Project Peace and Goodwill

Project Peace and Goodwill

The dialog concerning Project Peace and Goodwill refers to the document posted HERE

I had some comments and questions on my treatise, “Project Peace and Goodwill”

A reader says: “We already have an organization that purports to trying to do this its called the UN as you know and it has failed miserably and threatens to become a world dictatorship if we continue to give it more power at the expense of sovereignty.”

JJ: Where do you get this idea? Where in the UN is an actual plan for peace such as Project Peace and Goodwill? It does not exist?

The UN has not been all failure. If you look at it as some agent of the devil you may see it that way, but looking at it objectively with no agenda it has it has both good and bad points.

You seem to get the erroneous idea that the plan uses unreasonable force and takes away free will. The truth is nothing happens with the plan until 18 of the most armed nations agree to give up their weapons of mass destruction through their own free will. No physical force is involved here. Then after the plan is implemented the only force to be used is for self-defense after an aggressive move has been made by another nation.

You seem to be even against this. Does this mean that you think we should have just sent Hitler lots of love and used no force to subdue him? Or when Japan attacked us that we should have not defended ourselves? This is similar to the principle in the declaration you say you are against.

Seeking to change the hearts of man is fine, but if that is all we do then the doomsayers wishes will come true and the world as we know it will be erased through weapons of mass destruction.

The religions of the world have been trying to change men’s hearts for thousands of years and yet we now face the greatest threat of war in our history because of the weapons that are in the hands of the few. A definite plan is needed and if anyone has a better one than Project Peace and Goodwill please step forward and give your thoughts.

The reader responds:

“The main problems I have with the peace declaration are that it sets up a new world bureaucracy and puts a world army/peace keeping force under its control. History has taught us that however good the intentions are it will end up subverted for the gain of those in the controlling bodies ranks.”

JJ: There is no way to avoid an organizational structure for any body that administers the rule of law and some rule of law will be necessary for some time to come.


“Also having to have an army to ensure peace has never worked but temporarily at best, violence begets violence and ensuring peace for fear of reprisal constitutes peace at threat of force or fear of reprisal. And force is in opposition to the kingdom of heaven.”

JJ: Keeping a relatively strong military for the United States, for instance, has prevented any other nation from attacking us for 55 years. If we had maintained no military force I assure you this country would have been taken over someone out there.

Thus having an army for this nation has at least preserved the peace as well as freedom within our borders.

Force when it is for self-defense is not in opposition to the kingdom of heaven. There is a time and place for all things said Solomon.

It sounds (from other comments) like you prefer an order something like the Amish have today with emphasis on farming and carpentry.

This was tried in early Mormonism and other religions many times and has never worked.

I would much rather live in a society where my neighbor calls a professional contractor to fix his roof rather than expecting me to help him do it.

If I want to help a neighbor through my own free will, fine, but I don’t want to live in a society where I am expected to burst out helping on a daily basis whether I feel like it or not. Even more important, I do not want to depend on the unreliable spontaneity of others for my needs.

Currently I do not know any of my neighbors personally or even know their names even though I have lived in the same house for 12 years. I say high to them over the fence now and then but Artie and I are happy to keep our good friends a little distance from us. That’s one of the reasons they stay good friends and are always happy to see us and we them.

The basic idea of equality however, is a principle I agree with and have written about how it can be achieved through business. The series is called the Molecular Business and can be found HERE:


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1 thought on “Project Peace and Goodwill

  1. While I have previously read AND support the “basic & plan principles” — described in the document referenced in the article found @:

    I can only add — “hopefully & someday” — and noticed how the 4th & 5th Stanza of “The Great Invocation” came into my mind:

    [Stanza 4 & 5]]

    “4. From the center which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    5. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

    Also, I found that the “principles & concepts” associated with the “will-to-good” as taught by DK thru AAB “passed thru” my mind — and can — or could “see” how the Plan as described & embodied in & by JJ’s “Project Peace & Goodwill” resonates with both the principles found in GI & our ability to translated into action(s)/causes (the)“Will (of God) -(in)to-Good(Will)” — which as the stanza in the GI “promises” — “to seal the door (in all of us) — where Evil dwells.”

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