Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 15

Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 15
The Initiation of Decision

The sixth initiation is called the initiation of decision. As he approaches this level, the disciple becomes a Master of Wisdom and receives a revelation. During the fifth initiation he incorporates a revelation for humanity through the various disciples he works through. He who is working on the sixth initiation was one that was successful and basically incorporated the revelation in a pure enough state that he was able to move to his next step. The Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane also moved out of his sixth and began his seventh.

At the sixth initiation you have seven paths to choose from. I can’t remember them all.

(NOTE: The Seven Paths are: 1. The Path of Earth Service. 2. The Path of Magnetic Work. 3. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi. 4. The Path to Sirius. 5. The Ray Path. 6. The Path the Logos Himself Is On. 7. The Path of Absolute Sonship.)

One is called Path of Earth Service. Another is the Path of the Logos for the planet where you become tutored by Sanat Kumara and another is the Path of Sirius where you go to Sirius for additional learning. There are seven different paths. If you’re a sixth degree initiate, the only way you would wind up coming back is if you choose the Path of Earth Service. If you choose the Path of Earth Service then you continue to stay here. Apparently The Christ must be on that path right now. The Buddha was supposed to take the Path of Sirius but he kind of disobeyed his own injunction of detachment. He always preached detachment, but DK says he was so attached to helping humanity he has decided to stay here for the present. Even though you are supposed to choose one of these paths, you have the free agency to not choose the one natural to you and he said because of this delay Buddha is on the Path of Earth Service right now. It’s not his natural path, but he will eventually choose to go back to the path Sirius.

Audience: Earth service? He’s here helping us or he’s up there helping us? What do you mean by earth service?

JJ: Yeah, it means he is helping the people of the earth. He’s not incarnated, but he’s helping the people of the earth. He assists with the Wesak Festival, for instance, he appears to a group of people once a year according to their religion. We don’t know everything that he does. He’s like one of the Nirmanakayas that I told you about that takes communications from Shamballa and helps to communicate it to the people of earth. There are a lot of things the higher lives doing things of which we are not aware. The Tibetan makes an interesting statement affirming that Buddha actually delayed his true path because he had such a strong desire to assist the people of the earth.

Audience: So both Buddha and Christ are on the Earth Service Path right now?

JJ: Yes, right now. Christ will come back among us i9n some form again in the near future. How he will come is not given out exactly or exactly when. After he completes his seventh initiation he will tread the Path of Sirius also,

Audience: The Master Jesus will come again, too, to complete his fifth initiation by appearing to the Jewish people?

JJ: He has completed his fifth initiation but he will come and work on his sixth. He may not have completed what’s in between the fifth and the sixth but DK tells us that the Master Jesus will come back and be the Messiah to the Jews. Then The Christ will come back and be the Messiah to the world. The Jews will eventually have their Messiah who will be the Master Jesus. This will not be the expected grand Second Coming. The Christ and Jesus were together in the past, yet they will work separately this time. Jesus will be working with the Jews and The Christ will be working with the world at the Second Coming.

Audience: Jesus has incarnated as the Pope. It didn’t last very long, but he has. Where did you get that? What Pope?

JJ: Pope John Paul the First who was only in office thirty-three days before he was killed. What I believe happened there is from DK who said right around the time Pope John Paul I came into office The Master Jesus would attempt to take over the Catholic Church from the Vatican. What happened, is, I believe, Jesus overshadowed John Paul First. John Paul the First was not Jesus but Jesus worked through him. John Paul the First came to the Vatican and he was going to fire everybody and completely rearrange the Vatican. He saw the corruption there and he was making big changes. There is a book written about him that gives tremendous evidence that he was poisoned. It was called “In God’s Name” by David A. Yallop. He was only in office thirty-three days!

Audience: What century was this?

JJ: 1980, Pope John Paul the First was in office for thirty-three days and then mysteriously died.

Audience: response not clear

JJ: Jesus was just working through John Paul the First. He was overshadowing him and working with him very closely. Jesus wasn’t reincarnated, just working with him very closely.

