McCall Gathering 2000, Part 3

McCall Gathering 2000, Part 3

JJ: We have the inner spirit where the truth lies. The soul is basically a doorway between the physical reality and the spirit. The soul doesn’t exist where physical reality doesn’t exist because the soul is the interplay of spirit and matter. Spirit and matter interplaying produce soul. Soul is that energy of interplay. It’s like a doorway, so soul contact is that point in between or as it’s written esoterically it’s the point where land, water and air meet, which is neither wet nor dry. It’s that mysterious point that is a doorway between the physical reality and the spiritual reality.

To get to the spirit you have several layers to go through. What we need to do as a group is to remove these layers in all of us. If we could remove these layers we could make a spiritual contact, one that is so valid that we would all realize a contact has been made and a spiritual flow has been established.

The spirit doesn’t actually know anything. It’s an inner consciousness that’s beyond form and all knowledge is connected with form. If you think of anything you know, it’s connected with form. Your car has so many horsepower. If your car had no form, horsepower would be meaningless. Our car is gold in color but if we had no form, gold would be meaningless.

What the spirit can do is to recognize truth. It recognizes it rather than having a mind that holds all the truth so to speak. It’s an illusion that all truth is within because there is no truth within. All that is within is the ability to recognize truth. The truth is really without.

Audience: How can that be? If the truth isn’t within me how can I recognize it?

JJ: Because spirit has the ability to recognize truth because spirit interplays through soul with matter and it recognizes all things transpiring in all worlds.

Audience: So truth would have to be presented to me then for me to be able to recognize it.

JJ: Right but you can present it to yourself using imagination, visualization, reading books, discussing ideas. Have you ever been searching for something then something just hits you? “Yes! Why didn’t I think of that before? That is just so true.’ It just hits you. Has anybody had that happen? We’ve all had that happen at least a few times. That’s because you remove the walls, at least temporarily. When the wall is removed, that truth is run by the spirit and when it’s run by the spirit, the spirit vibrates. When it vibrates you get that feeling, ‘Yes! I can see it. I just know that that’s true!’ There may be no way to prove it even using normal logic but when it’s presented to you it just seems so right.

Even in this truth there is sometimes some illusion. Let’s say you’re progressing from a certain point and this point is pretty much as close to truth as you can get. When you’re at the first point you have a decision to go this direction or that direction or another direction. (Pointing at blackboard) This still has some illusion in it but it’s the right direction. There are still things that aren’t 100% true because you have a distance to go to get to the real truth. But that decision takes you into a completely wrong area and if you make that decision you’ll need to go that way then come back and start all over. If you go other ways, you’ll need to come back and eventually wind up at this point. (JJ: drawing on board)

When these three directions are run by the spirit, through the soul, the spirit and your accountability, you may receive a vibration. The vibration doesn’t mean a decision is 100% true but it means you’re headed the direction to the truth.

An acquaintance, a while back, told me he joined the Catholic Church and he just felt 100% sure that was the right thing for him to do. He felt a very strong presence and he just knew he was supposed to join the Church. For him there was something in the Catholic Church that he was supposed to learn. That thing in the church that he had to learn was a step to take him to the goal. He probably had a couple more steps first.

His soul may have told him that but if one of us had the same impression we’d think, ‘Join the Catholic Church? The church has all sorts of wrong things in it and I don’t believe in confession or transubstantiation or any of those things.’ The soul or the spirit may not believe in it either but for him it told him it was the right direction to head in. Then, after he learns what he was supposed to, it is quite possible his soul will tell him to leave the church and move on.

Your soul will confirm to you if you’re either headed in the direction of the truth or going to a point of truth. It vibrates when the truth is being approached.

My book, The Immortal, is presented as a combination of fact and fiction. A lot of people write to me and say that they know the book is 100% true because it registers with their soul. The book is not 100% true. The principles in it are true. The direction of the book takes people in the direction of a truth. Their soul will vibrate and they’ll feel that vibration and misinterpret it and believe it’s 100% true. They don’t care what I tell them. I’ve had a guy chew me out for saying it’s a combination of fact and fiction. People have chastised me for that! They can’t understand why if there is anything in the book that is not true, why did they receive the vibration of truth.

This is why. It’s because it takes them from here to here. (drawing on board) Once they are here they can see the next step. That’s why many people feel the spirit going through the soul saying “yes”.

