Words of Eternal Life


Words of Eternal Life

Part 1


I consider the following quote from the Old Commentary, given by Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey, to be the greatest words in his or any writings available to the public on the planet.

“When communion is established, words are forthwith used, and mantric law assumes its rightful place, provided that the One communicates the words and the three remain in silence.

“When response is recognized as emanating from the three, the One, in silence, listens. The roles are changed. A three-fold word issues from out the triple form. A turning round is caused. The eyes no longer look upon the world of form; they turn within, focus the light, and see, revealed, an inner world of being. With this the Manas stills itself, for eyes and mind are one.

“The heart no longer beats in tune with low desire, nor wastes its love upon the things that group and hide the Real. It beats with rhythm new; it pours its love upon the Real, and Maya fades away. Kama and heart are close allied; love and desire form one whole – one seen at night, the other in the light of day….

. . . . . . .

“When fire and love and mind submit themselves, sounding the three-fold word, there comes response.

“The One enunciates a word which drowns the triple sound. God speaks. A quivering and a shaking in the form responds. The new stands forth, a man remade; the form rebuilt; the house prepared. The fires unite, and great the light that shines: the three merge with the One and through the blaze a four-fold fire is seen.”

Treatise on White Magic, Pages 75-76

It may be interesting to take a closer look and see what we can gleam from this.

Here is the first paragraph:

When communion is established, words are forthwith used, and mantric law assumes its rightful place, provided that the One communicates the words and the three remain in silence.

What communion needs to be established? The beginning of all spiritual communication starts with the soul, or the Higher Self. Then later it reaches to the Monad, the Higher Self to the soul, our personal Father in Heaven.

There are, of course degrees of communion, but here it is referring to one who has made a solid link that can be tapped into at will when the attention is focused.

words are forthwith used”

Don’t we all use words whether we are soul infused or not? Yes, but this is not referring to just any words. These are “Eternal Words” and explained in my book of the same name. DK also calls them “words of power.”

He lets us know more about these words:

“and mantric law assumes its rightful place.”

So these words he is talking about are just mantras, right?

Not quite; these words are not just any mantra, but those that are in harmony with “mantric law.”

Many man made mantras are not in harmony with mantric law and even those in harmony with the soul must be spoken through spiritual impulse to be in accordance with mantric law.

Next he gives us the criteria that make the seeker in harmony with mantric law:

“provided that the One communicates the words and the three remain in silence.”

So here we see the key to personal words of power. The One, The Higher Self, must communicate or be the sender of the words and to receive them the three must remain in silence.

Who are the three?

The main three are the physical/etheric body, the astral/emotional and the mental. Another correspondence is the throat/sacral, the heart/solar plexus and the head centers which are focused in receiving mode.

The text continues:

“When response is recognized as emanating from the three, the One, in silence, listens. The roles are changed. A three-fold word issues from out the triple form.”

What is the response? There must be a registration to a communion with the Higher Self from the mind, the emotions and on down to registration in the physical brain. Then after conscious registration there must be a response. This is important because many messages from the Higher Self are either ignored or dismissed.

And what should be the response? There were words communicated to the lower self and all the parts of that self must cooperate and embrace and act upon the words.

Then we are told the response must be “recognized”?

By whom?

Of course, this is the Higher Self, but what needs to be understood here is the significance of the recognition. The Higher Self recognizing a response from all three bodies, as if they were one body, is very significant. This means the communication from the Higher Self was received, embraced and acted upon with no part of the personality in resistance.

Such a thing is a cause of celebration in the higher spheres.

“The roles are changed. A three-fold word issues from out the triple form.”

How is it that the roles are changed? Quite simple. Instead of the lower self attempting to listen and understand words from the Higher, the Higher is now focussing itself and concentrating to see what is coming from the lower. The first rule of white magic is at play here:

The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force, but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection.

And what is the Higher Self listening for?

“A three-fold word issues from out the triple form.”

This three-fold word must issue out from the triple form or from all the bodies of form, the physical, astral and mental.

So what then is the three-fold word?

To solve this mystery we must not look for a word as generally understood by humanity. Esoterically, a word is an encapsulated thought, or even the combination of thought and action.

The threefold word the Higher Self seeks to register is a harmonious vibration coming from the three bodies of form. These three words are like three notes that form a harmonious chord that is a part of a great musical composition. A three-fold word is created when all three bodies submit themselves and then act upon the true perception of higher will.