Audience: He failed then?

JJ: Sometimes the masters do fail. Not everything they do, succeeds. Interestingly, thirty-three days is symbolic of the thirty-three years of Jesus. It’s interesting is John Paul I the First became Lucius which means white light and John Paul the Second was born during an eclipse of the sun. So when John Paul the First died, the sun was eclipsed of God and John Paul the Second came in. John Paul the First followed Pope John the Sixth. I’m not a Catholic scholar. Then Pope John Paul the First. What kind of impressions did you get when this happened?

Audience: I was heart broken when he died.

JJ: So was I and I’ve never been a Catholic. He was the only Catholic Pope for whom I cared. I just had a feeling that great things were going to happen. It didn’t dawn on me for a long time later, until recently, what really happened.

Audience: How could Jesus not tell Pope John Paul the First that this was going to be poisoned, don’t drink it? Because there wasn’t time?

JJ: Well, it depends on how closely John Paul was listening at the time, I guess. You know maybe he did receive a warning. The person in the body is the one who makes a decision related to the body. There were times in my life where I received a warning about something and I thought, “this will be really awkward to obey this warning” and I found out the warning was correct. Maybe he did receive a warning and just ignored it.

Audience: A question was raised about Apollonius of Tyana

JJ: This is where DK says something that is really quite mysterious. He says Jesus had his fifth initiation as Apollonius of Tyana. You’re thinking of Jesus when he was younger, that was when he fulfilled his earlier initiations. The mysterious thing about Apollonius and many students of DK are perplexed by this, is that Apollonius was said to be born the same time that Jesus was, right around 0 AD and he lived to be 100 years old though not all scholars agree on this. He was a very mysterious person. They put him in prison and he escaped; he teleported himself from one place to another and performed miracles. He was more famous than The Christ, for the first 400 years after his birth. There were statues of him all over the Middle East. After Constantine took over the Church, he tried to eliminate all reference to Apollonius so that the Messiah wouldn’t have any competition. They burned everything they could find that was written about Apollonius.

Audience: How was Jesus not Melchizedek but Joshua and Apollonius?

JJ: That’s a question that could be answered in several different ways. DK doesn’t explain it. He could have overshadowed Apollonius. Another theory presented by Madame Blavatsky is that The Christ was actually born 100 BC. According to this idea much of the history was actually fabricated, changed, or altered to make it look like Jesus was born around 4 BC or so. I haven’t got a personal revelation on the actual truth of the matter. I’m still contemplating it. Before you get revelation on things you have to get all the details. I’ve still got a book on Apollonius that I haven’t read all the way through.

Audience: Don’t some people say that after Jesus died he was resurrected and actually moved to another location and became Apollonius of Tyana. Like a walk-in? No, at thirty-three, he materialized and became Apollonius of Tyana.

JJ: Here’s another theory that Jesus was called Apollonius in his younger years, dwelled in Jerusalem for three years, was crucified and then took his resurrected body and lived to be the age of one hundred and disappeared out of sight.

Audience: Came to America for awhile, too.

JJ: Yeah, that’s the Mormon belief.

Audience: Then to India and as Apollonius in Egypt. That’s the story and I’m stickin’ to it.

JJ: Yeah,

Audience: * Syria, DK, or something

JJ: Yeah, DK says that in the 1920’s that Jesus was in a physical body in Egypt, but he doesn’t say who he was. Yes, Jesus, the Master Jesus. He gets around a lot.

Audience: What about the Christ? The Christ completes his fifth initiation by linking Shamballa to us in this world. What did he do for his sixth? Is he working on his seventh now?

JJ: DK doesn’t give a lot of details about the sixth, other than it is an initiation of decision; where you make a decision for one of the seven paths that you pick. The Christ is, apparently for now, on the path of Earth Service.

“It is perhaps well to remember that the stage of discipleship is in many ways the most difficult part of the entire ladder of evolution.” DK, A Treatise on White Magic, Page 61

Dec 24, 2003

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