Scientology & Soul Contact

Scientology & Soul Contact

Scientology has come up in discussions so I thought I would make some comments.

I first came across Dianetics and Scientology around 1969. I first read the book “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health” and was quite impressed. His teaching on engrams and a process to remove them seemed basically correct and quite exciting at the time.

An engram is like a hypnotic suggestion planted in our brains through a painful experience which subconsciously controls us and causes us all kinds of psychological and health problems. If they are all removed, or diffused, one then attains a state which is called “Clear.” Hubbard made it sound like a Clear would be a superman, or at least a Buddha in the making and I wanted to see if there was anything to it.

I contacted several centers and ordered more books and information and later visited a couple of them.

I was disappointed that the courses leading to the state of clear cost so much. It was much more than I could muster. I asked a couple students there who looked rather penniless how they managed to take the courses. They told me that they lived and worked there in return for the teachings. Poor fellows seemed to live on a few dollars a week. Since this life was not for me, and I was not rich, I decided to settle down with some of the books and see what I could learn.

I was disappointed that none of the other books or literature I read stimulated me like the first book. It was almost as if they were written by a different individual.

I have since concluded that his original teachings on Dianetics were inspired and involved some soul contact, but then decided he wanted to build an empire and milk the teachings for the maximum amount of wealth and power possible. This focus then diminished his soul contact and even though he still came up with some interesting ideas and teachings they did not contain the inspired principles as did his early teachings.

Even so, I gained some valuable knowledge from the writings I did study and have used some of his auditing teachings to aid with regression and healing.

One thing I found is that this is a relentless organization, for after contacting several centers I have since, for about 35 years (as of 2004) received an average of about three pieces of mail a day, some of them expensive, slick publications. This continues even though I have not responded to them since about 1971. If they just gave me the money they spent on me in postage and printing it could have paid for most of their courses.

In addition I have received many handwritten letters from students living at the organizations over the years. One thing that concerned me was that most of their handwriting revealed some mental instability and I wondered if they joined Scientology because they felt they needed help or was it that working for the organization destabilized them?

A few years ago when my nephew and I were in Salt Lake we happened by a Scientology center. Since I had not seen one for many years I thought we would pay a visit. I had read a lot about clears and levels above this but never met one so on entering the center I requested to visit with someone who was clear or above.

I believe it was the manager who eventually let us unto his office. We had a friendly conversation and he answered a lot of questions I had about the progress the organization had made since I had last looked into it. As we were talking I couldn’t help but notice that he was smoking so I said to him.

“From what I have studied from Hubbard’s books a clear who is free of engrams is supposed to be logical in all his decisions and thinking. Since you are beyond a clear how is it logical that you would be a smoker when smoking is harmful to you?”

He chuckled and said, “When you are clear you can smoke and all the harmful elements will just pass through you as if they do not exist so it is not harmful to me at all. Therefore, there is no reason for me to not enjoy a cigarette.”

My nephew and I looked at each other and we both knew the other was thinking “OK.” We shortly thereafter excused ourselves and went our way not being impressed with his illogical logic.

Around this time, I discovered that true soul contact mixed with mental polarization over the emotional can produce automatically all the benefits of the clear.

Hubbard taught the opposite of turning the other cheek. He expected opposition to his ideas and programs and mapped out an aggressive strategy of either attacking first, intimidating his enemies or at the very least being totally prepared to fire back if attacked.

Some ex-members have come away with horror stories about being attacked when they have said or written anything negative about the group – some even claim their lives have been threatened.

I also just read an amazing accusation on the web. It states that the original OT VIII initiation revealed that L Ron Hubbard was the ant-Christ, which was a good thing because Jesus was not a holy man.

There are a number of stars who are Scientologists, amount them are John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Lisa Presley and others.

Like anything that is out there Scientology has its plusses and minuses. Soul contact will guide the initiate through the maze.

Question: How can one know for sure if he’s had soul contact or if it was just his  imagination?

We can never seem to say too much on this subject.

I have written a lot on this subject and you can ask Google to search out my writings by pasting this address into your browser:

“soul contact”

Reader: “If a person can’t tell the difference between a feeling, a thought, and a flash of intuition, then they’ve probably never experienced anything other than feelings, or else they would know the difference.”

JJ: There is a lot of truth to what he says here. If a person has never felt anything above the astral feelings then when he hears others who talk of soul contact, the Spirit, Christ Consciousness, higher intuition, Still Small Voice and other items he will search his astral experiences for references. The odd thing is that he will usually find these references and believe that he has experienced as much as anyone.

On the other hand, those sincere seekers who are at the beginning of soul contact will often have some wrong perception and interpretation of true messages from the soul. They may ear the Still Small Voice and then question themselves: “Did I really perceive that or did I imagine it?” Such a person may receive his first flash of the intuition and again ask the same type of question.

But when the seeker learns to correctly perceive soul communications, the reader’s statement apples. He will then know for a surety the difference between emotional feeling and soul communications.

When I used to go to the Mormon Church, a lifetime ago, I remember that about every time someone got up and cried as they were speaking someone usually followed up with the comment that there was an outpouring of the Spirit.

While it is true that touching the true spiritual energies can make one weep, it is also true that everyone who sheds a tear is not feeling the Spirit, but is usually strongly touched in his feeling nature alone.

I marveled when I was young of how many in the church claimed to feel the spirit, yet this never caused any feelings of the spirit to resonate within me. Even so, the feelings of the Spirit did resonate within me, not from church, but from reading the scriptures, from reading Alice A. Bailey and other writings and from my own contemplations.

How can you be certain you have attained soul contact? The seeker needs to realize that when it is attained he will know for sure and realize the difference between soul contact and good emotional feelings.

I have found in my life that the guidance from the soul is to be trusted one hundred percent. How we use that guidance may be in error, but the direction from the soul and revelation of principles is as close to infallibility as we will get in the world of flesh and blood.

“The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.” Andy Rooney (1919 – )

Dec 15, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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