When the Higher Self listens and senses a three-fold vibration that is tuned to Spirit as well as itself a great event is witnessed:

“A turning round is caused.”

The disciple has learned to hold his mind steady in the light and understands that things eternal and spiritual are of much more value than the attractions of the material world. Therefore:

“The eyes no longer look upon the world of form; they turn within, focus the light, and see, revealed, an inner world of being.”

So, how is it that “the eyes no longer look upon the world of form?” Don’t we all, high and low, who live in this world have to pay attention to it?

It is acknowledged that the disciple is to live in the world but not be of the world. He has found the inner kingdom of God and realizes this is his true home and that is where his heart and focus is. The physical eyes and brain are aware of the material world and function in it but his focus has changed from the past. Now he is totally committed to seeing the spiritual and giving it priority over the physical.

By giving the inner his attention he becomes aware of the inner light and realizes that he must focus on it as well as focus the light itself if he is to dispel illusions. Through this focus he sees “revealed, an inner world of being.”

“With this the Manas stills itself, for eyes and mind are one.”

Manus is the mind and must still itself to see the inner world as well as the fact that the attractiveness of the inner world causes the mind to withdraw attention or be still to the outer world. “Be still and know that I am God” is the keynote here.

This paragraph ends with this curious phrase: “for eyes and mind are one.”

Few have considered the eyes and mind as being one. After all, the eyes are for seeing and the mind for thinking, right?

This is true for the average person, but as the pilgrim advances upon the path and taps into the higher mind he finds he accesses higher vision also and what is seen in the vision is instantly understood, and what is understood is instantly seen, for the eyes and mind are one. There is a lot of depth of meaning to this phrase and would be a good seed thought for meditation.

Part 2

Mastering Low Desire

The disciple is now at that the stage where he and the Father are one. The Will of God is manifest through his lower self on earth as it is through the Higher Self in heaven.

At this stage:

“The heart no longer beats in tune with low desire, nor wastes its love upon the things that group and hide the Real.”

Is there a difference in the beating of the physical heart of one who is soul infused and one who is not? There may actually be some subtle differences discovered if the subject were ever investigated, as spiritual influences do create causes that ripple down to the physical plane.

Obviously it is talking about heart energy which lies beyond the physical. Would this be the etheric heart center then?

That and more. It would be the heart energy as it extends from the etheric to the astral to the mental and yet more. It would be the whole of our energies that focus and cause our existence on the physical plane. The heart energies themselves are merely the epicenter and anchor of our life energy. Overall then the script is talking about our whole focus impressed by the heart.

We are told that at this stage “the heart no longer beats in tune with low desire.”

Obviously, it is the case then that in all but a few among humanity the heart does beat in tune with low desire. What does this mean and how is the beat and the rhythm different with low desire than with the one in harmony with spirit? Where does this beat of low desire originate?

The spiritual heart center can focus its attention upward to the higher heart center in the head or downward to the solar plexus. In the vast majority the focus is downward. Many looked upon as being spiritual leaders have more focus downward than upward.

Everything that is living has a rhythm or beat or oscillation. Conversely, the solar plexus has a beat and rhythm different than the heart center. When the heart energies are focused downward the rhythm of the heart then adjusts to its reflection rather than to its true reality and lower desire pulls it in its direction.

What is it about these lower desires that captivates humanity so? Shouldn’t these lower desires be so obvious that all sincere seekers should see through them and transcend them?

What many seekers do not realize is that the lower desires do not seem so low to the vast majority. While it is true that negative feelings are associated with the lower desires, so are numerous positive ones and herein lies the problem. The seeker generally gives the positive feelings of the lower nature priority and even associates them with the higher and is not willing to sacrifice them until many milestones have been passed.

The solar plexus has ten energy petals and each can manifest in a duality as follows:

  1. Romantic and Selfish Love/Hate
  2. Trained Conscience/Guilt
  3. Self-Esteem/Ego-Pride
  4. Happiness/Sorrow
  5. Friendship/Vengeance
  6. Desire/Repulsion
  7. Determination/Acquiescence
  8. Passion/Apathy
  9. Aspiration/Submission
  10. Sympathy/Loathing

Isn’t it a good thing that we hold on to the love of our lives, our friends, our passions and those things that make us happy in this world?

