Life in Space and Beyond


Life in Space and Beyond

The Question: What is the significance of the circle and the point (monad) within it?

As we proceed up the seven planes I realized that each step up would be more difficult and cause the group to stretch their minds and imaginations. You have made admirable attempts to enter the realm of the intuition and seek to understand that which has never been clearly explained.

The fact that many of you are making this attempt has more value to your own progress than if all the mysteries of the planes were merely explained to you. For when they are explained a certain consciousness must be there to comprehend them.

There was truth and insight in each of your answers but because of the constraints of time I will merely add my insights.

The point represents the monad, the space within the circle represents the Adi, the divine plane. The circle itself represents consciousness within a ring-pass-not.

The circle, the space and the point are all interdependent. The point at the center must manifest before the existence of the circle and the space can be realized.

Now visualize going outside and looking up at the night sky. What do you see?

You see many points of light engulfed by space.

Now visualize yourself being lifted from the earth and traveling away from the sun. Eventually this too becomes a mere point.

See yourself moving further away. Now you see the billions of suns in the Milky Way Galaxy forming a spiral.

See yourself continuing to move away and soon this galaxy containing billions of suns becomes a mere point of light.

Once again move further away and you see clusters of galaxies and finally a universe of galaxies until even this universe of galaxies becomes a mere point surrounded by space having a circle of influence.

Within this point which is the universe is an even greater central point which is the monad of the universe itself, which reflects itself in a number known only to itself.

Again visualize yourself looking up at the sky focusing on a single star. This star has an originating monad which is surrounded by an innumerable company of monads which co-create its entire solar system.

As you look at this star you must realize you are not seeing the monad, but only its reflection upon the physical plane, the lowest of seven.

To find the monad you must look through the veils of existence to the astral, then the mental, then the buddhic, then the atmic and finally to the point that is the emanating center.

The highest two planes exist as the circle and the point and exist as one, but also two, and then three if you count the space.

The key then to understanding is found in merely staring at the night sky.

The star is a symbol of the plane of the monad and the depths of space is the symbol of the divine plane. From the point and the space surrounding it, all things emanate.

Space is not composed of nothing but it is the primeval matter from which all things come. All points originate in space, but it is not space as we know it until the point appears.

  1. P. Blavatsky said that space is an entity. We can go a step further and say that this entity is one life for there is only one space.

Now to add to this mystery we are told that all these seven planes which we have discussed compose one greater plane which is called the Cosmic Physical. Above the Cosmic Physical is the Cosmic Astral, Cosmic Mental etc.

Now the mystery is this.

If all of the seven planes of our existence are only components of one of the seven planes of a greater existence – where are these six greater planes?

Where would one look to find the Cosmic Astral?

A reader makes this observation

“In your book you noted that the New Jerusalem had a pyramid with an all seeing eye on top and was told it represents seven levels of attainment. When one reaches the seventh level then one can move through the conduit of the eye into other realms.

“Now, my guess is that in order to reach the cosmic astral one would have to reach the seventh level of this pyramid and then leave through the ‘Eye of God’, which is a conduit to the ‘Cosmic Astral’ and many other places.”

There’s a lot of truth in this observation, but how to get through the eye is the great mystery.

I’m glad to see the group stretching their minds in an attempt to discover something that even DK did not explain. Whether you are right or wrong is not so important as the fact that you are making an attempt to stretch yourselves.

When the seeker first attempts to discover the unknown he makes many errors, but if he persists he will learn through trial, error and soul contact to drop the illusion and go with the real until he becomes a seer, one who can see through the clouds of illusion.

To understand the cosmic physical and astral we must use the Law of Correspondences and first look at the physical and astral in which we live.

When we look at a solid object what are we really looking at?

The answer is empty space. If the basic building block of “solid” matter, the hydrogen atom, were blown up so the proton in the middle was as large as an orange and this orange resided in England then how far away would be the electron orbiting it?

The electron would be as small as a cherry residing in the United States. Outside of this orange and the cherry moving around it near the speed of light there is nothing in the atom but empty space.

In each atom then we have very tiny points circled by even smaller points. Even though each atom has vast regions of space, the points in motion give the illusion that the atom is a solid ball.

These atoms which are empty space with vibrating points do seem extremely vacuous when seen through scientific eyes, but on a higher level the solar system repeats this proportion making the idea of empty space even more amazing.

Let us suppose the sun was the size of a basketball. How big would the earth be?

Answer: The size of a grain of sand.

How far away from the sun would this tiny sized earth be?

If the basketball sized sun were on one end of a 100 yard football field then the earth would be a grain of sand on the 36 yard line. Those sitting in the bleachers would not even be able to see the earth.

Jupiter, the largest planet would be the size of a ping pong ball two football fields away (200 yards).

The furthermost planet, Pluto, would be the size of a small grain of sand almost a mile away.

So we see the solar system is composed of the Sun and tiny specks which are called planets, but there isn’t much there. It is 99.99…% empty space and the little that seems solid is also 99.99…% empty space.

It doesn’t end there. The amount of space between the stars is also mind boggling. Imagine again our sun being a basketball on one end of the football field and the earth being a grain of sand at the 36 yard line. Where would the nearest sun of Alpha Centura be?

It would be another basketball over 5600 miles away.

You might ask, how can we see even the nearest star if they are so small in proportion?

The answer is because they are so bright. We do not see the actual orbs of the stars when we look at the sky, but their light.

The truth of seemingly empty space could be expanded to looking at the vast space between galaxies and even larger bodies in the universe, but this is enough to make the point that this universe which is called the dense physical is not so dense. The percentage of supposedly empty space indeed boggles the mind.

So when we go outside and look up at the sky we are seeing what the ancient wisdom calls the dense physical. But the interesting thing is this dense physical is not very dense.

The second thing to note is that this dense physical we see represents the visible part of the seven planes which we are discussing.

The total of these seven planes composes the cosmic physical.

So where is the cosmic astral?

To find it we must again look upward at the night sky. The points of light we call stars represent the forms that come out of the six lower planes. The space around them represents the highest plane we call the divine, the Adi.

Space and the dots of matter it contains (and their emanating forces) represent the whole of the cosmic physical plane.

To go beyond the cosmic physical in consciousness we must realize that, from a higher angle of vision, space and the dots of matter within it, as a whole, are solid physical matter from the consciousness of the cosmic astral.

This is a different thought than matter alone being physical.

Let me repeat. From a higher vision that which is physical is not what we call solid matter, or even air, or the hydrogen clouds of space, but space itself with all the little points and circles within it is that which is cosmic physical.

So how do we go beyond the boundaries of space, matter and maybe time itself to obtain an awareness in the higher cosmic planes?

The answer is you cannot do such as thing through mere individual effort. The Molecular Relationship eventually leads us to the principle of identification. Through this process we learn to identify with life which resides outside of the cosmic physical and move up to the cosmic astral.

This is a great mystery and is beyond the comprehension of even the Masters. They receive influence from the cosmic astral but are not polarized there. The only residents of earth that we have been told that has done this are the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara – and his associates. He has his focus on the cosmic astral and receives influence from the cosmic mental.

Our Solar Logos has achieved identification with the cosmic mental and receives influence from the cosmic buddhic, but still has higher planes to master.

Are there planes beyond the cosmic planes?

Nothing is written about such planes, for nothing is known about them by any life which effects humanity. But the disciple is always prepared for the expected and unexpected.

July 15, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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