Original Material

Original Material

A reader accused me of regurgitating old material from others and presenting nothing new.

I have no idea where he received this “take.” As it has no foundation in my current reality.

It wasn’t long ago that I was accused of pirating many teachings from Alice A. Bailey and I challenged her to show me specific examples of anything I claimed to originate through me that really was plagiarized in any degree. So far no one has accepted this challenge.

So I issue it again. I will list several teachings here that are original to the my writings (as of January 2000) and I challenge anyone out there to show where they are accurately represented in any other writings on the planet.

Before I make a partial list (and I say partial because I do not have time to reread the archives) let me make this statement.

Any Spiritual teacher on the earth cannot teach without building on a foundation of past teachers. Even so with Jesus. About 90% of what he said was a quote from somewhere. Even his famous teaching about loving God and loving your neighbor were quotes from the Old Testament. Then too, much of the sermon on the Mount was said earlier by the Buddha.

If you therefore judge Jesus with the same harshness with which you judge me then you would have to reject the Master himself.

That said I will herewith present a number of teachings that have been presented through me (with glory to God) that to the best of my knowledge is found in no book. That does not mean that they are not in any book for I have not read every book in the world, but I suspect that most of these teachings are presented nowhere else.

(1) Let us start with Project Peace and Goodwill. This is the first concrete plan for world peace that goes beyond sending good vibes and outlines a plan for disarmament that does not include unilateral disarmament first from the good guys. Instead it outlines a plan for the major nations to lay down their arms all at the same time. I do not think you will find this idea anywhere else and certainly not in the writings of Joseph Smith or Alice A. Bailey.

(2) The Molecular Relationship reveals the principles behind the next great evolutionary step for mankind. The idea of a human molecule and what will make it work as presented in my writings is taught no where else on the planet that I know about.

(3) Several concepts in the Molecular Business are not taught anywhere that I know about. The principle of choosing leadership from the bottom up rather than the top down is practiced in no business that I know about. Neither does any current business have a uniformity of wages. Some religious orders have a forced equality, but this idea could work entirely through free will.

(4) Molecular Politics changes the power of the representative to a manager and gives the power of the vote to the people while working within the presently designed Constitution and governing system. This idea is presented no where else that I know about.

There are several new concepts presented in the book, The Immortal. The first is the first key itself, which is only the first of thirty-six keys to be revealed.

(5) The first key is not Decision. Decision is the first key word. The first key is that power within you which gives you power to make a decision. This is the essence of what you are and has been revealed no where else that I know of.

(6) The illusion of I AM contrasted with I AM BECOMING is taught no where else I know of. To say this is no different than Joseph smith’s statement about eternal progression is a stretch. If Joseph’s teachings are so similar to mine on this then why do none of the 8 million Mormons or their offshoots get it? They all teach of God as the Great IAM, just like everyone else.

(7) The fact that the sub universe (quarks and below) to this one is built on the number six and the Universe beyond this one will be built on the number eight. I don’t think you’ll find that anywhere else.

(8) The idea that the whole universe is created from an interplay of male-female energy. (Note: this idea has gained some traction since the turn of the millennium)

(10) The intuitive Principle as taught in the book has been used with variations in the past, but the manner of questioning and revealing answers is a different twist from anything I have heard about.

(11) The fact that the lives higher than human are less progressed within their sphere than the human and the lives in the microcosmic world are much higher than human within their sphere.

(12) In the archives are also many original teachings. The teachings there about the beast, the mark of the beast, the number of the beast and the interpretation of Revelation 13 as a whole is unlike anything else published that I know of. Nothing there is derived from Joseph Smith or Alice A. Bailey.

(13) The idea that there is no such thing as perfection, but only relative perfection, even with God.

(14) The interpretation that the Sign of the Son of man is the atomic bomb along with an explanation why.

(15) The explanation of how one has the Father’s name in his forehead verses the mark of the Beast in the forehead.

(16) The Oneness Principle explained and demonstrated through the group.

(17) My explanation of what a principle is vs data and the revelation of many principles.

(18) The key words and principles of the passing age and the coming age.

(19) The idea that an initiate is “one who initiates.”

(20) The idea of quantum consciousness

(21) The concept that the Masters walk through walls by stilling their vibration rather than speeding it up.

(22) The two paths – Least resistance and most resistance.

(23) Correlating our physical blind spot to our physical one.

(24) Sex in relation to knowing God.

(25) The fact that negative feelings have a positive use.

(26) The fact that humanoids are the soul life and creative force of the universe which corresponds in the macrocosm to the soul in man.

(27) The idea that man will eventually move stars systems and change the shape of the whole universe.

(28) Explanation of Black Holes.

(29) The concept that one plus one equals one.

(30) The real meaning behind the name of Jesus Christ.

(31) Explaining the principle of the gathering as the principle behind all evolution of all life.

(32) Numerous original parables.

