) The Force. Lucas admitted in an interview that the Force is another name for God. But the Force is not a being sitting on a throne, but a universal energy that pervades all things. This prepares the minds of many to see an aspect of God in a different light, and to look for it within ourselves.

(2) The Masters/Teachers. In Star wars you have the idea of Masters presented who have superhuman abilities because they applied themselves over a long period of time. Such persons as Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi are inspiring teachers who use the power of the Force (God) toward miraculous ends.

When the minds of the race are fully prepared, we will have real masters walk among us who are as wise, powerful and old as Yoda.

(3) The Light and Dark Brotherhoods. The Jedi Knights and the teachers represent the Brotherhood of Light, and the Emperor, Darth Vader and their bunch represent the Dark Brothers. Because these two brotherhoods do exist, and are a part of our reality, it is important that we know about them and understand the differences between the two. There will come a time in the life of each disciple that he will have to choose one of the paths, but he cannot make that choice until he fully understands the directions of the two brotherhoods. Very few on the earth have progressed far enough to make that choice.


May 18, 1999

The Two Paths

Several of you have asked about my comment on the paths. Let me quote it again:

“There will come a time in the life(s) of each disciple that he will have to choose one of the paths, but he cannot make that choice until he fully understands the directions of the two brotherhoods. Very few on the earth have progressed far enough to make that choice.”

The question arises: What about people who are loving and believe they have made a choice for good.

How about this group?

How about all sincere seekers?

Most people believe they have chosen the path of light to the best of their ability, but in reality they are making many small decisions that pave the way for a major decision of the two paths.

Ironically, even most of those who believe they have chosen the dark path and have become Satanists have not yet chosen. Their decisions are dangerous and based on illusion but they have not yet seen the real choice.

To choose between the two paths one must first see the two paths and one cannot see the two paths until he approaches the third initiation. We will talk more about the initiations in the future.

Suffice it to say the first initiation is the birth of the love of Christ in the heart. This initiate learns to direct the physical passions in a positive and harmless direction. He overcomes maya, the illusion caused by matter.

In the second initiation one receives the Holy Spirit and learns to control and direct his emotions in a positive and harmless direction. He overcomes glamour.

Then as one approaches the third initiation the veil of illusion becomes lifted to the extent that the choice between the two paths becomes visible. Finally, the great choice becomes possible?

All those who choose either side of the path have gone through much love and service, but even after experiencing the beauty of love and many spiritual experiences from God the temptation of the left hand path may still be great.

Why is that?

After a person has experienced great love and spiritual experiences he often gets caught in the illusion that because God is on his side the future is going to be great. Then when great troubles come he begins to doubt the value of all that he has received and is tempted to believe that Self must come first. Hence the greatest gifts he has received often become a stumbling block.

Question: What are the three most important things we can do to prepare for the great decision, so when the day comes we will choose correctly?

As readers pointed out through their comments the number of things we can do to prepare for the great decision is much more than three. Nevertheless, I often stress the three major points of a principle to give focus to the answer. The average person can keep three points in focus much better than a dozen.

(1) The first thing we can do to prepare for the great decision is to follow the highest that you know.

How often is it that we know the right direction to take and then we let someone we are close to plant doubts in our minds and distract us from the light ahead?

The ancient statement of “keeping your mind steady in the light” applies here. Once we know a thing is right and true we must never betray that truth, even if the whole world takes an opposing course.

(2) Seek to become pure in heart and one who has pure intent.

Question: Almost everyone believes they have pure intent. It is easy for us to see deceptive intent in others, but difficult to see it in ourselves. Why is this so and what can we do about it? What is the “blind spot” in the physical eye and is there a corresponding blind spot in our spiritual eyes? How can we see through the blind spot?

(3) Seek to look beyond the universe of Self and cause that your actions benefit the whole with the realization that the self will be more fully realized in the long run.

Question: Is the putting of Self first taught anywhere in new age philosophies as well as old time religion?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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