Solving the Contradiction

Aug 17, 2016

Solving the Contradiction

Patrick asked me to comment on an inconsistency in the writings of DK that I have worked out. Most of the inconsistencies with himself have been subtle and open to interpretation. However, he had a few seeming inconstancies with physical reality as we know it. I’ll briefly comment on one of them.

Consider this controversial statement from initiation, human and Solar:

“As Apollonius of Tyana, He (Jesus) took the fifth initiation and became a Master of the Wisdom.”

This is perplexing since his main biographer, Philostratus, tells us that he was born in 3 BC and died 97 AD at 100 years of age.

If we go by orthodox records it appears that both Jesus and Apollonius were contemporaries, born around the same time. It seems unreasonable to believe that Jesus and Apollonius are the same person when history describes them as two separate people living during the same time period.

So, what is the answer? There are a number of possibilities. Here are a few.

(1) Reliable records, accepted by scholars, proving the precise birthdate of either man does not exist. Some claim that Apollonius was born later than the date set by Philostratus while other say that Jesus was born much earlier than the orthodox date. Some including Blavatsky places the birth of Jesus over 100 years earlier than orthodoxy: She wrote this in a dialogue with the Abbe Roca, a French Canon of the Roman Catholic Church:

“The legend of which I speak is founded….on the existence of a personage called Jehoshua (from which Jesus has been made) born at Lüd or Lydda about 120 years before the modern era.”

If the birthdate of either of the two men was significantly off then that could solve the conundrum.

It could, but I think the evidence is pretty overwhelming that the story of Jesus is roughly true as written. You’d have to fool people on so many levels to convince them that some guy born a century earlier was the real Jesus. It would be like saying that the real George Washington was born in Spain in the 1630 and did a great work there and his work in America is a fable.

In addition to this Alice A. Bailey and Djwhal Khul seem to accept the gospel story fairly close to as it is written.

What is puzzling is that DK threw out this apparent contradiction to history without making an comment on it and that in the decades to come AAB did not seek for clarification.

(2) The solution most widely accepted by Bailey students is that after the crucifixion Jesus overshadowed Apollonius and thus took the fifth initiation using his body.

If this is what happened then this could explain the contradiction, but this explanation is unlikely.


Because during his life the disciple Jesus had only attained to the fourth initiation and was not advanced enough to overshadow a disciple as did Christ, who was the equivalent of a sixth degree initiate. I believe that a Master has to be a sixth degree or higher to accomplish this type of overshadowing. You’ll note that D K, a fifth degree initiate, did not overshadow Alice A. Bailey but used mental telepathy to accomplish the work.

(3) Another possibility is that the Higher Self of Jesus projected, not one reflection, but two, into two separate physical bodies. Perhaps this was done with the idea that if one did not succeed in the mission that the other one would.

To me this is the most plausible explanation so far.

There is one more possibility to which I am partial.

(4) Jesus became Apollonius. This is one you have probably not heard before and it goes like this.

Jesus appeared to and worked with the disciples for at least 40 days after his resurrection. After a tremendous word of mouth the various Jewish and Roman authorities became extremely alarmed and made an all-out effort to capture Jesus and make sure he was really dead this time. They would cut off his head and burn the body.

Contrary to popular belief Jesus was not all-powerful and did not have an immortal body. Instead, his body was rejuvenated and restored to good physical condition. Even though he could escape if they placed him in jail, if they caught him off guard and immediately executed him, his body could be destroyed. He thus concluded that his effective work with the disciples had come to an end.

He then had a grand idea to solve the problem. Shortly before his mission to Israel he had met Apollonius and was amazed at how similar in appearance the two were. Apollonius was fed up with the people in the West and told Jesus he was going to the Far East and possibly settle down there.

Jesus then decided to assume the identity of Apollonius and preach his gospel using this new identity. After telling only a few trusted disciples about the plan he traveled a safe distance from Jerusalem and began his work with the new identity and, as Apollonius, did a work that earned him he fifth initiation and became a Master of Wisdom.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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