(33) The New Jerusalem meditation creating a portal allowing many students to journey to the heavenly realm.

To the best of my knowledge none of these teachings (and many others I have presented) are not found in any book. It is possible that you may find several someplace, but I did not get them by reading or studying someone else’s material.

To those of you who think I am just sitting here at my computer and copying material out of some nebulous book I hereby issue a challenge.

You be the teacher and teach us just one principle or parable equal to the least of those mentioned above that is not already thoroughly covered in the teachings of the world.

If you cannot do this, then how can you maintain that your criticism of me is just?

Many of the teachings I have presented has been received through he oneness principle or revelation of some kind and this is the reason that they register so strongly with the souls of many who are searching with sincere hearts.

I was asked if I believe that which I teach.

The answer, as most of you know without asking, is definitely yes. I either believe, know or understand from experience all that I teach save certain parts of the Book, The Immortal, that are fictionalized to make an interesting story. But then the book itself states this to be the case.

I was asked about my use of the term, “new age” as many are put off by it.

I used it with the idea that the coming age will be a new age and the passing age was an old age. Actually most of the people in the New Age movement do not like being called “New Agers”. Many of them are into hanging on to old age ideas.

Someone asked about my use of hypnosis when I was young to discover past lives. Doesn’t it take away free will?

The answer is no. Hypnosis does not take away free will any more than going to sleep at night takes it away. Unless you have brainwashed the person as well as hypnotized him you cannot make a person do anything under hypnosis that he is not willing to do out of hypnosis. A person’s character traits can be amplified, but one will not go against his principles.

Even so, hypnosis does have it’s dangers and I cringe when I watch stage hypnotists misusing the art for a cheap laugh. Many of them seem oblivious to the potential negative result of some of their suggestions.

I have found that people can go back into past lives without using hypnosis so I rarely use it any more.

Hypnosis, if used wisely can be a tool for good and is in no way a tool of the devil unless a devil is using it.

I will say this, however. There are degrees to be achieved in the obtaining of “better resurrections.” The first major achievement is that made by Abraham and also Moses where they had the power to rejuvenate their bodies so they could stay young for as long as it would take to complete their mission. Then at the end of a stated mission they can then choose “life or death” (D&C 76:59)

I was accused of making too strong of an appeal to past authorities to which I say:

In about the first 100 posts in my archives I have stressed real and unreal authority. The first is the mark of the beast which is unearned authority – something proclaimed, not because one knows, but because a thing is proclaimed by authority. The current LDS General Authorities are in this position. Members can completely discount the scriptures, teachings of Joseph, Brigham and others, not because they think about it or reflect off their souls but because it is merely proclaimed as true.

Then there are earned authorities, such as the Spanish teacher who has proven that his teachings on Spanish have credibility.

To some extent, Brigham is an earned authority among Mormon thinkers. He was taught many things in private by Joseph Smith and many of his fringe teachings agree with the scriptures and are verified by the soul. He was far from a perfect man, but he was very intelligent and there are very few, past or present, from Mormon influence that have a greater perception into the mysteries.

Now the problem with quoting Brigham Young to modern Mormons is that the usual reaction will be” “what does the current president/prophet say about this?”

In asking “Art thou greater than Brigham?” I was writing for the purpose of jolting the average Mormon to shift his attention away from “What does the current prophet think about this?” to what he himself thinks? And if he disagrees with my quote from Brigham he should be able to give cause as to why he thinks he knows more than Brigham. The standard answer is – “because the prophet says so.” I wanted to force an answer from his own soul.

In no way, not by any stretch of the imagination, was I insinuating that it would be sacrilege to think you may know something that Brigham does not. But on the other hand, if you do disagree with Brigham you should be able to give a reason why other than the Brethren say so.

This Mormon reader continued to take issue with me asking him if he thought he was greater than Brigham (Young).

I was having an argument with my friend Wayne a while back and he was telling me how Einstein was all wrong. So I asked him – “Do you think you are greater than Einstein?”

Einstein has a great track record where many of his theories are proven again and again. This gives great weight to his other teachings that are not yet proven.

If my friend Wayne thinks he can out think Einstein, even though it is entirely possible, I am not going to believe him just because he says so. I challenged him to show me cause as to why his theory and his thinking process was greater than Einstein’s.

Even so, if someone claims to have higher or more accurate thought than Brigham let them show me cause.

If one claims to have greater works than Jesus, yet shows no works, I will say show me these greater works that I may have cause to believe.

Thus, the whole point of my writing was to dispel unjust authority rather than support it.


Copyright by J J Dewey

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  1. Hmmm, well I have reason(s) to think, feel & believe that MANY more items as “original material(s)” — since the original publishing date — which I have found or experienced — “additional light” shed upon a wide range of established principles — written by those who have “come before” — produces what I find most “attractive” about my “reading experience(s)” here.

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