What we want to do is to remove the barriers because this is what happens. Suppose you have these three decisions. These two take you way off the path but this one takes you in the best direction. You have three decisions. One takes you toward spiritual closeness. These others take you away from Spirit. The wrong direction is often something you really want to be true. Let’s use relationships for an example because it’s something we can all relate to. We’ve all been through relationships.

You meet a person, very intelligent, attractive and funny. Let’s say you want to have kids and this person doesn’t want to have kids. This person is Catholic and you’re an atheist. That would create a lot of problems. But she’s really attractive and now you have this decision. He meets another person who is very mental in a lot of ways. You agree a lot philosophically. This person isn’t very attractive but would be an interesting person to spend time with.

This last person is really the best choice because the philosophy matches up. The others are attractive. This one isn’t a real knockout but is a good stable person who will pay the bills and you can see eye to eye on most things.

So there are three choices to decide between. The astral based person will generally go with the attractive person because he has a lot of desire. ‘So what if she doesn’t want to have kids. I’ll change my mind because she’s so attractive. It’s not logical but I’ll figure out the logic when the time comes.’ He has this tremendous pull to make this wrong decision. Later he may realize the other person was the person the soul really wanted for him but now he doesn’t want to hear that because he’s really attracted to this person. In this situation he overrides the soul and listens to the feelings. Soon he feels so great that he convinces himself it is fate to follow his feelings.

This really happens. Relationships are so difficult because the falling in love feeling borders on the soul energy. A lot of people believe there is one special person out there for them. They think they met the person because they feel love but that’s an illusion because you can do that with any other person in the world if you let down all the barriers between you.

You fall in love with a person because you’re attracted to him. That attractiveness brings down the barriers. It isn’t that you make the contact then the barriers come down but it’s that the barriers come down then you make the contact.

If you’re person A and you’re working with person B as friends, why don’t you fall in love with this person? Maybe you don’t like the way she dresses. Maybe you don’t like her visible features. These are all barriers between you and the other person’s soul. If these barriers were to be removed you could look at that person and fall in love.

Audience: Can you remove barriers at will?

JJ: Yes you can remove the barriers.

Audience: But I can’t remove your barriers, right?

JJ: No, you have to remove your own. If you remove your own but the other guy doesn’t, you’re still blocked from full sharing.

Audience: But if I were to remove my barriers would he fall in love with me because he could see me?

JJ: No, if you remove your barriers, you’re likely to fall in love with him but he won’t necessarily fall in love with you.

Audience: If I removed my barriers I would fall in love with him? Oh I get it. Then I’d have soul contact.

JJ: Yes. You’d open your soul to him but there wouldn’t be an interplay. When you have two people like two atoms and they both remove the barriers then there is free interplay. If only one person removes the barriers there is energy going one direction but not the other. This person has an attraction and the other person tries to avoid it. If the two people were to remove barriers instantly the soul energy can flow.

To trigger the romantic energy the astral needs to be let in. Between two people like us in this room, if we remove the barriers the spiritual energy can flow. A lot of people don’t want to fall in romantic love with everyone but they do want to fall into spiritual love with others.

If you’re opposite polarities and remove the barriers and you let the romantic energy flow that can happen. If you don’t want romantic energy to flow, if it’s dedicated to one person, then the spiritual energy can still flow.

Different kinds of barriers need to be removed. What are the barriers?

Audience: We’re talking about barriers to the soul?

JJ: We’re listing barriers to soul contact.

Audience: Beliefs.

JJ: Conditioning is part of that. Belief is okay if there is truth within it, right?

Audience: Belief is still part of personality.

Audience: Judgment.

JJ: There are two categories of judgment. There is a positive type of judgment and a negative. The negative judgment is what I call a limiting type of judgment. A father says to his son, ‘you’re never going to amount to anything.’ That’s a limiting type of judgment because it has a bad effect on him. The positive type of judgment is what we call discernment. We use discernment to judge the right path to take which is a positive use. The negative type of judgment is to put a person in a box because of who you think he is.

Another type of judgment is like and dislike. For instance, you may not like a person’s perfume. That type of like and dislike as a means to make a choice is rather crazy as well. If that means you don’t like the person and you’re not going to gain anything from them then that judgment is standing in your way.

Let’s look at what happens when two people really do fall in love. Oftentimes two strangers will meet and all of a sudden chemistry will strike. The guy may be a serial ax murderer or something but this poor little gal doesn’t know that. He comes off with all kinds of charm so she lets down her barriers. The ax murderer lets down his barriers and they’re both being extremely charming. Neither one of them are making any negative judgments about the other. When they look at each other what do they see? They see perfection.

