Just a Little Bit Crazy, Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Jim spent most of the afternoon doing a few chores around the place. He weeded the garden, dusted the potato patch and watered the flowers.

Tomorrow he would take Elly May to the city of Boise, to the birth place of this beautiful girl. There should be some records there somewhere that would give him the information he was after.

There should be records at the county court house as well as the May hospital if it was still there. He would also check out doctor May, if he was still alive.

Anyhow they would just have to play it by ear. Boise certainly seemed the proper place to start their investigation.

The Green ranch had one hired hand, which they kept the year around. His name was Rusty Reed. Rusty had worked there for a lone time. He was just past sixty-five and was now drawing his Social Security. He lived in a small house at the end of the meadow that to the Green Ranch but everyone called it Rust’s Place.

Rusty’s job was looking after the cattle. The ranch ran about two hundred head of cows and a dozen bulls. In the summer time they grazed far back into the timber. Every day he would saddle up and ride out and look them over.

All the cows had at least one calf by their side and many of them two.

Just before winter set in was round-up time. The cattle would be moved to the valley below where the weather was much milder and the snow not so deep.

Then the calves would be sold. The cows would give birth to another crop and once again they would be moved back to High Valley along with a dozen bulls. Here they would spend the summer.

When Jim finished with the gardens he climbed into the Jeep and drove up to Rusty’s place.

Rusty was at the back of the house sitting on a stump, cleaning a mess of trout. He greeted Jim with a big smile. “Hello Jim just in time for a fish fry. Seems like all I get done any more is fish and do a little prospecting. Of course I ride out once in awhile and take a look at the cows – that and pick up me security check once a month.”

Jim grinned. “You have it pretty tough alright.”

“I don’t think I do enough work to pay my rent. Can you think up something else for me to do?”

“I just did. In fact that is what I came up for. I want you to do me a favor.”

“Shoot pal.”

“Tomorrow morning get on your horse and come over to our place. I am going to Boise tomorrow and I might be gone for a day or so. I want you to keep an eye on things while I am gone. The number one cabin is well stocked with food, and there are clean sheets on the bed.”

“Sure thing.” Rusty nodded. “Is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine. I just don’t like to leave mother there by herself. Don’t tell her 1 asked you to come over, just say you have a few things to do around there.”

“Will do; you can depend on it.”

Jim got into the Jeep and headed back toward the house. He was glad that was taken care of, for he didn’t trust Seth Rotten.

He parked the Jeep under the big pine tree and walked over to the house. He opened the door and stepped inside.

Elly May was alone in the big living room. She stood there smiling at him. She certainly had a quick recovery, Jim thought. She walked over to him and held out her hands.

Jim took them and looked down at her. “Want to go to Boise in the morning?”

“Did you think you could get away without me?”

He grinned. “I don’t intend to try.”

She had completely regained her composure and moved closer as her arms stole around his neck. She climbed up on top of the toes of his heavy shoes, her eyes sparkled, “Do you have something for me?”

He looked down at the ruby red lips. A pink tongue peeked out between the pearly white teeth and moistened them slightly. “Please?” she whispered-.

His arms wrapped around her and pulled her close. He could feel his heart pounding. He looked wildly about. No one was looking but he must be careful. Someone would come rushing in or the roof would fall. Something would happen.

He kissed her gently then pushed her away, “You little devil,” he whispered.

She smiled prettily. “Is that all I get?”

Jim flushed. “For right now yes!”

Elly May giggled, “I guess I can wait if you can:”

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