Name that Beast!

26 Nov 1998

Name that Beast!

I liked Lelona’s statement:

“I know this won’t be the answer JJ is looking for, but it’s still an answer to something.”

In the quest for knowledge you have to just plunge ahead and answer questions to the best of your ability. You must also question yourself and contemplate answers. You must try even if the answers seem silly.

She says from her intuition: “…it’s still an answer to something.” I find that to be true on this list. Your answer may not be exactly what we are looking for, but it is an answer to something and often your “wrong” answer to me may be a “right” answer to someone or something else. This does not mean that truth is relative, but often the right answers must just find the right questions.

Then too as illustrated in the Book the wrong answers given were just necessary steps to the right answer.

A reporter once approached Thomas Edison as he was working on the light bulb and said: “You have been working on this silly light bulb for years and have attempted 10,000 times to make it work and they have all failed. After 10,000 failures are you now prepared to admit that this light bulb idea is just a dream?”

Edison wisely answered: “My dear friend. I have not failed as you have said. Instead I have successfully identified 10,000 combinations that do not work. I am 10,000 steps closer to success and do not have many more to go.”

The intuitive Principle does not ask 10,000 steps out of you but it does ask for a few and if we have the right attitude as Lelona demonstrated here we will feel a certain amount of success even in our guesses.

Glenys writes:

“So that means they are “nice-sounding names which one would be proud to take ownership of – all things being equal. So ……..could the names be titles like King/Savior/Ruler of the World?

JJ: How about another hint or two? How many names are there? Are they a list we’d recognize?”

Glenys is headed in the right direction. Here’s a powerful hint:

The emperor of Rome was proudly called Caesar Augustus. What does Augustus mean?

We all know many Christians were fed to the lions and crucified. Did you know that much of it had to do with the refusal to accept this and other names chosen by the Roman emperors?

The Pope is called “the Holy Father.” Ministers are called “Reverend”. Then in the east teachers are often referred to as “His Holiness.”

Like I say they are not negative names like Antichrist, Satan, devil and so on. The names of the beast are adored by the world. See if you can name more of them.

“In God we trust” may be abused, but it is not a name.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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