When two people look at each other and see perfection, they will instantly fall in love. In that moment when they see perfection the spiritual flow will circulate. If they are opposite polarities centered in the astral then the spiritual energy will bring romantic love with it. If they’re committed to someone else they’ll just have a spiritual experience.

It reminds me of when Artie and I fell in love. I was teaching a class and was going to talk on a certain subject. I don’t remember what it was and I looked at the audience and there she was looking at me. She looked at me with such anticipation in her eyes like she thought I was the most perfect person in the world.

I had my speech outlined but I thought it wasn’t good enough for what she expected. So I trashed my prearranged subject and talked about the first thing that cane into my head. I spoke about divine carelessness. It was the best class I’d ever given in my life. She really pulled it out of me. We pretty much fell in love that instant I looked in her eyes because she saw perfection in me. When she saw perfection in me, what I was going to give her wasn’t perfect so I threw it out and gave her something much closer to perfection.

Audience: Isn’t that infatuation though?

JJ: Infatuation is more astral. When there is soul energy involved, you’re contacting a real energy. This can even happen with an ax murderer. What happens is real because you see perfection in that person in that instant and that person saw perfection in you. When that happens there can be a tremendous sharing. You don’t have to be perfect for it to happen but it is a real thing. What creates infatuation is like when a rock star comes into town. It’s usually a one way thing. The rock star comes to town and you idolize him and you’d go to the end of the world to get his attention.

But it’s different with two people touching the soul, they’re very imperfect people but they see perfection within each other. This causes the circulation of energy and is real. They may interpret it wrongly. They may think each other is perfect in everything they do. As they get to know each other they might learn one of them only changes his socks once a week or doesn’t use deodorant. These are barriers that get in the way. By the time they have a list of about a dozen flaws they’ll wonder what they ever saw in the other person. But they fell in love because for that one instant, they saw perfection. But when you get to the point where you have these flaws tabulated and he’s got twelve things wrong and she has twelve things wrong, these twelve things are now barriers so there is no soul contact and no circulation of energy. They can’t understand why in the world they ever felt the way they did and believe they can never feel that way again.

But they could. All they have to do is to forget. To negate these twelve things they don’t like all they have to do is look at each other again, see the perfection within and they’ll fall in love all over again. It can happen in thirty seconds if they’re willing to drop those barriers, those twelve little things.

He watches football too much. Forget that he watches football. She goes away for the day and doesn’t have dinner ready. She doesn’t pay any attention to me. This is a barrier. Drop all these barriers and only see the perfection and instantly the soul energies interplay all over again just like they just fell in love.

Audience: So when I need him and I think I see perfection in him how do I know I’m not mentally constructing…

Audience: I’d like to say something before you ask that question. I may be able to answer that question. Let’s go back to Artie in the class, then the pop star and his comment about infatuation. Infatuation to me is a mental construct that says, ‘This person has something that I think they have. I’m open and I’ve put them in a certain position so that position is an infatuation. It’s registered and picked up or whatever happens but to me what we’re talking about is a mental construct of what I want that person to be. They’re not that. I want this ax killer to be something else. Where we get stuck is seeing perfection is because I have a mental construct about it. So I want it, that’s the thing I want.

JJ: Here’s me, here’s Artie and here’s our soul (writing on board). All souls are one in the ultimate reality. If we saw perfection in each other we could have a circulation of soul energy. That would feel really great even if we were totally wrong for each other. The soul will also recognize when you are right for each other. If you are right for each other it will add an additional down flow of energy to create a triangle of energy which is more powerful still. When you have the triangle circulating you’ll have the feeling that this is right. When you have the energy circulating between you two you’ll have a great feeling but something may feel not quite right about it.

Audience: And it ends. Which is the mental construct.

JJ: Before I got married I met this gal who I was really attracted to. When we dated there were no barriers and there was great energy shared. We both felt really wonderful in each other’s presence. I kept having this nagging feeling that I wasn’t supposed to marry her and it wouldn’t go away. It bothered her too. She came to me one day and said, “I prayed about you and God told me that I’m not supposed to marry you.” I told her, “I’ve known that all along but I’ve been trying to ignore it.” She got a real definite answer from her soul. She gave me a wake up call and I went along with it.

Later, in my relationship with Artie, the energy circulates in a triangle. There is a feeling that is more powerful still and it’s amplified. The energy circulates and you know that person is right for you.

First posted June 13, 2004. The Gathering took place June, 2000.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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