Quantum Effects

Jan 9, 2016

Quantum Effects

Dan, your post on your musings on the double slit results was very good and provided some terrific food for thought even though you didn’t solve the problem of quantum mechanics. I wouldn’t feel bad as the problem stumped Einstein and all other scientists to date.

I am including a copy of your post which will follow this in the archives. As you present the conundrum very well.

Here is the situation in a nutshell.

When single particles are measured by human consciousness, as they go through one of the double slits, they behave as if they are solid particles.

When numerous particles have passed through and have been measured or observed then they still act like solid particles passing through one or another of the slits and landing in a measurable space.


When numerous particles pass through and no human consciousness takes note or measures anything, or which slit they passed through, then an interference pattern occurs, or the particles demonstrate a wave function.

Dan and many others ask why this happens.

Indeed. Most scientists openly admit they do not know. Like Richard says – we know it happens and we just have to accept that it is, like the mystery of gravity.

The only ones who do claim to have an answer are various new age teachers and two simplistic answers go something like this.

(1) Consciousness is everywhere, even in matter. The consciousness of matter is connected to the consciousness of the human observer and it decides how it is going to behave. If it wants to behave as a particle or wave then it will just do as it wants.

Another twist on the explanation is this:

(2) We make our own reality and everything is just a big hologram created by consciousness. Consciousness directly affects reality and when consciousness observes, reality changes, often to fit expectations.

Neither one of these ideas are satisfying to the thinker. For instance if the particle were conscious and making a decision to be either a particle or wave that would mean that it could surprise us once in a while and be a particle when we expect it to be a wave.

It does not. The particles behave the same each time the experiment is done. When observed they are particles and when not observed they behave like waves. There is no decision involved. Instead they react as if they have been programmed by a software engineer.

The second idea of particles responding to our consciousness does not satisfy either. For one thing, the guy who first did the experiment didn’t know what to expect so there is no reason to assume his consciousness affected the experiment.

The experiment has been repeated thousands of times with different expectations, but the results have always been the same. If consciousness is creating the wave or particle effects then such results should vary according to the different modes of consciousness of the scientists.

There is variation of consciousness but no variation of quantum results. In the real world of creation a variation of consciousness always produces different results. This tells us that something more than conscious creation of effects is going on.

Here is what I think the answer is.

As I have said before each particle has a dual existence. It exists in physical matter as a particle and in spirit as a wave. Regular humans do not have the power to observe anything beyond physical matter so when they observe the particle they can only see it function as a solid piece of matter.

This is comparable to observing another human being. The human observed is more than physical matter, but when you look a him all you see is a body. What is not observed is the wave function of his soul interacting with him. It is so ephemeral that many believe the soul does not exist whereas others do.

Even so, when we look at a particle we only see its form but not the soul, or the wave, so to speak.

Correspondingly, we do not see the spiritual parts of the human being by looking directly at him. To see the etheric body or the aura, for instance, one has to take his attention off the physical form and look at empty space. To see the aura one has to use a process I have called “not seeing” to see. If you consciously try and see it you cannot. You have to put yourself in a state of mind where you do not care if you see it or not. Paradoxically, you have to look by not looking. If you ever see an aura using thus process you will know what I mean.

Even so, with the scientist. When he does not look he finds a wave pattern that was not visible when he was looking.

The correspondence seems to fit.

I guess, next we’ll have to solve quantum entanglement, something Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.”

Dan’s Post

In summary.

particle emitter — particle detector(s) – double slit — target

1) If a coherent beam of particles is fired from the emitter such that individual particles cannot be detected then the result is an interference pattern (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-slit_experiment).

2) If an individual particle is fired from the emitter and we DO NOT detect which slit it goes through then the result is a single hole (spot) on the target where the particle hit.

If you continue to fire individual UNdetected particles, over time an interference pattern eventually appears visible in the conglomeration of individual “holes” that have been punched in the target. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-slit_experiment#Interference_of_individual_particles).

3) If an individual particle is fired from the emitter and we DO detect which slit it goes through then the result is a hole in the target that lines up with whichever slit we detected it passed through.

If you continue to fire and detect particles over time like this, each will go through one or the other of the slits and over time you will end up with 2 slit-shaped hole patterns on the target – NO INTERFERENCE PATTERN.

Simply what you would expect if you did the same thing with a gun and bullets shot through a pair of slits at a target. Only bullets which pass thru the slits would hit the target and then over time shooting the gun with a shaky hand you would just end up with two slit shaped patterns on the target.

Richard says that for some reason the act of detecting which slit the particles pass through “collapses the wave function” and the wave-characteristic of particles becomes undetectable. So far, I have not been able to entice him to speculate on why this may be 🙂

There have been lots of variations and enhancements of the double-slit experiment.

If I recall correctly some of them indicate that you CAN detect – with an instrument – which slit has been passed through and as long as every means of afterword finding out which slit was passed thru is destroyed (which slit it passed is not recorded) then the wave-nature of the particle is preserved.

But if anyone COULD ever – by ANY means – ever figure out which slit was passed – if the result was recorded in ANY way – then the wave-nature is undetectable (wave function collapse).

Even if nobody looks at the record. If the simple POSSIBILITY exists that they COULD at some point in time look at it then the wave-function is collapsed.

If a record is made but later destroyed without possibility of reconstruction, then – supposedly – the wave function stays intact.

Funky weird shit, people!!!!

It’s been long enough ago that I looked into it that I don’t really remember the exact details of those experiments or even if ACTUAL physical experiments have been done that demonstrated that or if it was just speculation (thought experiments).

