Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

I was asked how and where we take off from our past life with each new birth.

If you die a third degree initiate and are reborn you still have to learn to crawl, walk and speak all over again. In addition you have to learn to multiply, add, divide and reacquire the consciousness and knowledge to pass through the portals of initiation. There is a difference, however. Just as one who leaned to play a piano in a past life will have an easier time in the current one so will a third degree initiate have an easier time reaching the three degree than will a disciple who has not yet achieved in the past.

Have you noticed in life though that those with talent often take themselves for granted and get lazy and not apply that which has come easy to them? Then another will come along with no talent and struggle like the dickens and pass beyond the one who had the natural talent.

Even so, some high initiates come to the earth and get lazy and do not advance to where they were in the past and do not perform the labors expected of them. This is one of the meanings of the words of Jesus: “The first shall be last and the last first.”

It is correct that Jesus did come as a third degree initiate, but he did have to reacquire the consciousness achieved in his past. Then he took the fourth initiation in the Garden after the betrayal of Judas.

The Christ did not have to repeat past initiations because he entered the body of Jesus in full awareness of his past, but did advance through the sixth and the beginning of his seventh through the confrontation of the world dweller in the Garden of Gethsemane and the subsequent resurrection.

I am talking about a literal Dweller here much more powerful than the one we face as individuals. The Christ was the first to penetrate it, but humanity as a whole did much to face and work through this great illusionary being during World War I and II. This World Dweller on the Threshold still lives but is weakened. It must be neutralized to bring in the new age of peace we are expecting.

The Dweller for all humanity is a much greater force and entity than the individual dweller. The Christ did not dispel the composite Dweller, but tunneled through it with his consciousness so the beginning light which shines in the darkness began to turn on for the world.

Question: How clearly did Jesus see into the future of His second coming?

JJ: The only future which is a sure thing is that which is the result of a decision made by an entity with power to bring the decision to completion. Even then the events in between the beginning and the end will not all be seen.

The Christ knew that he was coming back to teach humanity in a future age for he had decided to do so. He also knew that the kingdom of God would manifest at some future time.

If you decide to paint a picture you do not look ahead and see every brush stroke or the mistakes you will make that must be painted out. Instead, you see the end picture and work toward it. Thus Christ was not unduly bothered with details that would transpire during the next two thousand years and was not pained by them. Passing through the Dweller on the Threshold as the representative of humanity was the painful thing.

Question: Was it in the plan that Judas betray Christ and that the Molecule attempted by Joseph Smith not succeed?


You can predict that you will be hungry in eight hours, but that does not take away your free will. In fact, even inspired prophecies can be changed as illustrated by the story of Jonah which I previously related.

Jesus picked the best people he could find for the Molecule. He anticipated that he could be betrayed, but did not know that Judas would be the one to do it when he chose him. When Judas made the decision to betray his Lord, Jesus was then aware of his thoughts and saw what was coming.

Joseph Smith temporarily succeeded in creating molecules as evidenced by the miracles in the early church and especially the descent of a visible fire on the first temple. The problem is that he did not succeed in creating a continuing molecular relationship. If he made no mistakes he would have created a stronger molecular presence, but the consciousness of the people was not yet ready for the kingdom of God.

Nevertheless, all the lights, including many that John so eloquently recounted, did not sacrifice in vain for on an accumulative basis they have all laid the foundation for the opportunity we now enjoy.

Question: Does the Bible have channeled material and how is it that we have an account of the experience of Jesus in the garden when the apostles were asleep at the time?

JJ: I do not believe I said the Bible was channeled, but I did indicate that it was received in full consciousness. The letters were written through the highest inspiration available to the various   writers.

The apostles went in and out of consciousness as Jesus prayed and struggled in the garden. After he woke them for the third time just before the soldiers came they would have noticed blood on his body. After the resurrection they had numerous opportunities to be taught by him and ask questions. At that time he had ample opportunity to clarify some of the details to them.

Question: Is 12 the most powerful number?

JJ: It is for certain purposes, but each number combination fulfills a purpose that others cannot do. Twelve is a proven molecular number, but mankind will eventually turn into cosmic chemists and do many experiments in human molecules and make many discoveries. We have to earn this knowledge. It will not all just be given us on a silver platter, just as the light bulb was not.

Question: What was the disagreement about with the Lucifer rebellion?

JJ: The disagreement in that ancient time is the same as that which we now see playing out in the world.

We have the Beast alive and well in the world as we established in the beginning of the group. The authorities of the world seek to control our thinking (mark on the forehead) and our actions (mark on the right hand) whereas the servants of light seek greater freedom and responsibility for mankind. Communism under totalitarian regimes represents a playing out of Lucifer’s ideas of control whereas the right to vote and the ideal of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness represent the philosophy of light.


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