Evaluating the Teacher


Evaluating the Teacher

Reader: “I’m guessing my not hearing from you is because you are, as always, busy and my feelings of distance from you these days is illusionary.”

JJ: My time is even more limited than ever. Artie thinks my health is suffering because I have been staying up past 5 AM every night working for this group in addition to 80 or so hours a week handling our business of making a living. She has threatened me with her wrath if I do not get to bed earlier. I realize she is right but still feel a strong responsibility to the group and have been trying to do more in less time. I did not mean to put off answering you and was going to make a post tonight (and still will) about your concerns.

You are ever in my thoughts (and Artie’s too). I have always had a lot of faith in you. I am not distant from you in the Spirit. I would hope you are not distant from me.

Reader: “I have to tell you that I think my returning to the group was probably a mistake. I don’t feel as if I’m doing any good work there and the only reason I returned was your comment when I left about your ‘friends deserting you’ (a little manipulative, don’t you think).”

JJ: I do not think it was a mistake at all. Even though I have not given you perhaps the attention you deserve I have really appreciated your posts and they have helped with the stability of the group in a crucial time.

The actual comment I made about my friends was: “The sun will shine again shortly if my friends stand with me.”

When I said this, manipulation was about as far from my mind as anything can be. I do however, value friendship very highly. The way I see it is when you are in the trenches of life you want to be there with your friends. I am willing to go to the trenches to support my true friends and find they are willing to go there for me. The friends I have in life have a trust in each other around true values which, hopefully, is not illusion. My true friends are those who will stand with me in the defense and promotion of that which is registered by the soul as being true.

You have a strong perception of truth and often you have stood with me in the defense of it and your stand has been much appreciated, not only by me but the Spirit of God within me. I wish for this type of friendship to always continue. There will be no conscious manipulation on my part.

If you in your heart cannot stand by me I have no desire to manipulate you into doing so, but if your soul speaks to you the same truth as I do then any manipulation will come from your innermost being, something beyond my control.

Reader: “I appreciate that there’s things about the way you handle the group that I don’t understand but I have to say that I think some of the recent criticism has had some validity and I don’t know why you just don’t come out and admit you’re not perfect.”

JJ: I do not understand where this is coming from. I have admitted quite a number of times already that I am not perfect and have never claimed to be. I’ll say it again right now: “I’m not perfect.”

The topic of my perfection or imperfection has not even been a part of any discussion and it would have been out of place for me to even bring it up.

Another reader talks about how impressed she was with a certain channeled entity (compared to me) that she witnessed and says:

“So what becomes the criteria for evaluating the teacher JJ, apart from the definition of good and evil? What would I be looking for to determine my choice to be a student? And could I also ask what you are looking for in your students, those that you would select?”

JJ: Well for one thing, not all people are on the same wavelength. I’m not saying that as a criticism, but just as a statement of my observation. Since you are comparing me as a teacher with that of your channeled entity I thought I would make a comparison of my own.

When I saw your medium at work I experienced the opposite effect. Her voice changed, her countenance was completely altered, she became very masculine, pranced back and forth on the stage speaking with a booming voice as a demonstration of authority and totally turned me off. I was even more turned off when I learned that it cost $3000 or more to ask a personal question.

I have also read some of the channeled material and found no new principles in there plus many statements that were very questionable.

Obviously (from my point of view) the medium is channeling an astral entity. Typical of these astral ones is great boasting and large financial charges.

On the other hand, all can receive my teachings for free and I give personal responses to all, in as much as I have time, for free.

What is the criteria for evaluating a teacher?

I have answered this many times, but if you missed it I will answer again.

Take the things the teacher says and run it by your own soul. If your soul gives you a positive response proceed. If you get a negative one then run. If you received a negative one on me then perhaps you need to follow your soul here and leave this group, of which I am an integral part, which seems to be bothering you so much.

What do I look for in students I select?

I am not selecting students. I teach all who select the group and come here to learn.

Two of my favorite people have been going back and forth about the usefulness of this group, what to do about it etc. I’m speaking of the recent exchange between Reader1 and Reader2.

I finally have a moment to make a few comments.

First, Reader1 has started a second group with a different rules than this one. He feels that there are those who are tired of the conflict and it would be beneficial to have a more peaceful arena to go to for some that are offended by conflict.

I commend Reader1 on doing this for two reasons. First he is demonstrating the power of initiation. He has initiated this entirely on his own with no encouragement from me or anyone else. He is now getting 4700 hits a week – no small accomplishment – a true sign he is on the path of the initiate.

Secondly, what he has initiated does fill a definite need and purpose. A group such as this one is not for everyone, nor is Reader1’s group for everyone – in fact my teachings are not for everyone. Diversity to fill the needs of all those seeking truth at their own level is always needed. Even astral entities, who I have no interest in, have stimulated thought in many people.

Now some think that Reader1 is doing a good thing in starting his group and some do not. That is fine. We are all entitled to our opinions, but let us not get in his way. Unless he is misrepresenting me or my teachings in some way, or doing some definite concrete harm I say let him initiate to his heart’s content.

The power of initiation brings the power of joy in service and this I will always encourage as long as the path of harmlessness is followed.

Perhaps though the greatest controversy Reader1 has stirred up is through his criticism of this group. He has stated things such as this group has so much conflict on it that he does not want to refer anyone to it. There have been reports that he has encouraged some to leave this group and come to his group and this is viewed by some as a negative thing to do.

I personally do not care which group someone joins. I do not care if someone leaves this group and joins Reader1 or leaves his group and comes here. The important thing is that if they have a desire to learn that they have he opportunity to learn.

I would advise Reader1 to tread gently in his criticism of this group as it does not seem to be making him any new friends. On the other hand, there have been many others who have either left the group or are uncomfortable with it because of the conflict so I can understand why he may be critical.

Criticism is a funny thing. One may have the best of intentions in giving it out, but others may take it with great offense, much more than is intended. I have certainly found this to be the case myself. Sometimes I give what I think is a civil response to a challenge and later discover I have greatly offended someone.

I don’t think Reader1 comes in this group with the idea of stepping on toes, but it is an easy thing for a first ray soul to do.

Remember some time ago that a conflict raged between Reader1 and several others? I asked him to tone it down a bit for the sake of peace and since then the nature of his posts have been much more mellow and less confrontational. No one has commented on this, but I have certainly noticed it. I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to make a change in direction like that. But even though he has mellowed out in his postings to the group he may not be perfect yet, not am I for that matter, but if I know Reader1 he will work on accommodating the feelings of the majority here.

Some have talked about making this a moderated group. The thing is that Reader1 has filled this void and already created a moderated group. My opinion is rather than having two groups that are very similar is to keep this one the way it is and those who desire a moderated group can go with him.

It is true that we have some pretty strong conflicts surface now and then, but they always pass and new people either adjust to the flow or leave.

I keep thinking I have just about covered all major objections, that maybe the day will come that I can just name an archive post to handle any challenge from a new member, but new questions seem to always arise. I suppose there will always be some challenging questions for me to handle. I will attempt to be kinder and gentler in handling them.


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