McCall Gathering 2000, Part 2

McCall Gathering 2000, Part 2

The third type of contact is of the mind. The fourth, for lack of a better word, is called spirit. Spirit communicates to the mind then the mind reflects to the astral. When it reflects to the astral on the person who is polarized there, he will not be 100% accurate because he receives it reversed. The mind is capable of reflecting the spirit but if the mind is cut off from the spirit then it is left to logic alone which rarely deals with all the information and often comes up with wrong conclusions. Spock is somewhat cut off from the spirit because he isn’t a real intuitive. If he gets an intuitive flash do you think he would trust it? No, because it isn’t logical. So, if the mind is cut off from the spirit then the ancient saying is true that the mind is the slayer of the real.

What do you suppose that means? How can the mind slay the real?

Audience: The mind is logical so it has its own rules to evaluate Each mind has its own logic and each see only certain aspects of the problem because it’s under the influence of the personality. If we use logical rules to deduce answers we add in influences from past thoughts and feelings. It’s like we digest something great and analyze it but if we were to look at it from afar we’d see we put into it what we think is reality. We go around with it.

JJ: Yes, what we put in the box to begin with is it. The mind holds our foundation beliefs. For example, if you’re going to drive your car to the store or let’s say you’re going to just drive your car down the freeway for one mile. Do you think you can set your steering wheel so precisely that you can let go and it will go straight for a mile down the road?

Audience: You must live in Texas! (laughter)

JJ: You can’t do it. You go a few feet and need to redirect your steering wheel on a regular basis. You can not start with a foundation powerful and accurate enough in direction to go straight for a hundred miles. You cannot start accurately enough to get anywhere, but this is what the person who is centered in the mind believes. He thinks he can get from here to there with no corrections. It’s impossible.

So the guy centered in the mind may think that his foundation beliefs are so inspired by God and wherever he gets his information from is so accurate that he can drive from here to there in a straight line. What happens though is that he starts driving and he gets off track. Pretty soon the truth is revealed and he is way off base. But he’s been logical. He’s followed his foundation beliefs and they took him down here then here then here and he ended up way over there. (Using hand gestures) He thinks this is the logical place to be because he started out right and followed his reasoning.

So if you present him with truth about where he is and tell him it’s real he’ll say, “No, no, no, this is real. I started out here.” Man was born in sin and because man was born in sin he’s becoming more and more sinful so now we need to repent like crazy. You need to repent.” He started out with a foundation belief that was wrong and he followed it with a logical sequence and a very logical mind and ended up way off track.

My brother in law, who is now passed on, was a nuclear physicist and very intelligent but whenever I argued theology with him he’d bring in ‘the devil made me do it’ and that type of thing. We’d get into a weird territory following a logical sequence starting with his foundation beliefs about the devil. They’d lead him into areas that would make you wonder. He’s so intelligent in physics and things of that nature but when you talk about certain doctrines he winds up on strange paths.

The point is that you cannot steer a car so accurately that you do not have to steer it while it goes. It must be steered with new, fresh intelligence on a regular basis or it’s going to miss its destination, at least some of the time.

The mind is the slayer of the real because the foundation beliefs are not accurate. Our foundation beliefs right now are inaccurate. They’re may be more accurate than they were last year but still, all of us have certain things in our foundation beliefs that we’re not prepared to change. Unless we’re prepared to change them with intelligence coming to us through spirit and soul contact to correct us, we’re going to end up at the wrong place.

Take my brother in law and let’s say we’re talking about physics now instead of theology. Maybe we’re talking about the speed of light. On this he’s good. He starts out with good foundation beliefs and he’s willing to follow the text books and latest discoveries so maybe we reach the correct destination on this subject. He’s allowing for it because he doesn’t need to get permission from his living prophet to get here. When we talked theology he had to get permission from his religious authorities so he couldn’t change his mind on that. But on topics like physics, he’s open to the latest discoveries so maybe he can arrive at a point of truth.

The point is that most of us have certain things that are wrong in our foundation beliefs. We have to be open to correcting them on a regular basis. It’s not important that you correct them all in any particular lifetime. What’s important is that you correct the ones that come up. There will always be one or two major corrections that each of us will need to realize in a lifetime. If you haven’t done one yet in this lifetime you probably ought to do some introspection and find out why you haven’t made a correction yet. Search out your foundation beliefs and examine them. It’s important that we remain flexible. The only way to change our foundation beliefs is through inner contact with the spirit.

