Soul Contact and Illusion

Soul Contact and Illusion

A lot has been said about psychic attacks. Some seem to think that a religious thought, an angry thought or even a disagreeable thought is an attack. Others see an attack as a consciously directed thought. Still others feel there are some occult means available to hurt others.

But let me submit this thought to you. Harming people with mere thought is much more difficult than one might surmise.

Where is my proof?

Just look at the last presidential election in the United States. During the conflict in Florida there were millions of hard core supporters on both sides of the aisle sending about as negative of thoughts and feelings as can be conjured up by humanity. And who were they sent at?

The main targets were Bush and Gore. (Note: Hillary and Trump after 2016 are even better examples)

And how are Bush and Gore faring now that they have both endured millions of nasty thoughts projected their way?

I have seen them both on television during the past week and they both look fine. Gore may be a little down emotionally because he didn’t capture the White House, but outside of this it appears that these millions of “psychic attacks” had little effect.

Now if Bush and Gore are able to withstand millions of negative emotions sent their way you would think that us relative unknowns could deal with anything that comes at us from fellow members in this group, who by and large are very peaceable folk.

Unless one is dealing directly with the Dark Brothers, which is rare, 99.9% of perceived psychic attacks owe its cause to a flaw opened from within oneself and if we live a reasonable stable life, as Bush and Gore seem to, then there is little to worry about in this area.

The Question: Just what is it that will encourage the establishment and increase of soul contact? Is there anything we can do to encourage the process? What forces or conditions support soul contact?

It is such a good question I am tempted to answer it, but I do not want to spoil your fun in learning and sharing.

Our contrarian member is still accusing us of using the wrong definition of intuition.

The word intuition is the closest we have in English to the principle we are exploring so instead of creating a new word we refine the use of this one.

If you open the dictionary you will find that many words have six or more meanings and when you teach you have to define the meaning you are using, if the meaning may not be obvious from the context.

Actually one of the definitions in my dictionary is very close. It calls the intuition “an impression.”

This is headed the direction of our class definition but not all impressions are through intuition, therefore we needed to clarify.

I know that some on the fringe see a teacher as being a big bad dictator if he defines a word for a class and tells the class that “this is the meaning we will use for the class.” They who are so black and white see the teacher as saying:

“My definition is the only right definition.”

Such is far from the case and to come to such a conclusion a person must be possessed with a spirit of contention.

The motive for defining terms, at least for this class, is so we can all speak the same language and understand each other.

Let me illustrate.

If we were giving a class on apples and Bob calls apples carrots, Sue calls then peas and Jim calls them rocks what is the teacher to do? He is to show a picture of an apple so all can understand what it looks like, and instruct the class to use the word “apple” when describing this particular fruit. When this is done teaching and communication can then proceed.

A reader states: “Soul contact: A unification of the body and the spirit. A oneness, a clarity where each of the two components are equal partners in bringing the will of God into this physical plane.”

JJ: The union of matter and spirit makes soul possible, but Soul itself is the interplay of body and spirit rather than the union, and that interplay is within us all no matter what our degree of evolution. Soul contact happens when we tune into that interplay. Thus tuning into the interplay opens the door to soul and Spirit. This is the first major step we all make at one time or another.

The group has been discussing I AM verses I AM BECOMING.

Let me add some clarification.

The I AM of itself is not wrong or evil for it is a description of BEING which is the foundation of life for us all. Where the problem comes in our evolution is when we become lazy and cease to become and try to just “be,” which is to say relax and do nothing.

In our current reality we either go forward in spiritual evolution or we go backward. We never stand still. If we try and just stand still and “just be” as many new agers teach then the person will go backwards on the path. (Do not confuse this stillness with the stillness of thought necessary for some types of meditation – which is actually part of our becoming process.)

We only go forward on the path by amplifying our power to decide in harmony with the Will of God and then bring that decision into reality through BECOMING.

Question: Is a ‘light bulb moment’ the same as ‘soul contact’?

The light bulb moment is more like intuition as we define it in the group, but there are two types of light bulb moments.

(1) You study a problem, do research, think about it and suddenly the pieces come together in a logical manner and you see the solution through your own mental powers.

This is not intuition but a bringing together of a whole picture through the use of mind.

(2) You study a problem, do research, think about it but no matter how much you try to figure it out you seem to reach a dead end, but you continue to pursue the solution. Then finally at an unexpected time a flash of light seems to turn on in your mind and you see the principle that answers all your questions. The answer is beyond anything that your mind could have come up with by itself and you have a sense that you owe a debt to an intelligence higher than yourself.

This is intuition and only comes after a degree of soul contact has been achieved.

Imagine that you are a young female and have just had the seed of a baby – a tiny life – planted in you. This life is so small that you cannot see it with the naked eye, but it is life nevertheless. Now imagine that the life is so tiny that if you were not paying attention you would have missed the planting entirely. Not only that but if you are not careful you will miss months of its growth.

Now let us suppose you are that young woman and decide that you are not going to miss the planting of the life nor its initial growth. Now be still and imagine the tiny life being planted in you. You must be absolutely still. The new life is so small that you must pay full attention to feel it, but you do pay attention and you do feel it.

You feel a slight movement – so slight you think you may be imagining that a life is within you, but you also feel a warmth and a comforting feeling from the life. You want to believe that your feeling is real, but you have doubts. “It’s too good to be true that I could be a vessel for a wonderful new life” you are tempted to think, but then you resist that temptation and think another thought:

“God is good and through Him nothing is too good to be true.”

Just thinking this thought seems to increase your sensitivity and you seem to have more communication with the tiny life. It is now real enough that you decide you want it to grow in you and you nurture it. As you nurture the life the time soon comes that the evidence that you will give birth to something wonderful will be undeniable to you. You have moved from hope to belief to knowing.

Jan 4, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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