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1  One who dwells on the plane of the mind will have to step down to the emotional plane to deal with those encountered there.

2  Generally, what seems like supernatural guidance for personal issues only affecting ourselves comes from the Higher Mind or Superconscious.

3  Overall the guidance a person receives from the hidden mind will be more accurate and useful than that received by the average person from his emotional feeling self.

4  The mind reflects the soul and thus the mind can lead us to the soul – after all the plane of the mind is where the Masters can be found.

5  Emotion leads us into experience with no plan to master that experience. Mind must eventually be brought into play to create plans and direct the emotion and the experience in a constructive direction.

6  There is always a danger for the seeker and the danger that comes from the mind is to allow “the mind to slay the real.”

7  Emotion without mind is self destructive.

8  There comes a time when the pull of reason and intuition become stronger than feeling, for the mind can no longer justify the entity accepting illogical feeling beliefs.

9  Many religious people believe that a logical approach to the spiritual is misleading or even evil.

10  So if time, space, numbers, the earth and universe did not come from God, where did they come from? I know. You say the mind of man. So where did this mind come from? If the mind was created by God then time space and numbers were also created by God. But if our minds were not created by God, then where do you think they came from?

11  The mind controls emotions in two ways. (1) The individual has progressed to the plane of the mind and can directly control and direct emotion through the power of his thought. (2) The individual has not progressed to the plane of the mind but has programming in his brain created by someone else who has progressed to the plane of mind or above.

12  I have talked to a number of people involved in cults and read much of their literature and they are generally more interesting to talk to about philosophy and more mental in their approach than the standard Episcopalian.

13  Obstacles to soul contact must be removed by the light of the soul shining upon the mind, or by the mind coming to an understanding which will in turn receive the soul light.

14  The mind must be stimulated and take control of the decision making process.

15  When the mind has understanding and sees the value of working through the negativity then it can decide to follow a path to render harmless the negative emotion.

16  Without the aid of the mind the final centering on the God within cannot be maintained on a permanent basis.

17  Shepherds are those who are ascended to the plane of the mind or above and are prepared to lead others to greater learning and direction.

18  Many there are who, instead of working to advance humanity into mind, seek to take them deeper into emotional polarization which takes people back into the past just as much as a fire and brimstone preacher does.

19  The development of mind and reason overriding emotion will do much to put things in perspective and cause do-gooders to work at doing good in areas where a real difference can be made verses a psychological difference.

20  A disciple of Christ uses his mind to devise a plan that is so logical to be irrefutable from those who are astral based.

21  If the One Holy Spirit of Truth speaks through me and you together, we will be as one mind.

22  After a principle is made clear to the student, through an increase in light, much knowledge then becomes available to the physical brain that was previously hidden.

23  In the end, open-mindedness is open communication through the mind, or from mind to mind, until oneness is achieved. Two open-minded people placed together will eventually become one in thought.

24  Many New Agers as well as Born Againers are telling us to “lose the mind,” “Become mindless,” or “follow your feelings and ignore the mind.” Such teachings are 100 percent Piscean and will soon pass away.

25  Without the dominance of mind over emotion there will always be a lack of completion of purpose and a drifting off randomly in a new direction.

26  The emotions cannot control themselves and their redemption comes from the mind controlling them.

27  When the disciple treads the path of Christ he brings down to mind the truths of heaven and the true knowledge of the kingdom of God.

28  There are many mediocre minds with large egos who will do everything in their power to get greater minds to follow them.

29  It takes no original thinking to merely attempt to nullify or make fuzzy the words of others using the same logic over and over.

30  To go beyond being a knee jerk reaction or sliding down the road of the line of least resistance does require the “arrogance” to examine all information, often ignore established authority and to make a judgment based on what you perceive as the best direction.

31  The Beast maintains its power through the manipulation of emotional energy and to escape its influence we must rise to the plane of the mind and the mind can only be developed in an atmosphere of freedom.

32  When the light of the soul is reflected off the mind and there is interplay, understanding is realized and greater knowledge is available to the seeker.

33  Once we have discovered and understand our limitations we must project our minds into the probable future on a daily basis.

34  A person may use common sense principles in his business and have great success, yet let all reason fly out the window in his relationships or with his religion.

35  Humanity is at a crisis point where it is seeking to stabilize itself in the mind and hovers between the yielding of the mind to emotion or soul.

36  Wisdom energies in connection with the two head centers are very much linked to mind and thought as well as spiritual feeling.

37  Truth is not relative, but the image of truth we have in our minds is indeed relative to our understanding.

38  A thought about something being true does not make it true, or even close to the truth. Thinking that something, which is false, as being true, is illusion, not truth.

39  If you are a real positive thinker you will be taking positive action to materialize those thoughts.

40  It is dangerous to think we can stay positive by avoiding discussions about negative energies and people. Darkness is always dispelled by shining light upon it.

41  Wisdom is gained by reflection and making the full use of the mind as a two-way mirror between the worlds by the use of the Law of Correspondences.

42  The way to discover knowledge and develop ability to commune through the oneness principle is through the meditative state called contemplation.

43  A truth from the plane of the mind is a true conclusion derived from reasoning, logic and higher understanding.

44  One cannot prove any position from DK’s [Djwhal Khul’s] writings to one polarized on the plane of the mind or higher.

45  The main purpose of the mind is to teach us to become creators on the physical plane in preparation for higher creation which will follow later.

46  Mind takes the lower love and transmutes it into the higher love, blends all with brain and out comes logic which leads to wisdom.

47  Mind leads us to ask, to reason and to create philosophy for better life, for livingness that has never been seen upon the earth before.

48  It is always dangerous to let any belief and blind reasoning hold the mind in check.

49  Emotion can influence mind and mind can influence emotion, but mind has the final say on any decision. That’s why we say “make up your mind,” and not “make up your feelings.”

50  Mind on the dark path becomes the dictator of emotion. But mind on the path of light becomes the liberator of feelings in denial.

51  The mind will often destroy emotional conclusions, and such a thoughtform created by the emotions will fight to maintain its life.

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