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Larry W Asks:
So getting back to the 24 (molecule of 12 couples), will this be folks who developed the skill aspect of spiritual maturity to the point where they can place their consciousness at any level they chose at will?

A successful molecule will be created from people who have learned understand soul contact and then to keep their attention “steady in the light.”

Many there are who have achieved some soul contract, some contact with the formless worlds, some focus on the light, but they are not steady. As soon as they feel insulted or offended – to hell with the light – it is time to lash out and give someone a piece of their mind.

The useful disciple must see himself as an observer as he moves forward in cooperation and not be distracted by the outside astral noise.

Merely learning to place your attention on a certain body or being proficient at meditation is not enough. The disciple must have the self-control to force his attention on the task at hand and keep it on the light of the path and let no person or circumstance change that focus.

All of the group of 24 must be able to keep their minds centered in the light and center themselves on the point of peace so the soul can be accessed and love for all in the group felt undisturbed.

Here are some things that can destroy the focus of one and thus disrupt the whole molecule.

(1) Offense is a huge factor. One disciple is offended over something someone else said or did.

(2) Grievance. This often follows an offense. One harbors negative feelings toward someone else in or out of the group.

(3) Anger. Anger has its place but not toward a group member seeking to serve.

(4) Feeling like a victim also takes the attention away from the light.

(5) Glamour. A problem occurs when the disciple sees himself as more important than he really is or shows a false humility by falsely downplaying his roll.

(6) Illusion He or she has illogical conclusions planted in his belief system that he has not worked out.

(7) Lack of tolerance. He thinks others are not doing things correctly, or not doing their share or not evolved enough etc. He then concentrates on their flaws which takes his attention away from his own light.

(8) Sacrifice. Even tough the keynote for the coming age is not sacrifice he must be willing to make essential sacrifices for the work and dominate lower desire.

(9) Wrong use of sexual energy. This is especially disruptive if it involves betrayal and can disrupt the whole molecule.

(10) Not following the highest he knows. The disciple must follow the truth when he sees it.

(11) Feeling love. The disciple must actually be able to feel love at any given or required time toward all members of the group.

(12) The disciple must be able to drop all the cares of the world and seek the soul as an individual or with the group at the drop of a hat no matter what the circumstance may be.

There are more but this gives the general idea.

Also I get the impression that once a soul achieves access to a higher part of him/herself, perhaps they no longer need to access the lower parts because the higher part they now operate from can access and use the capabilities/senses of the lower any time.

The disciple does not lose the ability to access or use the lower when he learns to use the higher. He uses the highest that is available and is able to use the lower more efficiently.

Speaking of groups, where will JJ find the 24 people for the very first latter-day molecule?

They’ll be found a number of different ways – some may even surprise me.

If it (the molecule) takes someone who lives from the Intuitional level then only Hercules need apply.

Keeping the mind centered in the light is more important than which body your focus is in. If you get some good intuition now and then but are offended at small things then your focus will be taken off the light, off the soul and away from love.

Ruth wants to know if the disciples of old will return to be in molecules.

Some will and some will not. Some will be people who are not known to history.

As far as the unfulfilled prophetic utterances go… Some were inspired and some were not. The important thing is always that which your own soul reveals to you.

Blayne rsponds:
Thanks for pointing out all my flaws so succinctly to remind me of what I need to work on… 😉

I hope I didn’t give the impression that perfection is required for none of us are there yet and when human molecules appear they will be made of flawed human beings just as existed in the time of Jesus. If I had to boil the needed qualities for the molecules down to one thing it would be this.

The applicant must have the self control necessary to shift his attention back to the light when human weaknesses have distracted him.


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