Mad as Hell

Mad as Hell

Reader Comment: What if the other person says something that is such an emotional blow that I become stunned and can’t even stay centered in the mind to think of any way to respond let alone a harmless way?

It’s easy to go back in the archives and pick out every statement someone else made and say, “Here. After you wrote these I felt hurt, angry, etc.” But people don’t have photographic memories. What do I do when a single statement has so many attacks wrapped up in it that afterwards I can’t recall it exactly to tell the person how they made me feel?

JJ: I know what you mean. I am normally a patient man and people can insult me all they want and I remain unruffled, but, even so, I recall several times when my buttons were really pushed. The several that really got to me would not seem to be as bad to an observer as other insults of the past but there was something about them that reached deep into my psyche and rose up an anger in me that could have been destructive if I did not call on extra reserves of self control to hold it at bay.

On these occasions the insult may seem so bad or outrageous you may indeed not know how to respond until you think on it a moment. This is the time that you do not want to go with your feelings alone. This is the time for the mind to assume control even though there is nothing you would love more than to let the guy have that which he richly deserves.

For the mind to assume control over highly charged situation will require an act of the will and the pilgrim may falter a number of times before the victory is won. But so long as he perseveres (endure to the end) the conquest is sure.

Question: What if the other person simply doesn’t care about how I feel and continues attacking?

This will sometimes happen and this is good practice for the fledgling disciple. In fact, without such people coming into our lives now and then our progress would be very slow – so in a round-about way we should be thankful for them.

If you have communicated your grievances with harmlessness and he ignores your feelings and continues attacking then you must tune him out.

All people come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own consciousness. If you apply the principle of attrition and do not play the shared note with the irritating person then he will fade out of your life and not show up again.

In other words, if you ignore him long enough he will lose interest.

Question: What about a scenario where there’s a mental conversation that occasionally takes a dip into the astral. Sarcasm and other statements that attack and hurt feelings occur. If I stopped during every attack statement to tell the person how it made me feel the discussion completely halts or gets sidetracked. If we shouldn’t suppress then how does one handle their emotions in this scenario and still keep the discourse moving forward?

JJ: Most descents into the astral do not produce a grievance in the above average person. It is only necessary to share hurt feelings when there is a grievance. Two fairly mental people often descend into the astral during a heated argument, but not pick up a grievance over it.

If you pick up a grievance repeatedly from a certain individual and have to work it out repeatedly then the best thing to do is to tune that person out of your life.

If such a person is part of a committed relationship then one needs to check with his soul for guidance and help.

Neo: I know what you’re trying to do.

Morpheus: I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one who has to walk through it. The Matrix

The Midway Force

Question: Was it really the right thing to do (as mentioned in in your book) that Elvis was motivated by divine guidance to pursue a singing career to shift the direction of music? Just look at some of the corrupt music that followed him.

JJ: The fact that Elvis represented the midway point does not mean that he was a saint or that all who followed him or are influenced by him represent any kind of perfection.

Jesus represented a midway point of a much greater cycle. Shall we say that he was a bad guy or was a failure because of wars, crusades and cults that were said to be inspired by his name?


Each of us are responsible for our own actions and each of us can be influenced positively or negatively by either a saint or a sinner.

For instance, because of certain bad examples set for me as a kid I made a determination to not be like the bad example. Then certain good examples inspired me to be good also.

If you look at the music, politics, attitudes, art, entertainment, books, education etc before Elvis you will note that it was governed by a conservative cycle. Then if you examine the same categories after Elvis you will note an increasing liberal cycle.

Here is the interesting point. Now a lesser liberal cycle has come to an end we can look back on the music before Elvis and then after Elvis – and what do we see? When we look at both time periods how then would we judge Elvis? The person living in the present would see Elvis not as an extreme liberal as did the older people in the Fifties, but neither would he see him as ultra conservative. When both cycles are taken into consideration Elvis is indeed seen as being in the Middle. But when the Middle was happening Elvis was seen as a radical liberal bent on destroying conservative values.

The fact that Elvis appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show represented the midway point merely means that he was in the right time and place to add that little extra force necessary to shift the balance of the energies from right to left.

You might be interested in knowing the midway point of the last cycle that forced the shift from liberalism to conservatism.

This point was the stock market crash in 1929.

Recently we have just experienced another crossing of the midway point from liberalism to conservatism.

This occurred on Sept 11, 2001.

Now keep in mind that during both cycles you have pockets of the side not dominating attempting to resurface. Neither the left or the right is ever inactive. Then there are larger cycles. The overall larger cycle is dominated by the liberal side.

The force that moves the pendulum can be considered either good or bad, but force by itself is neither of these. Force of itself is neutral, but the overall moving of the pendulum is governed by the principle of dominating good.

This means that when the pendulum has finished its motion the end result will be seen as a step forward in evolution.

Morpheus: What is The Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this.

Neo: No. I don’t believe it. It’s not possible! Morpheus: I didn’t say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth. The Matrix

Why Return?

Question: Why would Jesus need to return?

JJ: Why would you come back?

The answer is the same.

Just as you have lessons to learn and service to render even so do the great lives have their own goals.

There are nine initiations to be taken. Seven of them are taken on this earth. The Christ must return to complete his seventh initiation. After this, followed by a period of service, he will then go on to Sirius where he will complete his eighth and ninth initiations. Then in the far future he will return to the earth as what DK calls the “Cosmic Christ.” We probably do not have much of an idea as to what this means at this point.

Christ as an individual entity may incarnate periodically, and then at other times, he will work through disciples in a divine overshadowing or divine possession.

On the other hand, the Christ principle is in each of us and can manifest at any time, anywhere the people are ready.

May 29, 2003

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