The Higher Planes

The Higher Planes

As far as the planes of existence go we have covered the physical, astral, mental and buddhic.

Here is the question on the next sphere:

“Is there a consciousness above the intuitive level? If there is, what is it and how does it differ from the intuition?

You may have to stretch your minds on this one since the intuitive plane is difficult enough to comprehend.”

The buddhic plane is the sphere where divine ideas are received. He who contacts or lives in his consciousness on this plane is able to receive principles and divine ideas and communicate them in physical reality.

Whereas the buddhic plane receives from the next plane up, the atmic, which is the source of the manifestation of the divine ideas. Every idea or creation that can be can take form in physical reality is first created in prototype in this sphere.

He who attains the atmic consciousness becomes a co-creator with God. His consciousness becomes one with the consciousness of God and such a master discerns between the true thoughts of God and the thoughts of the lower ego. As he becomes one with the mind of God he identifies with the thoughts of God, and as he thinks and contemplates he co-creates with God on this high plane. He thus adds his creations to that placed there by the other divine lives. These creations thus hover in this atmic plane until received by the buddhic plane and flittered down to the physical plane.

Both the Christ and the Buddha attained a consciousness on the atmic plane.

The next plane up is the plane of the monad, the sixth. How do you suppose this plane can be described?

The Mystery of the Monad

As we continue on the study of the planes there is a point I wish to stress. In every subject we cover there are a number of materials previously written on them by other authors, not the least of which are the words of DK as given through Alice A. Bailey as well as the scriptures, Blavatsky and others. But the difference here as compared to most other study groups, is that we will always be looking for the principles involved and seek to attain understanding beyond that which has been give out previously. We seek to understand previous thoughts and revelations not as an end result but to lay the foundation for a new step in spiritual attainment.

Consider the higher planes, for example. Whereas much has been written about the lower three (physical-astral-mental) very little has been written about the higher four (buddhic-atmic-monad-divine). Then too that which has been written has been of a very technical nature that gives the reader very little grasp of the principles behind them.

In this and other subjects we will, of course, not give full coverage and understanding, but the hope is that an additional layer of knowledge will be added.

We seek to stay in line with the keynote set by the Masters of Wisdom which is this.

When they teach, the core teaching will not be a mere repetition of that which has already been given out, but it will be new. New in the fact that an old principle receives greater elaboration or a new principle is revealed. They seek not to repeat themselves or that which has been given in the past except to lay the foundation for the new teaching.

“I make all things new” says the Lord. Rev 21:5

It is difficult to visualize the higher “formless worlds” from the sketchy information we have about them. Even after I had read the Alice A. Bailey books several times I had some details in my mind but not the principles or the understanding. It was only after contemplation through the Oneness Principle that further light came.

So what is the principle behind the monad?

First let us cover several important statements made by DK.

First he tells us that just as the personality is a reflection of the soul, even so is the soul a reflection of the monad. In other words, as our soul is our higher self, the monad is the higher self of the soul.

There have been times in my writings that I could have referred to the monad, but used the word “soul” instead. This was for simplicity’s sake. Most have difficulty enough understanding the soul without worrying about the higher self of the soul, the monad.

Even though we have two sources of higher contact one is still accurate in consistently using the soul as a reference because the door to all higher worlds is through the soul. There is no consciousness of any of the higher planes without going through soul energy first.

Here is another major hint DK makes about the monad:

The Point at the Centre. This is the “jewel in the lotus,” to use the ancient oriental appellation; it is the point of life by means of which the Monad anchors itself upon the physical plane, and is the life principle therefore of all the transient vehicles-developed, undeveloped or developing. This point of life contains within itself all possibilities, all potentialities, all experiences and all vibratory activities. It embodies the will-to-be, the quality of magnetic attraction (commonly called love), and the active intelligence which will bring the livingness and the love into full expression. The above statement or definition is one of major importance.” Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, Page 169

It is interesting here that he acknowledges that he has made a statement of “major importance.” Indeed he has and talks around the principle of the monad without clearly explaining it.

The key to understanding the monad is to contemplate it in connection with the next plane up, the seventh when counting from the physical. This high plane is called the first ether, the divine, or the Adi.

