Soul Contact

Dec 30, 1998

Soul Contact

The main reason many of us are here is to get to soul contact. We seem to be taking the scenic route to get there though. What the heck, JJ is doing the driving, so I’ll sit back and try to soak it all in. Wait…I see a sign post up ahead…it says Soul Contact 1/4 mile. Here we go! (the only question is…at what speed are we traveling?)”

Seriously though everything we have covered so far is essential material to reach the kingdom of the soul because as long as the Beast is alive and well in us our spiritual vision is blocked, as if we are in a fog. We must become aware of the name of God in our foreheads. It is already there. We must merely still ourselves and let the clouds clear away.

Even though this sounds easy, the journey to the kingdom of God is most difficult and has many pitfalls. The higher lives are not just sitting around waiting for you to merely declare that you are ready. You must make yourself useful as a tool in their hands to get their attention.

Your soul which is a midway point between body and spirit, is, however, ever waiting and always present for you. The fact that you are a member of this forum and reading these words is itself a sign that you have passed through many lifetimes of struggle and are in preparation for higher contact.

Question: What do you think is the first major step toward soul contact?

Dec 31, 1998

Approaching the Soul

Why is the door shut to animals moving into the human kingdom?

Answer: This is not a permanent thing. As one door shuts another is open. Right now the door is open for humans to move into the kingdom of God or the God kingdom. When this great work is finished for the majority of humans then the door can open again for the animals to move into the human.

All progress moves in ordered cycles.

When we move from one kingdom to another we still keep our individual identity but we go through a process of fusion where the many become one with a greater life.

Here is a quote from Book II that may shed some light:

“I have kind of a silly question,” said Elizabeth. “Are we ever born again as animals, spiders or anything like that?”

John smiled knowingly again. “I know you’re getting tired of this, but the answer is…”

“I suppose it’s yes and no,” I injected. “I’ve got to hear this one.”

“The answer is no,” he said, “When we consider the person as a whole. The human entity, which is you, always moves forward. Except in rare cases of the Dark Brothers, humans are always moving forward to a better, more refined human body with expanded light and consciousness.

“The answer is yes in the fact that within the universe of your being, every kind of living entity is represented. Some of this is obvious. The mineral kingdom, which does have a consciousness of its own, is represented in you by your teeth and skeletal structure. Your hair and fingernails are highly evolved parts of the vegetable kingdom. Then some believe that humans are merely highly evolved animals. A human as a unit is much more than an animal, but we do have animals in our nature. For instance, I think all of us at one time or another, when angered, have felt like a roaring lion out of control.”

“I can identify with that,” I said, “but where is the roaring lion? You’ve told us where the mineral and vegetable is, but I don’t see where the animal is unless it’s the body as a whole.”

“They are represented by parts of the body not normally seen,” he said. “Have you heard of the seven chakras, or energy centers?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’ve read about them in various yoga and other books.”

“And I also assume you have read about acupuncture points?”


“There are hundreds of smaller energy centers that compose these points. The five lower chakras and hundreds of the smaller energy points are actually little lives that were once animals and other little lives eons ago. These lives do not become human, but combine to create something greater than themselves. This is the true order of evolution. The subatomic particles unite to create atoms, atoms unite to create molecules, molecules unite to create cells, cells unite to create the vegetable kingdom, the essence of vegetable life unites to create animal and animals and all the smaller lives unite in consciousness to create human. Thus, you are a universe composed of millions of smaller lives including the animal. Because we are closest to the animals it is easiest to sense the animal within us.

“For instance, we speak of animal magnetism in relation to sexual attraction. When we get very angry or fearful in a dangerous situation, our animal instincts may take over, without mental intervention. Many people are closer to their pets – are more in tune with them than with their family or friends. My point is, if you pay attention you can sense the various animals within you. These lives many, many years ago reached the highest point they could as animals and to go higher they had to become part of something greater than themselves. The lion in you is still an animal, but shares your consciousness so he becomes more than a lion. You are like a god to him and give him commandments that he must obey so you can harness his life energy for good.”

“That is a fantastic teaching,” I said. “I’ve read a lot of books but have never read anything like that anywhere.”

As we continue the discussion on soul contact it is important that we define our terms as the words “soul” and “spirit” are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a difference.

The soul or soul energy is the interplay of spirit and matter. It has no form but is the power that makes all forms possible in the material world.

Take a look at your TV with the picture on. This represents the physical world. The transmitting station is Spirit. That energy which interplays between the TV and the station and makes all programs possible is soul. This may not be a perfect correspondence but should be good enough to get the general idea.

Review in your mind our study of the Beast and a major step toward the soul should come to your consciousness.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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