Divine Carelessness vs Recklessness

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Unfortunately, it is human nature to interpret things in terms of black and white so I thought I would make a pre-emptive post and prevent any future misunderstanding on the principle of Divine Carelessness.

So how is it that anyone could misunderstand this idea?

The answer is – it is possible simply by the fact that the phrase has the word “carelessness” in it and we associate it with good action rather than bad.  This can cause the back and white mind to figure that anything he wants to do that is careless is now a good thing.

So…  What is the difference then between Divine Carelessness and just plain carelessness, or even recklessness?

There are a number of them.  Here are a few.

(1) When the path of Divine Carelessness is taken the end will be good.  In other words, the person will be better off for his actions than if they were not taken at all. With regular carelessness he will generally be worse off.  I say generally because even a stopped lock is right twice a day and a careless decision will sometimes create an advantage.

For instance, it would be an act of carelessness and recklessness to spend your family’s grocery money on the lottery.  But there’s a small chance you could win and then be you would glad you played.  Even if you did win this would not be an example of Divine Carelessness. People who take this type of chance once will do it again and lose in the end.

(2) The source of the decision to act with Divine Carelessness comes from a contact with the soul.  The person receives a message or confirmation and internally knows it is right even though everything and everyone external tells him no.

Regular carelessness happens because of personality impulse.

In the movie “The Adjustment Bureau” David (Matt Damon) seems to make a careless move by defying, not only angels, but God Him(Her It)self.


He did this because of an internal registration from the soul which he knew was correct.  To his credit, instead of following all the outer voices of authority, the only one he did follow was the internal one.  As a result the end result of his decision was positive.

It is interesting that in my mission story I tell readers of how I met the girl of my dreams, fell in love, but was told to not marry her, similar to what happened to Matt Damon – except I obeyed and he did not.

Did I do wrong?  Wouldn’t it have been divinely careless to throw caution to the wind and pursue her to the end as Damon did with his girl?

Hopefully, my readers can see why this would not have been divinely careless.

The answer is it would not have been a Divinely careless act or decision, as I would have been in disregard of the command I knew had came from the inside, from my soul.

Because I internally knew she was not the one I was supposed to marry then it would have NOT been Divinely Careless to go against the God Within – even though my astral body wanted more than anything to pursue her.

Then it is interesting that my final companion (Artie) was also confirmed through my soul.  In this case nothing stopped me from pursuing her even though all outside influences seemed against it.

(3) Divine Carelessness is the result of the correct use of the Second Key – and comes from good judgment. Regular carelessness comes from bad judgment.

(4) Divine Carelessness is not really careless.  It just seems careless to orthodox people.  Regular carelessness is what it appears to be – an irresponsible action.

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11 thoughts on “Divine Carelessness vs Recklessness

  1. 11. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  2. Hi JJ, thank you for this post. I understand the overall principle of D.C. here, however, I struggled a bit with the following sentence in its original context:
    “The answer is it would not have been Divinely careless because the command came from the inside, from my soul, and not from an outside angel or god.”

    I believe your intended thought was something like:
    “The answer is it would not have been [a] Divinely careless [act or decision, as I would have been in disregard of] the command [I knew had] came from the inside, from my soul.”

    By the way, I don’t mean to come across as nit-picky. I thought it might help others’ avoid a similar point of misunderstanding of the D.C. principle.



  3. JJ Quote from the Archives for Today

    Rays of Understanding

    “Concrete knowledge is that which can be discovered and understood by the
    concrete mind by using a scientific or investigative approach.

    This approach is limited, as spiritual thinkers know, and there are certain
    types of knowledge that is beyond the grasp of physical science and

    Even so, this concrete knowledge is extremely important to all self conscious
    lives such as humanity. For instance, without concrete knowledge we would not be
    having this class on the internet, you would have no phone to talk on and no car
    to drive.”


    Copyright 2002 by J.J. Dewey, All Rights Reserved

  4. I’m hoping that, in the 1st sentence of your post, the word “understanding” SHOULD be “misunderstanding” 🙂

    “I thought I would make a pre-emptive post and prevent any future understanding on the principle of Divine Carelessness.”

  5. Would this be an example of Divine Carelessness: The following is not from me but this brave soul has inspired me:

    Email from a volunteer in the recall against Senator Robert Wirch.:
    Hi all,

    I went out to Burlington this morning (Saturday, 3/5) to collect recall petition signatures at the drive-thru location they established. I was scheduled for 8-noon, while a recall rally was happening a few miles away. I found myself working alone. It wasn’t very busy but I really enjoyed talking with the people who stopped. Without exception they were very pleasant, anxious to sign and strong in their resolve to remove Wirch.

