Obstacles to Spiritual Progress

Obstacles to Spiritual Progress

We asked the group to comment on roadblocks to spiritual progress (in the 20th century) that were the result of black magic.

Several of you correctly identified the big one which was Nazi Germany, definitely an agent of the Black Magicians.

The question to consider is, what were the core differences between the Nazis and the Allies as far as the two paths are concerned?

The core difference is this. The Nazis and those on the dark path seek a return to the glories of the past at the expense of evolution, especially spiritual evolution.

Those cooperating with the white magicians are willing to take that which works from the past but their main point of focus is evolution. On other words, they seek to make the world a better place, better than it has ever been before.

Because the preservation of the past requires a suppression of those who advocate change, the Dark Brothers seek to control individual freedom

Because the creation of a better world requires the freedom to express and implement ideas, the workers in white magic always seek for the greatest personal and group freedom.

Nazi Germany opened an ancient door that could have suppressed many freedoms and set back the progression of humanity a thousand years or more. In fact one reason the Great Invocation was given out was to seal the door to this particular evil.   It reads:

“…and may it (Purpose) seal the door where evil dwells.”

The evil spoken of here is a force which can reverse spiritual evolution and suppress freedom of choice.

Unfortunately, one of the deceptions of the Dark Brothers is to turn reasoning upside down so a diminished freedom is presented as an increase and an increase in freedom is seen as a decrease.

How does this happen? Let me give an example.

A taxing system supported by the majority of the actual taxpayers does not violate the principle of freedom but many nations forces excessive taxation on its citizens going way beyond 50% of income when all hidden taxes are considered.

Few would argue the fact that taxing us at half our income or more diminishes the financial freedom of the working people, yet this over taxation in almost all nations is supported by many. Why?

Because this taking away freedom from one group has the appearance of giving more freedom to another group.

“I get free prescriptions because of taxes,” thinks one, “therefore this particular tax is good because it gives me greater freedom.”

This is a similar reasoning to that used by the thief who may think: “It is good that I take your money because I need it more than you and your money in my hand gives me greater freedom.”

This convoluted reasoning is promoted with great zeal by the dark ones in the hope that the few who benefit will aid then in diminishing the freedom of the whole.

When the freedom of the whole is diminished to a certain point then control by the black magicians is assured.

All who seek the path of light must always consider freedom as it relates to the greatest possible agency manifesting among the greatest possible number of individuals.

For the Brotherhood of Light freedom is more important than safety, a forced good and worth a calculated risk.

The Dark Brothers stress safety, enforcing the good and avoiding all risk. They do this not because they are seeking to be benevolent, but as a deceptive means to further their cause – the destruction of the free agency of all except for the few deserving ones at the top.

Several commented that the black magicians have worked to establish strong authority in the Twentieth Century and others mention the authoritative religious system creating roadblocks. Not only are many religions a tool for preventing spiritual progress, but this unjust authority surfaces in all walks of life. Whenever one authority is diminished in power or destroyed it is replaced by another with a new face.

The white magicians know this and realize that the power of the beast, unjust authority, will not be destroyed in one masterstroke.   They thus seek to gradually strip it of its power by forcing the new generation of unjust authorities to be kinder and gentler than the preceding one until, by the power of attrition, the authority of the black magicians is neutralized.

If one just looks around he will have to agree that there is a lot of work to do in this direction. Even so, we have made progress ij this direction. For instance, authorities in the free world no longer have power to throw rebels to the lions or torture them.

A third avenue of attack which was not mentioned is an attack on our educational system – seeking to dumb down the knowledge current students have of true events of history in particular.

Have you watched talk show hosts take to the streets and ask young people simple questions related to history? These guys are so dense thy couldn’t tell you who was buried in Grant’s tomb.

Not only is the rising generation not learning history, but the little they are taught is distorted, altered and the little that is emphasized is in a direction of questionable value.

Some of the young people (and many older ones) are so brainwashed with illusion that if you attempt to give them correct facts they will become angry and immediately shut down and refuse any type of dialog that will unearth true facts.

The Dark Brothers realize that if the lessons of history are not learned then the mistakes will be repeated. In their mind these flaws must be maintained in order to preserve their power.

When we truly learn the lessons which accurate history teaches us, then darkness is lifted from the earth and that which was dark will be as if it never was, and is not.

Question: “I read this article saying that fish and birds are primitive members of the deva kingdom who will evolve into higher spiritual entities. Is this true?”

The devas do not live in the physical kingdom as fish, birds or anything else, but are entities living in the etheric world. They are builders and movers of force that create the bodies of plants, animals and humans, but are not the actual physical entities.

Djwahl Khul tells us that the etheric matter is the true physical kingdom because it is governed by a principle, but the dense physical is not and its appearance is based on illusion which veils our true substance.

Each living physical body has an etheric double which is the source of energy and also gives form and cohesion to the dense physical.

Whereas the human and animal kingdom accomplish their evolution through the duality of the dense physical and etheric, the deva kingdom evolves through the etheric, not manifesting in the physical.

The devas lives manifest in many grades and most do not have self consciousness the way we do, but progress and work in response to communications from various grades of intelligence which communes with them.

The various grades of deva lives provide the substance and form intelligence behind every living form that appears in the physical. Our physical human bodies (as well as fish, birds and other animals) are composed of an etheric double which is in turn composed of a variety of deva lives. Since the deva kingdom is often called the angel kingdom we could say that you have many little angels creating your etheric composition.

The deva kingdom consists in range from innumerable tiny lives giving form to the physical, to lives great and powerful to the extent that some who have encountered them have considered them Gods.

Each deva life has to eventually enter the dense physical and pass through the human kingdom.

This is a law of evolution in the universe. All those who enter the way of higher evolution must pass through the human kingdom.

Sept 3, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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1 thought on “Obstacles to Spiritual Progress

  1. “Some of the young people (and many older ones) are so brainwashed with illusion that if you attempt to give them correct facts they will become angry and immediately shut down and refuse any type of dialog that will unearth true facts.” ~From the guy who will ignore established science and insist that anthropomorphic climate change is a leftist hoax to take away freedom, the guy who insists that intelligent design be taught in science classes, the guy who will quote fringe right wing rags as if they are reputable information sources.


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