In most cases this is fine until any of these positive or negative feelings come in conflict with the path the disciple must tread.

If the disciple must choose between romantic love or the Path, then he must choose the Path, even if he loses the love of his life.

If the disciple finds that following the will of the Higher Self turns his friends and family against him then he or she must be prepared to lose them for this life.

If the disciple finds that the higher will requires him to sacrifice all that seems to bring him happiness then he must be prepared for that and willing to go a new direction.

If the disciple is willing to let all that seems praiseworthy slip through his fingers in order to focus on the higher in order to tread the Path then the turning round is caused and the heart no longer beats in tune with low desire.

No longer does he waste his “love upon the things that group and hide the Real.”

“Things that group” is an interesting phrase and apparently such things are a problem because they hide the real. Thus it is important to understand what they are.

Things that group are those that cause separation and it is important to remember that separateness is the only sin, says DK.

How are “things that group” associated with separateness?

It is not so much that grouping is a problem – as even Jesus had his group of disciples and the Masters have their groups of ashrams. The problem that hides the real is a grouping that creates an air of superiority. This type of identification with a group makes the person feel special and separate from and better, or more enlightened his brethren.

This attitude can manifest in a legion of ways such as a feeling of superiority or smugness because he associates himself with

(1) A certain religion or belief system

(2) A certain political party or ideology

(3) A club whose members seem elite.

(4) A certain income level

(5) A certain neighborhood

(6) A certain class, sex or race.

(7) It can even be a disadvantaged group such as the handicapped, the poor or people with a certain illness.

There is nothing wrong with participating in various groups. This is not where the problem lies. The problem comes from an attachment to the group and a feeling of being separate from one’s brothers and sisters who are not in the group.

It is our internal self that groups and creates a feeling of separateness that hides the real. This attitude must be negated and the disciple needs to see us all as souls being in the same boat together seeking our way home.

The mantra of unification says it well:

“The sons of men are one and I am one with

them. … Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.”

Part 3

Love and Desire

The text continues:

It beats with rhythm new; it pours its love upon the Real, and Maya fades away. Kama and heart are close allied; love and desire form one whole – one seen at night, the other in the light of day….

The downward focused eyes shift upwards rather than downwards and the seeker adjusts to a new rhythm. The old rhythm had much that was discordant. Many notes were either out of place or out of tune and this caused vision to be obscured and caused the seeker to come to many wrong conclusions.

By focusing upward and adjusting to the new harmony and rhythm love is seen in a new light and higher energies of spiritual love are released and is poured upon the Real, and Maya fades away.”

What is the real? It is pure truth not distorted by illusion or warped by the pull of matter and lower desire.

The disciple now looks for truth wherever it may be whether it is among the righteous or the wicked, the conservatives or the liberals, the rich and the poor, the famous and not so famous, the past and the present etc. Most important is that he looks in the direction of spirit and sees what is real there and brings the true realities down to earth. He links heaven and earth.

Next it says:

Kama and heart are close allied; love and desire form one whole.

“Kama” is merely another word for desire. Saying desire and heart and desire and love are two similar statements.

It is interesting that desire is often portrayed as a great evil that must be totally negated by many spiritual teachers, past and present. Here, however, it is placed in a positive light. We know for sure that heart and love are good things yet it says heart and desire are close allied and love and desire form one whole.

Haven’t we been told that we are supposed to kill out desire, put it behind us and only then will we move onward toward eternal bliss?

So what is the deal in linking desire with heart and love after the disciple has his feet solidly on the path?

What the seeker needs to realize is that it is not desire that is bad, as all lives in the universe have desire – even the One Great Life we call God. Why does this universe even exist? Because God desired it to be. We are lucky God had such a desire or we wouldn’t be here.

It should not be the goal to negate desire, but to master it and not let the lower grosser desires dominate over the higher and spiritual ones. What needs to be eliminated is not desire as a whole but wrong desire and too much attention on desires that are not of eternal importance. Each seeker needs to take inventory of his desires and arrange them in their true order of importance with the desire to return to spirit as being the number one as far as the end game goes.

