Feelings and the Book

26 Nov 1998


Just a couple of thoughts on feelings. I have good feelings about everyone on this list. It looks like we now truly have a hundred members and I find it amazing that there isn’t at least one obnoxious member (knock on wood). I don’t think anyone is singling anyone out to ignore.

Someone else said it well when (he or she – sorry I can’t give you credit) said that when someone writes something very good that seems to agree with what we already think we just seem to think that is a great thing, but do not think to comment on it. I think that is often true. I tend to comment on postings that ask specific questions or have concerns more than someone who says “Hey this forum is great. I feel right at home!” When I read something like this I always enjoy the posting, but may not comment.

You might also find it interesting that a couple of the posts that I put the most time and thought into received little or no comment then after a period someone did say something. It went something like this. “What you said went right along with my thinking and seemed to explain things so well that there was not much left to be said.” So it is possible that there are times when a small amount of comment is a good sign.

I will say this about John Kosior’s writings. I have found them all very interesting and even wrote a major article on light and darkness in response to one of his postings. I also want the entire list to know that I read and enjoy all of your postings, but I know my time to give you the appreciation you all deserve is limited. I also know that Rick and many others feel the same way.

26 Nov 1998

The Book

I do not desire to take the time to go into the chronology of the book or give out a lot of additional details. Such details would take away from the purpose of the book which is:

(1) Teach important truths.

(2) Cause the reader to focus on feeling out the truths in the book through contact with his own soul as well as verifying them with his own heart and mind.

(3) Teach the Intuitive Principle.

I will say this. I came across Rob in AOL some time ago and he was part of an experiment in teaching the keys. I had to drop teaching him (by E-Mail) so I would have time to write the book, but I promised him we would pick up the teaching again and here we are.

I believe that Rob will witness to you though that there is some great stuff awaiting the group.

By the way… Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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