Another Miracle

Another Miracle

Another prophet that had a miracle at his death testifying to his life was the Bab, the founder of the Baha’i faith. Shortly after Joseph died because of polygamy, this prophet was persecuted for preaching against polygamy among the Moslems.

The Story:

    “…The farrash-bashi (executioner) had abruptly interrupted the last conversation which the Bab was confidentially having in one of the rooms of the barracks with His amanuensis Siyyid Husayn, and was drawing the latter aside, and severely rebuking him, when he was thus addressed by his Prisoner: ‘Not until I have said to him all those things that I wish to say can any earthly power silence Me. Though all the world be armed against Me, yet shall it be powerless to deter Me from fulfilling, to the last word, My intention.’ To the Christian Sam Khan — the colonel of the Armenian regiment ordered to carry out the execution — who, seized with fear lest his act should provoke the wrath of God, had begged to be released from the duty imposed upon him, the Bab gave the following assurance: ‘Follow your instructions, and if your intention be sincere, the Almighty is surely able to relieve you of your perplexity.’

    “Sam Khan accordingly set out to discharge his duty. A spike was driven into a pillar which separated two rooms of the barracks facing the square. Two ropes were fastened to it from which the Bab and one of his disciples, the youthful and devout Mirza Muhammad-’Ali-i-Zunuzi, surnamed Anis, who had previously flung himself at the feet of his Master and implored that under no circumstances he be sent away from Him, were separately suspended. The firing squad ranged itself in three files, each of two hundred and fifty men. Each file in turn opened fire until the whole detachment had discharged its bullets. So dense was the smoke from the seven hundred and fifty rifles that the sky was darkened. As soon as the smoke had cleared away the astounded multitude of about ten thousand souls, who had crowded onto the roof of the barracks, as well as the tops of the adjoining houses, beheld a scene which their eyes could scarcely believe.

    “The Bab had vanished from their sight! Only his companion remained, alive and unscathed, standing beside the wall on which they had been suspended. The ropes by which they had been hung alone were severed. ‘The Siyyid-i-Bab has gone from our sight!’ cried out the bewildered spectators. A frenzied search immediately ensued. He was found, unhurt and unruffled, in the very room He had occupied the night before, engaged in completing His interrupted conversation with His amanuensis. ‘I have finished My conversation with Siyyid Husayn’ were the words with which the Prisoner, so providentially preserved, greeted the appearance of the farrash-bashi, ‘Now you may proceed to fulfill your intention.’ Recalling the bold assertion his Prisoner had previously made, and shaken by so stunning a revelation, the farrash-bashi quitted instantly the scene, and resigned his post.

    “Sam Khan, likewise, remembering, with feelings of awe and wonder, the reassuring words addressed to him by the Bab, ordered his men to leave the barracks immediately, and swore, as he left the courtyard, never again, even at the cost of his life, to repeat that act. Aqa Jan-i-Khamsih, colonel of the body-guard, volunteered to replace him. On the same wall and in the same manner the Bab and His companion were again suspended, while the new regiment formed in line and opened fire upon them. This time, however, their breasts were riddled with bullets, and their bodies completely dissected, with the exception of their faces which were but little marred. ‘O wayward generation!’ were the last words of the Bab to the gazing multitude, as the regiment prepared to fire its volley, ‘Had you believed in Me every one of you would have followed the example of this youth, who stood in rank above most of you, and would have willingly sacrificed himself in My path. The day will come when you will have recognized Me; that day I shall have ceased to be with you.’”

Question: What I find interesting is that the Baha’i faith is another faith with their headquarters in Israel. There is much more than has been discussed that makes Israel such a place of importance. JJ, would you mind telling us what you see around this area that makes each faith find it so important to anchor itself there?

JJ: Some of it has to do with the energy grids that crisscross over the earth. As I said before the earth is a physical body of a great entity and has points on it that correspond to acupuncture points in the human body. Then, this correspondence even extends to the stars. Where a convergence of energy occurs on earth many will sense the increased energy and gather there.

As you know, there are seven major energy centers for the human body (and many minor ones) so one may wonder where these are on the earth. DK (Djwahl Khul) names five of them in relation to the human kingdom and points out that two more will manifest in the future. One is in Africa and I’m not sure if he mentioned the other.

The five he named are:

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Tokyo
  4. Geneva
  5. Darjeeling

He never named Israel or Jerusalem as a major center. Why is this?

Even though numerous energies converge around Israel it is not currently a major center. It was a major center in the far past and this is why those who put a lot of attention on the past are drawn by its energies.

The true esoteric heart center of the planet is the spiritual New Jerusalem. Even though it does not yet have a concrete form upon the earth it does exist in the spirits of the pure in heart upon the earth as well as the Masters themselves.

Not only does the earth and humanity have seven centers but each country does.

Contemplate the United States and see if you can locate the seven cities which represent the seven centers in the USA..

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart. Victor Hugo (1802 – 1885)

June 5, 2007

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