Just a Little Bit Crazy, Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Another day had gone by and dinner was over. Dinner is the noon or twelve o’clock meal. Supper comes in the evening at six.

Jim pushed himself away from the table. “That was a fine meal,” he said. “Guess I’ll get in the pickup and go to town.”

His mother lifted an eyebrow, “Are you going by yourself Jim?” He shook his head. “Haven’t decided yet. Are you supposed to take the girl along when you buy her a diamond?” Elly May’s eyes grew big and round.

Shirley Green laughed. “1 don’t think it would hurt a bit. By taking her along you are sure to get one that will fit.” Jim nodded “I will give it some thought ‘

Elly May’s eyes were flashing, “In this case I will do the thinking. I am going along! Be ready in five minutes.”

It was a proud moment in Jim’s life when he walked into the jewelry store with Elly May on his arm.

The jeweler was sitting on a stool back of the counter. He looked up, “Hello Jim. What can I do for you and this lovely young lady, or must I take a guess?”

Jim grinned. “You guessed right. We are going to get hitched. What you have in a complete set?”

“I can make you up most any combination.” He hesitated for a moment and nodded toward the back room. “If we could just have a word.”

Jim understood. He turned to Elly May “Wait here a minute.” He followed the jeweler to the rear of the store.

The man lowered his voice. “It would sure help if I knew how much you intend to go.”

Jim whispered back. “About a cow and a calf.”

“Thanks. Now we are getting somewhere.”

An hour later they walked out of the store. Jim had a box in his pocket containing a matched pair of His and Her wedding rings. Elly May was flashing a diamond that could be seen for a city block.

It was a great day in the life of young Jim Green. Elly May gave vent to her feelings by crying one moment and laughing the next.

Jim went to the State Liquor Store and bought a bottle of champagne. They would celebrate the occasion when they arrived at the ranch. He helped Elly May into the Jeep, put an arm around her and headed for home.

He hadn’t as yet asked her about the scar. Now would be as good a time as any, he thought.

He gave her a gentle squeeze. “Sweetie when we were riding Old Spot yesterday the wind blew your hair over to the right side. I noticed a scar in your scalp. What happened? Did you hurt yourself?

She looked up at him. “Is it noticeable Jim?”

“Not really. Only when your hair is pushed or blown to the right side. How did you get the scar, Sweetie?”

There was a puzzled look on her face. “I don’t know how I got the darn thing. You should have seen it before Uncle John operated on it. It looked terrible.”

“Tell me more.”

Elly May lifted her left hand and ran her fingers through her hair. “I guess I forgot all about it. So many things have been happening lately a little thing like a scar didn’t seem important.”

“You say doctor Andersen operated on it?”

The girl nodded. “Yes. It was quite large very red and ugly before he fixed it.” A frown crossed her face. “Didn’t I have it before I went to Seattle?”

Jim was silent for a moment. He figured she had suffered a bad head injury. Is this what caused her loss of memory? She had no scar at the school picnic but when she arrived in Seattle it was there; Uncle John had operated on it. He knew all the answers!

Jim gave her a gentle squeeze. “Sweetie, before you went to Seattle your hair was long and hung in ringlets. It could have covered a multitude of scars.”

He felt better. Forget about scars for now this was the most important day of their life.

Elly May also had more important thoughts on her mind. The sun was about to disappear behind the mountain. It’s long rays flashing through the windshield also created many shadows. She kept her little white hand exposed watching the dancing lights coming from the diamond on her hand.

Jim felt great. How could a man be so lucky? He wondered. Soon they would be married! How soon? He would get Elly May’s opinion.

“When shall we tie the knot, Sweetie?

Elly May looked up at him and laughed. She looked back at the flashing diamond. “Oh Jim, it is so much fun being engaged let’s enjoy it for awhile. Let’s wait at least another week.”

It was twilight in the mountains when they arrived at the ranch. Shirley Green kissed them and gave them her blessing.

Then she broke the news. They were going to have company. Doctor Andersen had called from Seattle. He and his wife were on their way down. They would be here tomorrow.

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