A person in the astral nature or even centered in the mind can change certain beliefs if some authority tells him it’s alright. Most people are subject to some outside authority. If a person is a scientist he will have certain circles of associates that he trusts. They will make known to him the guidelines of acceptability. If someone outside of his circle tells him something he may not even consider it but if an authority in his circle tells him he will.

The disciple reaches a point where he leaves behind outside authority and goes inside. When on the inside the person is torn between the astral and the spirit. We must be able to reach the spirit to get to the truth or we’ll be deceived. Oftentimes one foundation belief is wrong and we base other ideas on it. If a guy has a foundation belief that man is born in sin maybe that’s replaced by the idea babies are born perfect and they don’t need any guidance or anything because they’re perfect the way they are. That’s replacing one wrong foundation belief with another wrong foundation belief. That happens quite frequently.

On the other hand, it’s better to replace one that’s wrong with another one that is wrong than to do nothing. Remember the parable about the four guys in the book? Who were the ones in the worst shape? Those who couldn’t make a decision. The guy who made the wrong decision went to hell, but he at least learned how to get out of hell or to change hell. Even though he chose a path that seemed undesirable, he still learned from it.

Off and on a person may get some impression and go haywire and join a Jim Jones type cult and everyone will think he’s out of his mind. Actually, he’s probably making some progress. He’s joined the cult but pretty soon he’ll get burned in the cult then what will he do? He’s gotten burned by religion and now he’s burned by this cult. Maybe he becomes an atheist and doesn’t believe in anything. This may be a step ahead for him because now he has to rely totally on the mind. He leaves behind some of his foundation beliefs. Then as an atheist the mind slays the real. The solution to life still evades him.

He follows his foundation beliefs which take him down one wrong path until it reaches a dead end and he thinks ‘this can’t be the answer’. So he goes back to point zero and heads another way and reaches another dead end. He does this back and forth, back and forth until finally he becomes extremely frustrated. He thinks, “Now, I’ve renounced God and relied on my mind and time and time again I’m frustrated. There must be a better answer than what I’ve come up with so far.” Then he begins to open himself up and as he does that he begins to get communication. He begins to think maybe there is something out there, a higher self or something and opens up to new ideas. So being an atheist, in many cases, is a higher state of evolution than being a staunch religious type.

In order to move ahead we need to move out of the astral thinking where everything is reversed. We have to move out of that reversed thinking so we can move into the world of spirit. Only then can we know truth from illusion.

Audience: Why do we need to go thru the astral first? Why is that so?

JJ: When we talk to anyone whose base is on the astral feeling nature they can’t accept reasoning that is not in harmony with their feeling nature. Alice A Bailey and all the great teachers tell us the astral is something we need to master before moving on. If you are under layers of water and oil you have to go through the water first before you can penetrate the lighter oil. That’s just the way it is.

Audience: So you’re saying the astral is reversed from the logical side?

JJ: Truth is reversed and distorted by the astral. The astral is like a mirror that reflects what is poured into it from the higher realms. There is a divine purpose in reversing them. Can anyone guess the purpose of the reversal?

Audience: To make things more confusing. (laughter)

JJ: It does that. It’s an answer that I bet no one will get. There is a purpose in everything and there is a purpose in the reversal.

Audience: To make you want to move on?

JJ: You’re getting closer. What do the Mormons say is the reason we come to this earth?

Audience: To prove ourselves, to gain a body, to gain exaltation…

JJ: To gain what else?

JJ: I’ll write it down. Experience, we’re here to gain experience.

Audience: So if I feel something is true, that’s a feeling so isn’t that astral?

JJ: Think of all the things where people go into in the world of experience because they have strong feelings. They wouldn’t have done these things if they hadn’t had strong feelings about it and had just thought about it.

Audience: Give me an example.

JJ: Like falling in love with someone. This person is totally wrong for you and if you go by your mind you’d think ‘I’d never marry this person in a million years!’ But if you go by your feelings which reverse everything you think, ‘I want this person and I want him right now!’

Audience: I got it, I got it. (laughter!)

JJ: So you’ve had that happen. The mind would look at the experience and avoid it like the plague. But the astral reverses everything and makes a completely undesirable experience look very desirable. Why do you suppose that’s in the plan of God that undesirable experiences look desirable so we’re led into them?

Audience: So we’d learn something from it.

