Jan 6, 2014


Ruth quoting me:

It would be nice if I could finish my mission in this life, but I may have to come back several times to complete it.


Several lifetimes? That must be frustrating, but then again, we are supposed to detach from anything we desire too much.


Not frustrating at all. I’m happy to take whatever time it takes to assist humanity on the road to liberation. Every good work takes longer than desired, but if the workers, though they be few, do not quit, success will eventually come.


If you have to come back several times over several lifetimes, to complete this mission, that means that the Christ has to postpone his reappearance as well? Or not?


I don’t think that Christ is sitting around waiting for me to succeed before he makes his next moves. The gathering of lights and the creation of the Molecular Relationship would be helpful to him but he may decide to come in less than perfect conditions if he sees a productive opportunity.


Has this mission taken centuries? It would seem so because of the slow motion movement of consciousness up into the higher mind and realms.


The building of Zion is something that prophets have dreamed of for thousands of years and has involved many lifetimes of work for some. The disciple must not confine his goals to a single lifetime.


Is there a failure in this experiment, because the lights did not gather enough people into mini gatherings?

Have the lights missed their point of tension?

Have the lights been too submerged in materialism?


There are always problems in a work of light. There is not failure unless you give up. If your focus is in the direction of Higher Will and you endure to the consummation then success will come. Only the time element is unpredictable.

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