    Contrasting this of course were the ones who gave me a thumbs down or middle finger as they drove by, and the one guy who pulled in, rolled down the window, showered me with profanity while giving me both middle fingers (WOW!). Even this was OK though, I gave them all a big smile, a wave, and wished them a great day.

    I began to realize that things would change when someone stopped to sign and reported that the unionista protesters at the rally a mile or two away, outnumbered the attenders, had parked up all available parking and effectively shut the event down. I now realized that I could expect company and sure enough, a little later, cars pulled up across the street and nine unionistas, soon joined by more, came, carrying their big, union printed and provided, signs supporting Wirch

    . I admit I was a bit nervous being a force of only one. I retreated to the trailer that was provided by the brave local business that allowed use of their property, and made a few calls, only to learn that everyone was hunkered down at the rally site and no help was forthcoming. After making sure that the deadbolt lock on the trailer worked, I went back to resuming my duty.

    An elderly woman, who I learned is very active in conservative politics, lived in the neighborhood and walked up to give me much appreciated company and help. As it turned out, the unionistas were pleasant and polite except for one guy who was a bit of a jerk, but we even exchanged a little small talk. Unfortunately, the protesters sucked all the oxygen by strategically blocking our signs from the view of passersby.

    Their very real and visible presence effectively hid the fact that we were collecting recall signatures on private property. They were well organized and knew exactly what to do to obstruct our efforts and stay legal. Despite this, a few more people did stop, but around 11:00 a couple of young guys from the recall organizers came and we shut the site down.

    I learned a few things today:
    This recall effort is being taken VERY SERIOUSLY by the opposition. I suspect that, other than Madison, what we saw today was probably the biggest opposition effort in the State. Do people understand how IMPORTANT it is that the recall succeeds?
    I thought the Wirch recall was a big job, but certain to succeed. Now that I’ve seen the intense, highly organized opposition, I’m not so sure of success unless we, the people, get serious and involved.
    This whole thing is BIG, for Wisconsin and for our Country. The battle has been engaged, we CANNOT lose it, or I fear we lose our State and Country for good.
    Many of us have been involved from the comfort of our computers, shooting out email or attending a rally or meeting. That’s all good, and effective to a point, but I believe the time has come for all of us to get off our butts and do more! Even that isn’t so hard. Go to http://www.recallwirch.com and volunteer! Many of us can make the drive and do a few hours of petition signature collection or drive through neighborhoods dropping literature, or whatever is needed. We shouldn’t lose this, but we could! Remember, this strikes at the very heart of the Democrat Party and socialistic liberalism, they are not going to give up and we are seeing the fierceness of their opposition.
    We elected Governor Walker and a Republican majority, but the struggle is not over yet. For them to succeed, they will continue to need our help and support in tangible ways!


  6. So basically “Divine Carelessness” is to follow the inner voice or God’s Voice within ourselves, not our carnal desires, when all others condemn us, make fun of us and so on, because of their orthodox thinking. To think outside the box by following the direction of the soul. Eventually we will bear the fruit of Divinely Carelessness.


    1. I assume it would also be used in the event that your soul urged you to gather with other like minded souls, and you would have to use Divine Carelessness when you knew that none of your friends or family would understand why you wanted to gather somewhere, even to the point that none of your loved ones would come with you and that they thought you were insane to leave them because of a soul prompting.

      Remember how Jesus says a house will be divided, Father against Son or Mother against Daughter or three will stay and one or two will go. This is because of soul prompting or inner confirmation, so it is important to understand the principle of Divine Carelessness, so you can do what you have to do via soul, without being drawn backwards by all the other voices and emotional feelings. The soul usually doesn’t tell you things that you want to hear or want to do, and this is why it is harder to follow the soul voice, for example in the case of Joseph Smith. God or his soul prompted him to go West and save his life, but he did not chose Divine Carelessness in this case, because he turned back towards his loved ones and friends.

      Therefore in this scenario, I guess God did have to rewrite the Plan, because Joe Smith changed the plan when he went back instead of forwards.

      Even choosing sides between the conflict of the personality and soul can divide the house within the physical body, so once again, Divine Carelessness would need to be used when or if there was conflict between the soul and emotions or mind and soul etc.

      Especially in the case of the 3rd Initiation. For if one feared the vibration of the Spirit or Angel of the Presence more than the lower Dweller, then Divine Carelessness would need to be used, wherein the physical body and fears were thrown out the window, no matter how frightening that higher vibration of the Angel was.


  7. Typo

    “I say generally because even a stopped lock ……”

    I know all about careless and reckless actions and the bad results through rebellion.


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