JJ: Exactly. If we didn’t have our astral nature that reverses everything and makes the unattractive look attractive we’d never do anything. We’d be thinking, “no I don’t want to do that. I might lose if I did that. Kids are work. I don’t want to gamble on that.” You wouldn’t do anything. Your astral nature reverses everything and makes it look really great to have kids even though they can be a lot of trouble once they get here. It can make it look really desirable to marry the guy who just sits around watching TV and drinking beer all the time. You think, ‘why did I marry him?’ Your astral nature says he’s the greatest guy on the earth. You gain experience and from that experience you gain wisdom. How many here have been through a rough marriage? Did you learn quite a bit from the bad marriage? You could learn more from them than from good marriages in some ways. (laughter)

Rick, you’ve been through a couple turbulent relationships. Did you learn something from them?

Rick: Yeah.

JJ: Now if you had analyzed it and seen it clearly would you have gone through it?

Rick: No.

Audience: It seems like you learn not to follow your impressions. You learn not to follow the astral but to think about it first.

JJ: As you progress you learn to think first before you act. I’ve taught that we go through approximately a thousand lifetimes. For about the first 700 of them, or maybe the mystical 777 that some use, we gain experience.

Audience: So do we make the same mistake over and over and over?

JJ: For many lifetimes we do make the same mistakes again and again, but finally we reach a point where we learn our lessons and shift our attention to the mind and finally to soul and spirit.

Audience: When you go through the experiences the astral self would lead you to, eventually you learn not to listen to the astral self. Then you listen more to what the mind tells you or what the intuition tells you.

JJ: Right. You spend 80-90% of your lifetimes learning what not to do. In the process you’ve learned a lot. When you go through an experience and you don’t learn from it then your soul puts you into a position where you go through the experience again but with more intensity. So if you’re kind of thick, like I am sometimes, the soul let’s the astral nature take you into its place. You don’t learn anything from it and think, ‘boy that was a crazy time. I’m never going to do that again.’ But then you do it again.

You marry the same type guy or gal again. For instance, the woman marries this guy who beats the dickens out of her, she leaves him but then she marries another guy who beats her worse. She leaves him then meets a third guy who almost kills her then finally she wakes up thinking, ‘I need to change my ways or I’m going to wind up dead.’ She finally learns. She has to repeat the experience with greater and greater intensity until the pain gets so bad that the person will listen to the reasoning of the mind.

Audience: One thing I think you learn in these relationships is not so much who you should marry next time or who you should avoid but you learn something about yourself. When you fall in love with somebody you don’t really love that person yet because you haven’t known them long enough. You love the feeling they gave you and you love the reflection that love gave you. You’re projecting your love onto that person so it’s really all about you. It it’s the wrong person you realize it and learn things about yourself. Why was I attracted to this person? Why was I attracted to someone who would treat me this way? What is it about me that I’m seeing here? What lessons am I learning about myself? You learn about yourself and once you learn that you can move on to be treated better because you’re treating yourself better.

Audience: So is that still the astral leading you into that then? If it’s not the reverse of the teaching experience would that still be the astral leading you there?

JJ: If you’re coming to wrong conclusions that are against logic it is. Here’s another situation that happens with our parents. Say your dad is a carpenter and wants you to be a carpenter also. You go along with it and you’re a carpenter. You don’t like being a carpenter but you do it anyway. You’re unhappy and very miserable. Your next life puts you in the same situation again. This time your Dad shovels manure and has a job that’s even worse that you want to do even less. But your Dad wants you to do what he does again. Maybe you just go along with it again and don’t rise above the astral then maybe in your next life your Dad is on a bomb squad. If you follow in his footsteps you’ll probably get blown up so maybe you really don’t want to do that at all. You’ll eventually reach a point where you decide to think for yourself.

“My Dad wants me to follow in his footsteps but I’m going to make up my own mind.” When you reach that point you’ll move on to a new lesson. Your astral nature will take you into experience after experience that you wouldn’t have had if you were using your own mind. If you were using your mind and didn’t want to be a carpenter, you wouldn’t be one. When you’re in the astral nature you don’t do what’s logical and you don’t do what seems to be in your best interest. You do things that are against your best interest but they lead you into some very interesting experiences and you learn a lot more through your progression of this series of lifetimes. You learn a lot more going into these experience type of situations than you would if you used more logical decision making.

Eventually we reach a point where we want to break loose from this. When we do we need to find the next step in communication. As we evolve we begin to use our minds and fall upon the mind then we find out that our minds aren’t accurate either. They’re accurate if they have all the facts correct but they never have a solid starting point. The starting points are always imperfect. We never have all the facts. We’re always uncovering more information all the time. By using only our minds we can never start where we will arrive at 100% truth.

First posted June 6, 2004. The Gathering took place June, 2000.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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