Flawed Initiates

Flawed Initiates

Reader Question: “This would tend to indicate that Brigham did not reach the third initiation in either life. Although, maybe his is just a bit of a back slider like Jack Kennedy. You know these initiates seem to get into a lot of skirts. So, what’s the difference between a dark brother and an initiate of the first and second degree? Answer, not a hell of a lot!”

JJ: You bring up an interesting point. It seems that many of the great initiates in history have numerous flaws and many have difficulty in controlling their passions and desires. Even David who was said to be a man after God’s own heart fell in love with another man’s wife and had him placed in the front lines of battle to assure he would be killed.

If you carefully read the Psalms you’ll see that many of them illustrate the remorse he had over his follies. At least many beautiful scriptures came from the mistake.

So are flawed initiates like David, Solomon, Brigham Young, John Kennedy, Madame Blavatsky, some of the Founding Fathers and others no better than the Dark Brothers?

Actually, there are several huge differences.

First, a pilgrim cannot even become a Dark Brother until he approaches the third initiation. The seeker has to progress fairly far along the path before he can see clearly enough to make the true decision between light and dark. All others are caught up in illusion to some degree and suffer from it. No matter how good their intent is some of their decisions will create harm and even be in harmony with the Dark Brotherhood because they are caught up in illusionary beliefs that deceive them.

For instance, there were a handful of Nazis during World War II who were first and second degree initiates. These were caught up in illusion to the extent that they truly believed their cause was right and fought for it.

There were initiates who fought against George Washington under the illusionary belief that he would undue much of the progress the kingdom had made.

In many conflicts we will often see an initiate fighting against an initiate.

For instance, during World War II we had field Marshall Montgomery fighting against Rommel in Africa – both initiates.

Today in the business world we have the initiates Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in fierce competition. Bill Gates says he hates those Macintosh ads that Jobs is currently running, making fun of PCs (in 2007).

The second main difference is intention. The overall intention of the one on the dark path is to serve self and self is at the core of all his major decisions.

The overall intention of the one on the path of light is to serve humanity as a whole and this will be at the core of his major life decisions.

As the initiates approach the third initiation either self or selflessness will finally completely dominate. The lower illusions are lifted enough so a clear choice can be made. The one on the path of the Dark Brotherhood catches a glimpse of the higher spiritual worlds and values and denies them in favor of self and dominion in the lower worlds. The denial becomes so pronounced that it eventually seems that spirit and soul energies do not even exist. This then throws up a wall beyond which they cannot pass and they enter a path of disintegration.

The flawed initiate is thus much different than a Dark Brother for his overriding objective is to do a good service for the whole.

For instance, we all know that Kennedy was prone to the flaw of womanizing, but when World War II started he eagerly signed up for military service that would take him far away from the comfort of female affection. Securing freedom for his nation was much more important than nurturing his selfish side. In fact, he was rejected for service because of his bad back and he did back exercises and improved his body so he could qualify for service.

Most of humanity unknowingly support many of the objectives of the Dark Brotherhood and are pawns in their hands. The Brotherhood of Light counters this by working with the basic goodness that dwells in all but a few. The deception is so great that the road to success is difficult but the current expansion of mental energies is a hopeful sign.

The interesting thing about the initiates out there who are below the third is that one initiate may actually despise another initiate and may even see him as the son of Satan himself. The truth may be that both have their illusions that they cannot see through, causing them to be at odds with each other.

When I name a public person as an initiate, I am not saying he is correct in all he does or even an example that all should follow. I am saying that he is a person of good intent who is initiating some type of action to create a goal of positive change accepted by himself.

A Dark Brother is much different. His central goal is his own glory and pleasure. He may project virtue by deceptive design but all actions are originated by motive connected to the lower self.

The Gayatri

The next Mantra to consider is The Gayatri, which DK describes as “the famous prayer of India.”

    “Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun,

    Hidden by a disk of golden light,

    That we may know the truth and do our whole duty

    As we journey to Thy sacred feet.” Treatise on White Magic, Page 59


What is the spiritual sun and what is the face to be unveiled?

DK gives another mantra that mentions this.

    “In neither pain nor joy is liberation found.

    In neither dark nor light will the spiritual sun appear.

    The pairs of opposites distract the eyes of men.

    Only the single eye directs the steps

    Of the initiate upon the Way.” Discipleship in the New Age Vol 2, Page 664

Speech is of time, silence is of eternity. – Thomas Carlyle

June 2, 2007

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