It is interesting that an advanced soul has stronger desires overall than the average person. All ten of his energy/desire petals are unfolded in his solar plexus center while another may only have five or six completely active. The advanced soul thus has more energy in circulation that he has to handle. The difference is that he has mastered the energies and the less advanced soul has not. The proven disciple puts all desire in their right places and order.

The higher can fulfill the lower, but the lower cannot fulfill itself. Therefore when the higher energies and will control the lower desires there is peace because the lower and higher nature are both fulfilled.

How is it that love and desire are linked and form a whole? The answer is that the two form a duality and are interdependent wherever creation is manifest. Just like you cannot have one hand clapping you cannot manifest love without desire. The pilgrim merely must make sure it is accompanied by the correct selection of desire.

This paragraph ends with this curious statement:

“one seen at night, the other in the light of day….”

The question now becomes this: Which one is seen at night and which in the light of day? The natural inclination is to associate desire with the night and love with the light of day. After all, during the dark night of the soul lower desire dominates. On the other hand, what appears to be the obvious interpretation may not be correct.

Is the truth behind our desire nature and the order in which it must be arranged seen at night?

No. When the seeker is struggling to get to the light his desire nature is not seen clearly and gets in the way blurring vision even more. The disciple must see in the light of day to see the correct effect of his desires so he can put them in their correct places and master them.

On the other hand, love does not need light to be seen or understood. Love shared during the darkest night is felt and understood as it enlivens the soul. As the disciple transverses the valley of the shadow of death in the blackest pitch, a hand extending love is seen with overwhelming joy that could not be experienced in the light of day.

Part 4

The Revelation

In part three we ended with:

Kama and heart are close allied; love and desire form one whole – one seen at night, the other in the light of day….

Then the text continues:

. . . . . . .

“When fire and love and mind submit themselves, sounding the three-fold word, there comes response.

It is easy to overlook something of significance here. The line ending in “the light of day ends with a series of dots. This indicates that words are missing.

Then between the paragraphs we have a separating series of dots. This indicates substantial text is missing.

What do you suppose is missing and why was it left out?

To understand we need to look at an overview of the entire text. In as few words as possible the Old Commentary is telling us about the process of overcoming death.

The prime ingredient in this process is what is called the “turning round.” The seeker turns his attention from the lower self to the Higher Self. The entity goes through many stages in completing this process. First he acquires an intellectual interest in it. Then he starts acting on a few of the spiritual impulses. Then as he slowly acquires trust in them he acts on more of them until at long last the full turning round is caused and becomes a full fledged disciple, looking upon the real and maya fades away.

Looking upon and seeing the real is an important step but now in the next the disciple goes much further and that is a total submission to the spiritual reality that he has seen.

The journey between seeing the real and then totally incorporating it is extremely difficult and may take significant time to accomplish.

The text leaves out the words that tell us about the in between stage. Most probably it contained information reserved for initiates near this stage on the path.

The script leaves the stage of merely seeing, skips over a phase and focuses on the stage of total submission where, “ fire and love and mind submit themselves, sounding the three-fold word.”

Notice at this stage there is no duality is mentioned. There is no desire and love, but only love. There is no mention of the anything physical, but only fire. There is no lower and higher mind, but only mind. There is no mention of anything to do with form.

At this stage the essence of who the disciple is, that which composes his living self submits itself to pure Spirit, the monad, the Father in Heaven.

“Not my will, but thine be done” is the keynote.

This stage has nothing to do with submitting the desires of the lower nature. That has already been accomplished. Now the disciple must submit all the qualities of the soul nature to the still higher will of pure Spirit. He commits himself to use all his spiritual attributes in the service of the Great Plan while actually knowing what his part of the Plan is to be, while those farther back on the path want to be a part of the Plan but because of illusion often submit themselves to ideas that run counter to it.

But here’s the trick for this advanced disciple.

He must submit himself while “sounding the three-fold word.”

At the earlier stage a three-fold word issued from the triple form. This was an effect caused by raising his sight from the lower to the higher and following the highest he knew.

Now he must walk and chew gum at the same time. He must keep his focus on the higher, in a state of submission, while sounding the three-fold word.

Sounding the word at this stage is somewhat different as well and is more difficult than before. His three bodies must not only vibrate in harmony with spirit, but to complete the sounding of the word he must complete his revealed portion of the work that will advance the Divine Will.

