Prophesies and Formless Ideas

April 16, 1999

The Prophesies

Many mysteries surround the second coming of Christ. Let’s throw about a few questions for your consideration.

First let me include a hint. All prophecy is given through principles rather than exact fact; therefore, many of them could be fulfilled through several different alternatives. This is the reason that 999 out of 1000 who have made exact predictions from reading the Bible have been wrong.

Consider the first coming of Christ. Not one person predicted exactly how it would happen. The Jews were expecting an angry Messiah appearing in the sky to destroy the Roman Empire. They were wrong but on hindsight the scriptural predictions of His coming were extremely accurate.

Such will be the case with the next coming. Everyone is getting it wrong, but when the history of the event is said and done we will again find that the predictions were quite accurate.

Questions: Does the Christ have to appear as an individual in a body of his own to fulfill the prophecy or could he appear in another way?

Here is one of the famous prophesies: “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.” Rev 1:7

Does the fact that He will come in the clouds mean that He will suddenly appear floating down from the sky, or perhaps some other event?

Will every eye see him because everyone will look up at the sky at one time and see him or are there other ways this could be fulfilled?

How could those who “pierced him” be here to see Him when he comes?

What could cause all people to “wail” (literally grieve) because of Him?


April 18, 1999

Formless Ideas

I will give the group another comment here to consider. When contacting the astral world we set aside our consciousness and another consciousness speaks or writes through us.

When contacting the formless worlds (the first plane sometimes called the Buddhic) your regular consciousness is not negated, but stilled. (“Be still and know that I am God”). Your quantums of consciousness are still in full operation, but your ATTENTION is shifted through contemplation to the world of formless ideas.

This world is beyond visualization. You don’t see, hear or feel anything, but then the time comes that a point in the Eternal Now is blended with a quantum of your consciousness. At this point you experience a flash of light and you bring down an idea or concept that you fully understand and know through your soul is correct.

This is why Edison did not give up on the light bulb even after 10,000 failures. He knew without doubt that this idea was real and could be clothed in physical form, and would have worked on it until the day he died so believing.

As it is, in our current consciousness, we perceive so little of this higher plane that we do not even desire to go there. After all, who wants to be formless?

To understand, just compare a flower to a human being. In its limited consciousness it takes joy in growing, producing beauty and radiating fragrance. As it radiates and is appreciated by a human life it has a dim sense of serving a higher intelligence. Now this higher intelligence (human) has powers of movement, speech, feeling and mind that are so far beyond the comprehension of the plant that it has no desire to acquire them at this point in time and space. All the flower can do is get a sense, or flash, now and then, that such a consciousness is there and that it has something to do with it, but is not sure about the big picture.

We are like flowers or plants in relation to the formless worlds. The more advanced of humanity have some limited contact, but we do not understand the great leaps in freedom and movement and understanding we will have when we are prepared to go there as living consciousness.

How is this practical knowledge? Consider this. Your body is created from one major idea and many minor. Because you are now here in the body, this tells us that your consciousness is in the body. The knowledge of the formless worlds becomes practical when you acquire the ability to still your regular consciousness and shift your attention to the higher life consciousness.

In this higher consciousness you can then see a higher reality about your body. That is, its higher reality is an idea rather than form. When you know this as a fact, here is what you can do. You can then move the idea of your body from where you are now to halfway across the world if you want. After the idea of your body is moved, the physical form will materialize around that idea and you will find you will have physically moved 12,000 or more miles instantly without really moving.

If that possibility does not create interest in the formless worlds, I don’t know what will.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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