The Magician’s Work

The Magician’s Work

I asked the group to name works of both white and black magic that have manifested in the Twentieth Century and received some good response.

I think my favorite on the white magic side was “The Beatles”. Don’t laugh. The Beatles were a part of a wave of change in music that ran from around 1955 to the early seventies.   Never before had the world seen such a change in direction, and improvement of music. During this time many initiates entered this field to create change that would effect the world for the better.

Few realize that the enhancement of our listening pleasure was only one benefit of the musical evolution.

Notice that the great strides forward in music happened in the free countries of the world. The USSR and countries under its dominion had such a tight control over its people that the free countries had a difficult time in communicating to the common people there that we meant them no harm and that freedom and free enterprise does work.

Because of lack of communication the people in the communist countries only seemed to received an impression that we were the bad guys, except in one major area – and that was music. The Soviet youth (and some adults) loved rock and roll and felt a kinship toward the various bands and their fans world wide.

This caused a wedge that opened up enough light so when the youth of the sixties became the authorities of the eighties they were able to let the Berlin Wall come down with little resistance.

I think it is quite possible that without Rock and Roll that communism in the USSR would not have fallen without a fight.

Early communist leaders predicted that the free world would embrace their ideals and fall to them willingly, but it turned out to the other way around. They fell for our music of peace and love and willingly embraced this and other western virtues (and some vices) without a fight.

There’s a lot of truth to the saying that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Another obvious work of the white Magicians was the defeat of Hitler. The Christ and the Hierarchy of Masters worked directly with Churchill, Roosevelt and others, influencing them through the science of impression.

During this last century many initiates incarnated and as mere mortals used the science of white magic. Some of these were Tesla Edison, Einstein, Bohr and numerous others, some of which never became well known.

All progress in technology is the work of white magic, even though selfish intent can direct new discoveries toward the dark side. Electricity, for instance can be used to kill, or to heal and keep us warm and even meeting here on the internet.

Progress always carries with it a danger because the new power it brings can be used for either good or evil. The white magicians must assist in bringing in the new and then after it is in existence they must encourage the direction of its use to the benefit of the world.

A great number of teachings and philosophical thought that has come forward is the result of the work of the white magicians.

It is true that the larger percentage of the metaphysical books available is not inspired by the Hierarchy, but their shear number does indicate a growing interest in the unseen and the miraculous which is a positive direction.

One very important work of the Brotherhood of Light is the permeation of the idea of the “Christ Consciousness” which lies within all of us. This is also followed by the idea that God, being omnipresent, is actually in us instead of existing apart from us on some throne “out there” somewhere. There are immortal beings which some call Gods, but the One God exists within the heart of each and every person who is a reflection of Deity.

There is one last thing I will mention which is not such an obvious work of the Light.

Have you noticed that within your lifetime that the contrast between what is right, logical and good vs. that which is wrong, illogical and harmful has become much more pronounced?

This contrast was accelerated during World War II. Near the end of the war the whole world saw a contrast between good and evil that was never in our history so obvious. In past centuries, men with evil intent as Hitler were often honored by the masses. After the war the contrast showed the Nazi philosophy for what it was for the first time in the history of the world.

The new world war is being fought on the emotional and mental planers and the white magicians are attempting to illustrate through contrast that which is good and that which is not so good.

For example in America Watergate illustrated the misuse of power whereas many current politicians make it obvious that dishonesty is not to be preferred over telling the truth.

Many events, and their following publication, which bring to us contrast in a way which teaches us simple right and wrong, are influenced in one way or another by the white magicians.

Sept 1, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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