* * * * * * * Warning, Warning! Serious stream-of-consciousness woolgathering personal opinion/speculation beyond this point!!!! 🙂

Those last several paragraphs, if true, seem to indicate that maybe wavicles are in flux, not hard-coded ( “IMPRINTED” ???) upon the akasha (as in Akashic records) until/unless observed by a – without defining it further – self-consciousness.

Why do I say that? Because a) the akasha is supposedly the only true permanent record of all that IS (and was) and b) because IF the results ARE encoded in the Akasha then ANY adept could at ANY point go back and VIEW the results of the slit-detector which would again, if the speculattion is correct, would collapse the wave-function.

I’d like to put a dog in the room with the experiment, make him look at the detector, and with no other recording of the results, see if he causes the wave-function to collapse 🙂

My personal prediction, da d d daaa, is that we will eventually devise other methods of detecting waves and we will find both wave and particle natures are THERE just perhaps not absolutely simultaneously (ala JJ Dewey) or FOR EQUAL PERIODS OF TIME.

If I remember correctly JJ has said that such particles spend part of the time as physical/matter and part as spirit/energy and oscillate between these states un-as-yet-detectably fast.

BUT! Assuming this is true, it does not explain why determining its PARTICuLar location in space (detecting which slit it goes through) seems to cause it to stay physical/matter AFTER detection (eliminate it’s spirit/energy oscillation state).

Intuitively, it would seem the particle would spend half its time in each state but if we apply the law of correspondences WE don’t necessarily spend equal amounts of time incarnated and not, do we?

Also, out of physical incarnation (in the spirit) time is supposedly experienced differently than when incarnated in the physical, so . . . hmmm.

Hmmm, so if we look at akasha as universal (God’s) memory – a recording of God’s CONSCIOUS experience – and if none of Gods “eyes” viewed (experienced) the event, then . . . . . ????

Okay, so here’s where I seem to find myself. Using the law of correspondences:

Just as I can only remember that which enters my sensory channel and only as much of that as I focus my conscious attention upon at one time, so also it is that only those things apprehended by God’s current creative focus of attention get encoded into the akasha (collapse the wave function).

Wavicles are potentialities/possibilities/probabilities until/unless God focuses (thought) upon them (experiences them consciously) and thus imprints them upon universal memory (akasha).

According to my understanding of JJ (Molecular Relationship) God’s current focus of attention is humanity. And thus, if I am correct, then CURRENTLY only a human (or potential human) consciousness would collapse the wave function.

At one time, at the beginning of this universal incarnation, Gods current focus of attention was the hydrogen atom.

Once H was perfected, god’s consciousness withdrew, left the H on autopilot/program and focused upon the next higher sphere – the molecular (chemically speaking). And so on up the chain to animals and eventually humans.

So, where am I. Nowhere really I guess, BUMMER!.

“Collapsing the wave function” is just another way of saying an event was experienced by universal consciousness and thus recorded in universal memory (akasha).

Until universal attention experiences an event, it only exists probabilistically. When wavicles are in their energy phase (not incarnated) they exist only probabilistically (as potentiality, possibility) . . . well hmmm, isn’t it (supposedly) the same with us?

Why do we incarnate? Because this (physical) is the only place to BE(come). Until/unless we incarnate, we are only an idea(l) , a potentiality, a possibility, a thought in the mind of god. . . . we oscillate in and out back and forth from physical (incarnated) to not and back again for the purpose of gaining experience . . . incarnated seems to be the only state in which we accumulate useful (encoded in universal memory) experience.

I dunno, I seem to have done a lot of travelling here without ever actually getting anywhere useful. Please pardon my woolgathering.



Is it necessary to have eyes to see the etheric, auric or mental envelopes that supposedly surround a human?

It would seem not – therefore the problem (of seeing the aura) is SOLELY one of mental focus.


While in the physical body it is generally necessary to use the eyes. When I see an aura or the etheric I see them with my physical eyes, but just using a part of them that is normally acquiescent.


Here’s my problem with applying that to the quantum world – it is instruments without mentation (at least in human terms) that are recording the results.

The physical pattern of holes in the final target is DIFFERENT based upon whether it is possible or not for a human consciousness to ever determine the position of the wavicle. It would seem that this problem involves MORE than just the mental focus of the experimenter.


First keep in mind that correspondences are never exact but always have a twist that must be seen with the intuition. Even so, the correspondence here is very close.

The mind of the scientist is involved when examining and discovering the particle effect. He essentially turns off the observing instruments, with a decision from his mind, when he sees the wave effect.

When seeing only the physical body (corresponding to a particle) we use the mind and the regular physical instruments of the body to observe. All we see is the physical.

When seeing the aura one shuts down, as much as possible, the regular physical detectors and voila, he sees the aura (corresponding to the wave function)


In this case mental focus is (apparently) altering actual PHYSICAL outcome – which is not true in the case of observing the auric envelope.


The physical outcome is not changed. All that is changed is what is observed in both cases.

In the case of the particle – it has wave characteristics whether they are observed or not.

In the case of the human – he or she has an aura whether it is observed or not. Interestingly, the aura and etheric bodies of different humans are different intensities and as a group would produce a correspondence to the wave interference pattern.


The correspondent human-wise would be if MY expectations of you actually impacted YOUR actions.


My point is we do not affect actions in either case. Only what is seen is different – depending on whether we are in the “seeing” or “not seeing” mode.


But what I am getting at is the quantum involves more than just “state of mind” of the observer

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