This is a major task in the attaining of the fifth initiation, which is called The Initiation of Revelation. The disciple receives a revelation, or three-fold word, revealing to him a portion of divine will which he is to accomplish on three levels. When the work is then sufficiently initiated in mental, emotional and physical levels he has at that point sounded the Word.

After the word has been set in motion and becomes a living essence it is written:

“there comes response.”

The culmination of eons of effort has now arrived. The disciple here goes way beyond being soul infused to being truly one with the Monad, pure Spirit, God, the Father in Heaven, a link to the Source, the One Great Life.

This link, however, is not a one-way connection but two. The disciple is in the Divine Presence and as he approaches a great point of tension prepares to receive an astonishing gift.

Part 5

Overcoming Death

Finally we approach the climax of these great words:

“The One enunciates a word which drowns the triple sound. God speaks.”

The disciple thought he has heard the voice of God numerous times in his long journey. He has heard God speak through the still small voice, through inspiration, through the soul, through pure spirit, through dreams and maybe through visitation of God’s messengers.

This time, however is much different. God speaks in a fullness that few have imagined possible. The speech is described as “a word.” It is just one word that “drowns the triple sound” of fire and love and mind.

So, what word is it the disciple hears, or is it a word as we know it and is it heard in the normal sense? How does it drown fire and love and mind?

A hint may be available from DK’s description of the writing in the Old Commentary from whence the text was taken:

The words “the One enunciates the word which drowns the triple sound” are depicted by a shaft of light ending in a symbolic word in gold superimposed over three symbols in black, rose and green.

Treatise on White Magic, Page 76

When one reads DK’s translation he may get the impression that by drowning the threefold word that they may no longer exist, but this is not what happens. The Word is symbolized by golden light superimposed over the three words. The three words still exist, but are so overshadowed in this instant by this golden word that all that is now realized by the disciple is this one word.

The disciple finally has the prayer of the Gayatri answered:

Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun

Hidden by a disc of golden Light.

A word is sound and sound is vibration. Vibration is composed of wavelengths. A true word can be made of fine wavelengths such as light and sound or large ones such as repeated human activity or various cycles.

In this case the golden Word is much more than sound as we know it. When experiencing this Word the disciple’s whole being, body, heart and mind, are so saturated with the spiritual essence of his Source that nothing else seems to exist but this wonderful synthetic oneness of life of which he is now partaking.

As the disciple experiences this blending we are told, “A quivering and a shaking in the form responds.”

The form that responds includes the physical/etheric, the emotional or feeling nature and the mind. That which is particularly affected though is the physical/etheric. The physical, which is furthest from Spirit, is now merged with Spirit. Because the distance between the physical and Spirit is much greater than heart and Spirit or mind and Spirit, the impact of the drowning life energy seems greater there. The intensity will be so intense that the disciple will wonder if his body will just evaporate and be no more.

After the disciple adjusts to the experience he discovers that all parts of his being are still intact, including his physical body. Instead of it just going up in flames he finds, “The new stands forth, a man remade; the form rebuilt; the house prepared.”

To his amazement he finds that all that makes up his form has been rebuilt and he is rejuvenated. His body returns to the vitality of his youth and he is truly born again, though there may not be much change in his physical appearance. His life is now extended for at least another lifetime without tasting death. Then at the end of his new life cycle, if he continues to correctly sound the threefold word, he can repeat the blending and rejuvenation. He is thus a master of life and death and can extend his field of earth service as long as it serves a purpose.

Next it is written:

“The fires unite, and great the light that shines:”

This great light could extend to the physical, as demonstrated by the glowing Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration, but it is mainly referring to the light in the etheric, heart and mind. The one great golden light, which is the One Word, gathers the lesser lights together as one and the disciple is able to see with a much higher angle of vision than before. The great light of understanding is the important gift here.

The Old Commentary ends with these words:

“the three merge with the One and through the blaze a four-fold fire is seen.”

After the merging these appear to be just one fire but if the disciple looks through, or within the blaze he sees that what seems to be one fire is really four fires. The fire of pure Spirit, of mind, heart and the physical fire by friction.

The disciple thus becomes a master and knows of a surety the truth of the words of Jesus:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death. John 8:51

“And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.” John 11:26

This achievement requires much more than some statement of belief. It requires the disciple to become the Path, the Word and manifest the life of God on the earth through incorporating the words of the outer and the inner Christ.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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