A hint to enhance our understanding was given in the fact that the monad is called “the point within the circle” or “the jewel in the lotus.”

If the monad is the point within the circle, then what is the circle? If it is the jewel in the lotus, then what does the lotus represent?

That is correct. The circle around the point represents the highest plane in the cosmic physical, the divine.

Why is this and what is the significance of the circle and the point (monad) within it?


Question: Was Edgar Cayce a conscious channeler? No. He went into a deep trance state when receiving information.

Question: How accurate was he? I would guess about 75% overall.

Question: Did Cayce had soul contact?

He probably did to a degree, but to judge him correctly one would have to examine his highest wisdom written while in full consciousness. I do not have any knowledge of Cayce’s past lives and have no desire to pursue it.

Question: If we have free will then can we use the free will to stop another person from hurting us?

Yes, but there is often more than one choice in how an attack is to be handled and the wise will choose the more harmless one. Any action generates some karma. The disciple learns through the soul how to minimize negativity until he becomes harmless and generates no negative karma. Then he learns to avoid or neutralize those who would do him harm.

Question: What gives the right for another to use free will to take another’s free will by hurting them, making them a slave or even killing them if the person being hurt had good karma?

Because we have free will we can make any choice we want within our ring-pass-not including hurting others and taking away free will. Those you hurt will often be suffering the results of past actions, but this does not justify attack.

Jesus said: “for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!” Matt 18:7

In other words, there are many with negative karma who will suffer offenses, but even though the guy is suffering payback the person dishing out the offense is only creating trouble for himself.

Question: Does a Master know everything?

As I said, the data is not that important. The principles behind the data is the important thing. In many respects a Master does not have to know that much by our standards, but he does have access to all principles through the Oneness Principle.

When one learns a principle he has learned it forever and will retrieve it in his future lives when needed.

Question: I have to know how much of relativity is a TRUE teaching? 0% 50% 90% or whatever number it is?

I would say it is 80-90%. By all appearances it would seem Einstein is 100% correct, but I am convinced that some of the appearances are created by illusion which will one day be discovered.

I believe the Twin who takes a space flight a long distance away and then returns will not age exactly as Einstein predicted.

Comment: I thought JJ said communications with deva’s are a closely guarded secret.

I said the secrets of contacting the more powerful ones is guarded. All of us have some type of contact with lesser deva lives on a daily basis.

Here is a post by Glenys about Magellan’s Ships and our Ring-Pass-Not. This brought up an interesting truth about consciousness and perception.

Magellan’s Ships and our Ring-Pass-Not

When I was about 20 studying anthropology at university, a lecturer told a story about Magellan’s trip around the world in 1519. Apparently, Magellan’s fleet of high-sailed ships would sail into the bays of primitive islands and the natives would be extremely fearful upon seeing the great vessels which were far greater than anything they could conceive of building. It would take some time for them to get used to both the ships and strange men but eventually, they would lose their fear and accept what their eyes showed them.

But on one occasion, the fleet pulled into a bay (if fleets can ‘pull in’) and to the surprise of all the explorers, the natives took no notice of them whatsoever. They simply went about their normal activities as it the fleet wasn’t there. It wasn’t until the crew got into smaller boats and came in closer that the natives reacted – and with even greater terror than their neighbors. They ran screaming into the island’s interior and it took weeks and numerous search parties to find them and reassure them that they were safe. But here’s the crux of the story. When the crew finally calmed them and learnt enough of their language to communicate with them they found that these particular people didn’t react to the boats because they couldn’t actually see them! The ships were so far beyond their consciousness that they were literally blind to them.

This true story made a big impression on me and I have spent the rest of my life straining to see what is just beyond my consciousness as I know there is so much yet to see.

In esoteric language, this is referred to as ‘ring pass not’ which is like the outer perimeter of our consciousness, the boundary which we cannot pass unless we extend it.

All that IS is ever present. As we grow in consciousness/awareness and develop our skills of perception we are able to take in more and more of all that Life has to offer. The only difference between us and the natives who saw – or didn’t see – Magellan’s ships is that we know we have nothing to fear and every extension of our vision brings us closer to the source of All so that in time, we shall see Him because we are like Him.

July 10, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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