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1  The goal is to have the physical city of New Jerusalem initiated by 2030. There may or may not be 144,000 working atomic units by that time, but there should be over 144,000 fairly enlightened people who are willing to receive.

2  I have introduced a New Jerusalem Meditation that allows all who desire to meet in the heavenly city and partake of sacraments if they desire.

3  We can become a part of the earthly externalization of the New Jerusalem by building the Kingdom of God patterned after the Molecular order which will bring down the powers of Godliness into the physical realm.

4  The “mountain of the Lord’s house” is the gathering of lights which is the equivalent of a modern Zion and New Jerusalem.

5  Zion has existed on the mental plane now for some time.

6  The knowledge to release the light of life from God, which permeates all things, lies in the order of the New Jerusalem.

7  The order of the New Jerusalem causes an interplay of forces that separates the veil between spirit and matter and causes the light within to be manifest without.

8  If the light of freedom is threatened anywhere in the world, Zion will seek to lift the weight of bondage with all power at her disposal.

9  When the New Jerusalem is perfected in an atom the light of God is then released and the element will then have a light of its own, and glow in the dark.

10  When an individual aligns the various centers of force within his own body after the order of the New Jerusalem he then is one of the wise virgins who does not need to borrow the oil of the Spirit from others but is self sufficient, leaning only on the God within. When the alignment is perfect he is then transfigured as Jesus or Moses and may even display a light which can be physically seen by others.

11  Zion is the gathering of the pure in heart on three levels: mental, astral, and physical.

12  If a group were to build an entire city after the order of the New Jerusalem, and the inhabitants themselves were seeking the New Jerusalem consciousness then the entire city could be filled with light.

13  The New Jerusalem sequence also puts the forces within the city in harmony with nature so the inhabitants have the correct rain in their season, and have no fierce winds or great storms.

14  The ancients had some working knowledge of the New Jerusalem and applied some of it in the building of pyramids found around the world.

15  Perfecting the New Jerusalem on this earth is only a small step in the overall reality, for the greater lives of the Solar Logos up to and beyond galactic lives are seeking to reveal the glory of God for the whole, and not just the part, and the whole purpose of God is seemingly unfathomable to us now.

16  As far as the term “New Jerusalem” is concerned it may be true that some unsavory organizations use the term, but so what? There have been millions of sincere people over thousands of years who have lived and died with this as a concept of beauty in their hearts and minds so overall this term vibrates to a high key in the ethers.

17  Why would one work at the physical manifestation of Zion, and the New Jerusalem, the throne of God, if he cannot see the benefit?

18  The critical mass for the coming of Christ is the beginning of New Jerusalem, but it will be some time after His coming, or Presence, before the first cell of 144,000 is complete.

19  Mankind is experiencing the blessings of the mental Zion which is now with us, and thus is the mental New Jerusalem in construction, and in the mental level the Christ has His throne prepared to a sufficient degree that he can visit and teach at will among these great souls who are gathered there.

20  When you mention one eye, the thought of the “all seeing eye” of God comes to my mind. This rests on the top of the New Jerusalem.

21  Detachment is necessary to govern the life of the seeker. Are we truly free from worshipping the image in the vision of Daniel?  Zion will test the truth of that detachment.

22  The ensign that will lift up the Christ consciousness in humanity then will be Zion “the city of the Lord.”

23  Physical Zion is not a political organization. Inhabitants can subscribe to whatever political thought they choose so long as they do not try to forcefully take freedom and equal rights away from their fellow men.

24  The number of the inhabitants of Zion are not limited to 144,000 however. This is just the number of households that will be within each completed city.

25  Cities of Zion patterned after the New Age will eventually be built in Old Israel and as the valley of the mountains spreads to that area so will the true house of Judah be manifest in Glory. However, Old Israel will be one of the last nations on the earth to accept the pattern of Zion.

26  From Zion will go forth a freely accepted worldwide government that will guarantee to member nations protection, peace, and freedom to the world citizens.

27  Zion will have such great power for righteousness that she will be able to correct nations and peoples on the far extremities of the globe by the power of her word and example, and by the power of Israel (the invisible god) that dwells with her people.

28  In Zion each man shall sit under the direction of his own Christ consciousness and be able to speak freely of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven “and none shall make them afraid.”

29  In the past those who worshipped at the feet of Babylon persecuted, tried to destroy, and make “afraid” those who sought the God within, but not so in Zion. The greatest offense in the Kingdom will be to inhibit a person’s freedom of harmless creative expression.

30  Other peoples do not have to worship God in the same way as do the inhabitants of Zion. All will be given freedom to worship in their own religion and their own concept of God in the way that pleases them.

31  Israel in their scattered condition has been a leaven for humanity as Jesus said and has been a benefit in raising the loaf, but remember, leaven has no power to shape. The gathered lights must shape the loaf and externalize the kingdom of God.

32  Eventually there will be a great contrast between those who serve the cause of Zion and those who do not, just as there is at present a contrast between the wealth of the free nations and those under bondage.

33  On the future turn of the spiral Zion shall begin as one small city and grow to a thousand.

34  Zion will be established through Israelites coming out of Babylon, but it will not be an event that will take place in great haste because the world will end the next day, but it will be a well planned process.

35  Various initiates who work in cooperation with the Christ will pave the way for the gathering of the nations, by first gathering a few people and building the first cities of Zion.

36  As Zion is created the sin of separateness should be consistently examined and infractions must be pointed out through the teaching process or we will not have the Zion consciousness.

37  Zion is not a movement with creeds and dogmas and dictatorial leaders, but is a gathering of the pure in heart which will produce better living conditions and higher spiritual quality of life.

38  If a group were to build a temple, a city or even human order after the principles of the New Jerusalem such as the tabernacle of Moses or the Mormon Kirkland temple, and the human souls within are set in the proper alignment, the light of the Spirit which permeates all things, in whom we “live and move and have our being” [Acts 17:28] will again shine forth.

39  Zion will have the greatest freedom of thought of any people on the earth. No one will ever fear to express an opinion or idea. Nevertheless, there will be laws to protect the people from harm just as are present in all communities, but justice will be much more scientific.

40  All new species of social systems are ALWAYS created by putting new wine (the new order) in new bottles (a new form). There has been no exception in written history. Why do the idealists believe there will be one now?

41  Much work is still to be done by enlightened people all over the world to complete the astral chain reaction which is now at the point that the mental reaction was around the turn of the century. Unselfish desire and spiritual love is the catalyst that will insure a successful completion of astral Zion on the earth.

42  Zion will be the throne from which the law of Christ will go forth and the word of God from Jerusalem.

43  The New Jerusalem has group consciousness so to be accepted the seeker must join in with that consciousness through the soul.

44  Zion is a city of love which shows the way to peace, or an ensign to peace, which has risen out of a polluted land.

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